Monday, December 30, 2013

Sweep out the old, Ring in the new

When we lived in Japan many years ago, an older couple visited me every week or two to practice conversational English.  They told me that their daughter's birthday was December 31, and that  they never celebrated that day because everyone was so busy cleaning house and tossing old things for the New Year!

Obviously, it is possible to go overboard with the fresh start.  I don't make resolutions, either, because the first couple of decades persuaded me of a hidden talent, the uncanny ability to flunk resolutions as early as half past midnight. 

Still, glad to see the last of 2013.  Don't let the door hit ya!  There are shiny new things to anticipate, and a person can have aspirations even if resolutions are out of the question. 

In 2014, we'll celebrate a major anniversary; 3 large albatrossi will be put to bed; the kids will move forward; we may go nuts and paint the house.  I'm aspiring to walk more, clear some household junk, and limit exposure to toxic relationships.

How are you approaching the flip of the year?

As always, whines and antiwhines, large and small, are welcome.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Prizes! Better than gifts because it doesn't involve shipping or stores

Last Wednesday, as I walked around my dismal galley kitchen cloaked in bitter resentment, I decided on a whim to make a fudge sauce even though I had never tried such a thing.  I poured a cup of heavy cream into a sauce pan and asked An Offspring to watch it while I flitted about preparing the labor intensive deviled eggs that everyone demands and no one sous chefs.  The cream boiled over creating a giant, smelly mess on my ancient electric cook top.  I poured some more cream in the pot and demanded The Same Offspring to pay closer attention.  Not knowing how much cream was in the pot, I dumped the entire bag of chocolate in the pan and stirred.  It looked horrid.  I kept stirring.  I poured some on the cake and put the rest in the fridge.

Despite its inauspicious preparation and my callous disregard for a recipe, it turned out delicious and rich.  It was my favorite dish Christmas Day, to be honest.  I don't think it could have come out any better.

We have had a very eventful year.  We have seen weddings and divorces.  We have seen sickness and health.   We have nursed our beloveds through all kinds of physical and emotional pain.  We have watched our children struggle with inner demons.  We have had to cut ties with people who had previously been close to us.  We have started and ended jobs.  We have agonized over decisions that affect our family.  We have dealt with work albatrosses and betrayals from unexpected sources.  We have welcomed a new baby in our group.

My chocolate sauce reminds me of the Whiners Ball.  The instructions to Life do not really tell you all you need to know.  We make mistakes.  In our lives, we don't always measure our kindness or our attentions carefully.  Sometimes things spill over and make a mess.  Sometimes we need Ralph to stir things up a bit or else we end up a with a goopy lump that does no one any good.  With the grace and counsel we offer one another, we have made a community that is more than just about sharing whines and anti-whines.  Despite living in the four corners of the continent, we have (largely online) sustained a friendship over several years.

That is the greatest prize of all.  No matter what happens, we can come here. We can share soup and chocolate and know we have a Posse of Wise Women in our corner. 

Thank you, all of you, for keeping this a safe and nurturing space. 

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Oh the weather outside is frightful

...and if in case inside is not delightful, we have the Pixie Holiday Brigadoon to lift your spirits.  An assortment of holiday treats, cleaning elves, decorating fairies, and beverages of good cheer are available to lift your spirits and provide a little Merry as you slog through over-tired children, impolite relatives, too many social obligations and cats who dislike antibiotics.

If that fails, we have Ralph and the Posse at the ready.

Safe travels to those on the road and/or affected by this ice storm hitting the Mitten State tonight.  Most of all, may all of you end the year surrounded by those you love while following the traditions that give you peace and joy.

Friday, December 20, 2013

Fudge, Spicy Nuts, Gluten-free Pancakes, Divine Tea, Cat Forests of Delight

Passing the comfort platters, refreshing beverages of choice, and a side of Peace and Happiness to all!  Also, everybody gets at least one good night of sleep, and a "get out of jail free" card for when the annoying persons want you to do something.  And something sparkly, and a few hugs.

Esperanza wins the Recipe of the Week for her spicy roasted nuts!

Our Liz is the Queen of Advice, and this week she has distinguished herself with the explanation that one piece of advice probably requires a Yiddish accent.  Brava!  Hope that headache has departed but good, and that the room got painted.

The Word of the Week is "Duff" (thanks, Esperanza), and Sue wins the Lexicon Embellishment Prize as well as the coveted Elevated Risk of Mullet Award for her extremely valid complaint about "duff-holes" driving badly in snow. 

Neighbor Lady wins the Semester Survived Award, with a Science Rocks sash!  This prize includes some sleeping in over the break.  We are so happy you are a teacher.

The Totally Booked Award goes to Miranda, who has about 3.5 platefuls by our estimation, and is still a rock star.

Queen of West Procrastination experienced the Joy of Sleeping Past 6 a.m.!  May it happen again and again.  And may all the shopping and dissertating and whatever come together.

Many congratulations to Purple Kangaroo on the birth of her daughter N!  Many healing thoughts to you, PK.  xoxo

Ralph and the Cluestick Posse have some visits to make, the most urgent being to Ms. Crankypants, the woman who wants to force a "give me more time or get lost" ultimatum on a friendship.  So seasonal!  I'm guessing the Posse may stay busy this next week or so, what with all the ambient expectations, family togetherness, and whatnot.

I'm forgetting a lot, but here, have some more chocolate!  Hope all is reasonably calm and filled with select moments of delight this next week. 

Monday, December 16, 2013

Mid-December, much to remember

Greetings, Pixies!

I'm doing a little happy dance because a dreadful piece of work albatross just got committed to paper (or bytes, whatever; I got up at 4 a.m. to finish this), and so now I get to do more satisfying albatross tasks!  And also get a payment!  But W:  several more manageable albatrossi need to get done this month.

And, I'm still really happy with how well the fundraising event thing went on Saturday.  Good turnout; everything was lovely; lots of money raised; new friends made; my friend S was surprised at the honors.  She says she's mortified, but she'll get over it. Meanwhile, passing the excess desserts and cheese platter items.

On the whine side, my MIL was doing poorly and did not get out of bed when my beloved and daughter went to visit her this weekend.  I hope they figure this out soon.  There was a test to see if maybe it is gallbladder instead of pancreas.  The situation is very up and down; she was feeling tons better a week ago, after a bad patch.

We do not yet have a tree.  It will happen sometime in the next week.  Decorations also.

I've declared this a year for small presents and stuffed stockings.  Basically everything is done on that front, except assembly and wrapping. My husband asked what I want, and I had a definitive answer:  slippers.  That's it.

AW:  daughter has a live interview tomorrow at a place she wants to work!

What's the scoop at your house?

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Awards! Painting all weekend and the room's still not done edition

Writing this on my iPad so no picture and please excuse typos. My son's stuff is between me and my real computer.

Our very own YT returned to scoop up the style award for her epic poem of woe: a cold keeping her and her sweet grand baby apart.

Kathy wins the super sneaky super friend award for putting together a surprise party within a party. Honoring the person who was putting together the main event!!

Ralph and the clue stick posse are on their way north to visit with Sue's secretary to remind her to keep her fireplacing germs to herself. And then they're headed south to pay a call on Esperanza's new "friend". Emailing asking for free babysitting an hour before you need it ain't kosher.

Miranda was unanimously chosen to receive the "Elevated Risk of Mullet" award this week for " "Bataan Death March of church activity". Many keyboards caught coffee baths this week over that gem.

Esperanza wins "Remembering What it's All About": bras in the dryer? Lord have mercy on her DH, 'cause I certainly don't.

Jen brought the bodily fluids this week. I hope you're feeling better!!

Sending a lovey for QWP's baby to hold so QWP can catch a break.

And sending congratulations to PK who brought home a beautiful baby girl this week.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Because a little birdy told me that we need an early edition

Bring us your tired, your sick, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to whine free!

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Amazing Prizes for Everyone!

A small part of the collection -- help yourselves to door prizes!

Party of the Week:  a science party, for QWP's big girl!  Runner up is the church tea organized with military precision, which does not require Sue's presence. 

Fluid of the Week:  sleep-puking.  Top that.  Esperanza wins a case of sanitizer and a visit from the laundry fairy.

The Tooth Fairy Award is owned by Sweet Baboo, on the occasion of her first lost tooth.

Dish Fairy Award goes to Miranda, who has good friends to visit and exert positive peer pressure.

The Ruthless Organizer Award goes to Liz, who achieved mad clean-outs at her house!  Liz also wins the Mileage Award, for too many meetings in too many places.

Wishing Sue's Sweetie a speedy recovery!

Happy Birthday to Queen of West Procrastination, and Lil E!

Ralph and the Cluestick Posse are headed out to visit difficult co-workers, people imposing bad schedules on others, that bug that's going around, and other deserving parties.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Making things brighter

OK, so, my diva cat.  She likes to be right by the heat vent on my laptop, and then walk at will across the keyboard.  Therefore, I found out that there is a button that makes my screen darker; leading to the discovery that there is another button to make it brighter!  Learn something new every day, right?

Our general household level of angst has dropped dramatically, because the fabulous cousin-in-law is helping offload the Giant Mountain of SIL's Clothing and Crap!  With bonus laughter, and bonding with daughter -- they are collaborating on photos for online sale.

If anybody needs a large slightly menacing glazed ceramic rabbit, or unused red patent-leather leopard-print clogs, or every a mug ever sold by St@rborgs, or the world's ugliest a designer neon green jacket and matching purse [originally $168, price tag included], or an entire knick-knack farm, you know who to ask!  There's more where that came from! 

W:  The dish fairy, she needs to come around.  Also, the vacuum fairy.  Your house, too, possibly.

What's new with you?

Monday, November 25, 2013

Thanksgiving/Hanukkah Whines (others welcome)

Here is where the Texas comes out in me: it has been gray, cold, and rainy for FOUR days in a row. Where is my sunshine? It has not been above 42 in FOUR days. I cannot survive under these conditions.

We canceled our plan to leave yesterday afternoon due to predicted icy weather near the grandparents' house and near Sweet's doctors' appointments this morning. Said icy weather did not materialize. Our weather people are notorious for getting all excited about potential wintry weather.

So now we are at home and have rescheduled the doctors' appointments for a less-convenient time.

Possible antiwhines in the whole mess:
* not driving in this nastiness
* less stressful Sunday (I was preaching yesterday, so we couldn't leave till after church)
* I got to attend an ordination service I wanted to go to
* we are keeping Sweet's nasty snotty cold germs to ourselves for one more day
* she is not at her best, so likely would not have been cooperative with the appointments anyway (and this is one time we really need her to be cooperative).

Leaving tomorrow morning for Thanksgiving festivities and germ swapping.

P.S. Due to aforementioned festivities and germ swapping, the awards show may be delayed/canceled. You can whine about that if you want.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Quick Awards

The Kitchen Magic Award goes to Queen of West Procrastination, for her chickpea soup recipe:  "chickpea soup. 1 can chickpeas, about half as much carrots, 2c chicken broth (or veggie broth, or water), some onion and garlic. Cook for half an hour, puree, and add cumin, curry, maybe a squeeze of lemon, or maybe a touch of some kind of hot sauce."  Thin with more broth, if desired.  Excellent when that thing that's going around hits your house.

Miranda's Tween Son wins the Showtime! Award, for an outstanding performance!  And Miranda wins the Excellent Mama Award.  Sending hugs for the other thing, and congratulations on the workplace awesomeness.

The Ouch Ouch Ouch Award goes to Esperanza's Mini, on the occasion of sitting in fire ants.  OUCH!

Sue wins the Wretched Meeting Award, with a bonus complimentary cluesticking for those people who keep scheduling it on the only day off she gets each week (and that's if she's lucky and nothing dire happens to a congregant).

Many, many hugs to Liz , and all others affected by the awful tragedy that left her friend seriously wounded and his son dead.  The members of this group strongly favor adequate mental health services, and now.  xoxox

The Autocorrect Fail of the Week Award goes to QWP, whose device provided "Euro" when she meant "work."

Potty Challenge Awards to Esperanza, whose Sweet adores the porta-potty and uses it even more than necessary, and to Neighbor Lady, whose daughter hates them so much that she'll hold it (theoretically) forever.  The coveted Elevated Risk of Mullet Award goes to NL, for her theory of universal conservation of pee.

Liz is hereby named The Enforcer, for her vigorous defense of a beleaguered Pixie, including the epic:  "Hand me a cluestick, I'm heading up to Canada."

Esperanza wins the Boundaries Award, for working on defenses against an intrusive person intent on being the Preacher's Wife's Best Friend.  Ralph is on his way!

Middle Earth Canada (or at least that portion now known as Hobbiton) wins a hearty Welcome to the last century; who knew that party lines were still in use within memory?

See you next week, when Americans celebrate Thanksgiving and everyone celebrates Hanukkah,  meaning that the feast will definitely include latkes!

Monday, November 18, 2013

Gratitude and grumbles

My intertubes have conveniently provided a new skool complaint:  ye olde main email is out.  Again.  The gratitudinous flip-side is that just a couple decades ago, I could not have imagined the joys of instant connections with the rest of the planet, anytime I want.  I had email then, but at home it was dial-up.  The connection went kaflooey if we had an incoming call. 

Stop me before I start in on cell phones.

This week is inducing a lot of reflection.  It is 50 years since JFK was assasinated; I was six, and I did not know how it was possible for the president to die. The nation ground to a halt; the most comparable event in my kids' lives was 9/11 -- which was also so inexplicable and horrifying.  I am grateful that such things happen rarely in this part of the world; and wish that thousands of other things were not (nowadays) reported as if they were of that magnitude.  Perspective, people.

Kitchen report:  enchiladas are really messy to make!  But, mmmm.

Wildlife report:  The dog got really spoiled when everybody came over for pie on Friday, and she thinks she prefers to be a free-range indoor dog full-time.  (Not happening.  There are rules.)

What's happening in your corner of the universe?

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Autumn Awesomeness

Here, pull up a cushion and join us for some sushi!  We had a lovely dinner last night to celebrate my beloved's birthday -- got the VIP room with tatami mats and everything -- and enjoyed a fun evening with the kids, son's delightful girlfriend, and the cool cousins.

In very exciting community news, Wednesday Whining adopted, by unanimous consent, the motto "Whatever Works."  Thanks to Liz for installing the tasteful banner.

Furthermore, we elected Ralph as the team mascot.  Ralph is the person someone else thinks you are, but you aren't; and among Ralph's responsibilities will be regular appearances with the Cluestick Posse

The Posse plans to visit conflict-ridden adults who can't behave like they're out of high school, the county drainage commissioners who left behind a trail of destruction, retailers who run out of the reasonably-priced item one needs, insurance companies, certain politicians, those mean kids, and other deserving persons or entities.

It turns out that several otherwise dignified Pixies share the ability to get stuff all over their otherwise clean clothing.  We are proud to award Sue the coveted Elevated Risk of Mullet Award, for "As for the spilling, sigh. I am a breathing, walking placemat. Seriously." 

On a related note, Liz wins the Crime Scene Fashions Award for the nosebleed that ruined her pink turtleneck.  Fortunately, Liz is also the in-house expert on silver linings and locating sales, so she swiftly found a replacement. 

Also rocking the fashions this week, Queen of West Procrastination wins the Happy Haircut Award; she is now sporting an actual pixie instead of an actual mullet!  How happy is the haircut?  "Anything is possible in a world where I have this haircut!"

The Unwelcome Visitor Award goes to Esperanza, who aquired chiggers in the course of duty, in unscratchable places.   JenR contributes the Homegrown Solution, clear nail polish.    

QWP wins the Addition to the Lexicon Award, for "mulletacular."  Runner up is Esperanza, with "albatrossi," the plural of a work albatross.

 Neighbor Lady wins this week's Parenting Challenge Award, for expertly helping Neighbor Boy through this bullying situation.  Brava!  And Kudos to NB!

The Spare Bunny Award goes to QWP, who finally found an object that lulls Lil E to sleep.

Esperanza wins a prize for Political Observation of the Week:  "Is it bad that Texas feels relieved that the mayor acting like an idiot is not from our state? Nothing against Canada, it's just a relief that they don't ALL belong to us :)" 

Sue wins the Not-a-Triangle Award, for negotiating a situation.

Sigh of relief and many hugs for Purple Kangaroo's young relative, who does not have a br@in tum0r or cyst!  Big Pixie Excitement for PK's ever-closer due date!

Monday, November 11, 2013

Smack in the middle of Fall

Remembering those who have served, on this Veterans' Day.

My beloved has a birthday next weekend.  I am never, ever to repeat the 40th birthday surprise party, but we'll have a nice family dinner.  It is surprisingly difficult to schedule 6 adults. 

News this week:  we are on track for one of the driest calendar years evah.  Bleah.

For reasons unknown -- or, if you prefer, my advanced procrastination techniques -- I'm suddenly stuck on holiday planning.  Will need to make a number of fun felt stockings, and am thinking about designs.  Secret stocking stuffer tip:  this website stocks individual/travel sizes of all kinds of things!   I was looking for gourmet items in tiny jars, but they have just about anything you can think of, including items for special diets.  Tons of single-serving spices and sauces (perfect for backpackers or those traveling to the land of bland food).

Fluids:  the elderly diva cat has decided to pee on the bathroom floor.  All.the.time.  Better than the carpet, but still darned weird. 

What's on your mind?

Friday, November 8, 2013

Post-Election Awards Show

First of all, I apologize up front if I miss someone's favorite whine. 110 comments, people.

Pixie of the Week (I know, we usually don't have this, but I feel it is warranted this week) goes to our very own favorite candidate, Liz! She ran an exceptionally classy campaign (with a now-famous campaign manager!), tightened the race with the incumbent, AND manages to find the bright sides in not winning the seat. And all in a week that saw the death of her grandmother. Much sympathy and many hugs, Liz. Put your feet up this weekend, sister. You deserve a break.

(Un) Employment Awards to kathy a's long-suffering daughter. We know that job is out there, somewhere, and not amongst the scammers.

Parenting Award to QWP, for the days of attempting to work while entertaining Lil E all by her lonesome. Black eyes and naps and no naps and syringes and pook-awakenings and shag carpet and eeek! Kudos to 10 year olds and to grandparents for pitching in.

Teachers Award to the fabulous and hard-working Neighbor Lady, who is putting everything she has and then some into this first year. You have our admiration, NL. And I hope my Baboos someday have a teacher as dedicated as you

Neighbor Girl gets an award just for being in middle school. Blech, the mean kids. So happy she enjoyed the service project and hanging out with the guys.

Sue gets the Elevated Risk of Mullet this week, as she defines the rules of the pixie cheering squad: "I will not wear a short skirt - pompoms yes, but not the skirt" So say we all, Sue, but thanks for making that clear!

Miranda receives the Old Skool award, for what is kind of a new skool whine, the death of her beloved phone. We hope you can replace it soon.

Healing wishes to kathy a's cousin's son, Sue's wonderful hubby, Sue's head, p_k's internal organs, p_k's young relative, hurt feelings of those on the receiving end of meanie comments,

Cluesticks (it's a looong list this week) go to job scams and those who profit from them; people who post links to other people's online identities; people who criticize other peoples' feelings of gratitude; stooopid election boards, kids who are mean to other kids, and any one else who is in need.

Ten-year-old playmates/babysitters/heaven-sent entertainers to all babies in need of them, and their parents. Chocolate for everyone else.

More whining next week!

Monday, November 4, 2013

Whiny Whining

How's it going, pixies?

Liz's Big Day is this week. Break a leg, Liz! You've got the whining pixies behind you!

In the First World Whines division, I am shopping for a new laptop. I am currently using one that used to be Mr. E's, approximately 4? 5? years old. It is enormous and heavy, the trackpad doesn't work (an unfortunate encounter with my own glass of milk) and I want something new. My budget does not allow for Apples. The other options are overwhelming, and underwhelming, all at the same time. Wah.

Share your whines and antiwhines, the highs and lows of your week. And we'll be on pins and needles to hear Liz's victory speech!

Saturday, November 2, 2013


Lovely refreshments this week, including leftover Halloween candy, gluten-free lasagne, raspberry oatmeal bars, brownies, and margaritas.  

First up, the Devious Preschooler Award goes to Mini Baboo, for a classic of the genre:  "you don't need to come in tonight. I can put myself in bed. Don't come in my room."  Totally worked like a charm.  ;)

JenR's boy wins the Talking the Talk Award, for his sudden and exciting explosion of verbal prowess!  He obviously understands it all; we predict that you will be hearing a great many opinions!

And Lil E wins the Future Pulitzer Award for her third word, "book." 

Queen of West Procrastination wins the Child Safety Dilemma Award, Frozen Tundra Edition, for the problem of getting a squirmy toddler safely into the car seat, bundled as is necessary for Frozen North conditions, when the seat specs include "no bulky clothing" and the toddler in question hates both headgear and mittens.

The Not a Fan of the Corn Maze Award goes to Esperanza, who is also bah humbug about the recent holiday overload.  But Esperanza also wins the Bovine Fact of the Week Award for her report on waterbeds for dairy cows! 

Sue wins the Sweet Sleep Award, for getting some!  And she says it's just like a vacation!!

Our own Doorbell Queen, Liz, is on the final stretch of her campaign, knocking doors and taking donations!  GO LIZ GO!   She wins the Stoopid Opponents are My Favorite Kind Award, possibly a sign that the universe is in favor of critical thinking skills.  

The Margaritaville Award goes to Miranda, who got a fun night on the town complete with "Spookaoke" after a jam-packed re-entry to the federal workforce.  

The Cluestick Posse is led by several Pixies of petite height this week, planning a visit to the media geniuses who cannot find a way to hold a press conference where a short official's face actually shows above the bank of microphones.  News Flash:  some people are not 6 feet tall. 

Much love to Eh, Nonny Maus, who is struggling with some stuff.  Best to you and the kids.  xoxoxo

Fond thoughts for Spotty the excellent gerbil, and Liz's family.

Many thanks for your kind thoughts about the loss of our Buddy.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Incredible Lightness

Finally finished this very long and ugly piece of a project.  It was a task I dislike with a burning intensity, and a good chunk had to be re-done because of a loss in the computer crash.  And now, I get to move along to the more fun parts, and it feels like a giant burden lifted!

In more mundane news (W division), I think I'm gonna have to hear every detail of the cousins' hunting trip -- there is already considerable information on people waking up too early and frosted with ice, and how the camp heater almost carbon-monoxide poisoned everyone.  In anti-whines, the deer and elk in Idaho seem to be incredibly smart about hunters.

But I'm feeling so good that I won't even whine about being the dish fairy.  How's by you?

Saturday, October 26, 2013

All! New! Awards!

Sorry for the lateness!  Again!

The Snow Bunnies Awards go to Sue and Queen of West Procrastination, who report that winter is inching in and headed south.   In other weather-related news, Esperanza wins the long-coveted Temperate Temps Prize, enjoying a week of perfection after the endless heat of a Texas summer.

Liz wins the  Walk the Walk and Knock the Knock Award, for continued prowess in doorbelling, and attracting enough attention that the namecalling has begun.  Let's do a little dance!  Go, Liz!

Lil' E wins the These Boots Were Made for Walking Award, on the occasion of all of a sudden toddling everywhere!  Woot!

The Visual Effects Award goes to JenR, who reports that her bigger boy accidentally dressed in little brother's clothes, producing very entertaining results. 

Halloween is coming!  Esperanza wins the "Make Your Mind Up, Already" Award, for the competing concerns of last year's debacle, this year's demands, and a 5% chance the things will be worn.  Liz reveals her talent as a Costuming Genius!  And QWP wins the Hand-Me-Downs Rule Award, rejecting the bulky duckling suit in favor of a dino jacket.  Yay!  Passing some of the good candy, before it all disappears.  (Our few trick-or-treaters tend to get what the household candy sneaks leave behind.)

Love and get-well vibes to Sue's beloved, battling another dratted infection. And more hugs for the group of friends who had such a rotten week.  Talking anyway, in lieu of the planned outing, was a wonderful idea!

Hugs to Neighbor Lady and Neighbor Girl -- we hope she is feeling less anxious (and think a movie night with a BFF sounds like the ticket).

(((( Miranda )))) 

Cluesticks to the news organizations that failed to endorse our favorite candidate, the universe for grave unfairnesses, and other deserving parties. 

Monday, October 21, 2013

All! New! Week!

Hoping this week to finish one last chunk to meet an official milestone in the Work Albatross.  And then I get ponies!!!!  Well, a check, which is better than ponies. 

W:  meant to do a lot on it over the weekend, but no.  AW:  Brand! New! Fresh! Shiny! Week!

AW:  Gorgeous fall day.

Pet Opera note:  Senior diva cat Persephone continues to perch obsessively on the very papers I need to see.  I de-throne her; she runs off to paw more water from the dish to the floor, meaning to leave the royal damp pawprints on her chosen space.  We've moved along now to the part where I invite her to a breath of fresh air on the porch, which leads junior cat Spot to mourn loudly by the door, lest she be eaten by wolves or sea serpents.  Meanwhile, junior dog Cora is resting up for the anticipated arrival of the Hideous Mailman, whom she has vowed to destroy via barking through the garage door.  If it is a special day, Cora may also have the opportunity to drive fear into the heart of the UPS guy. 

What's shaking in your environment?

Saturday, October 19, 2013

All the Favourite Award Recipients are Here!!

Happy Saturday Pixies!

It's been quite a week here in Pixie-land. Canadian Thanksgiving inspired many great ideas for the use of cranberries and nuts to go with the turkey. Thanks to JenR for providing a great recipe (and good luck with those cover letters)!!

Elevated Risk of Mullet award goes to esperanza for this gem "...and pecans (national nut of Texas--unless you're counting GWB).

Our hearts go out to esperanza on the passing of Grandma Pete, whose story we love. We're thinking of you and your whole family as you celebrate Grandma Pete's life.

Hugs to QWP who met her brother's new girlfriend and high fives to baby E for being an adorable social buffer.

The "I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take this anymore!" Award goes to kathy a, whose utter frustration with the powers and principalities in government appears to have brought about a change of heart on their part.

For Miranda, we have the "Coffee and RedB*ll" Award for long work days now that the madness of the shutdown is over (see kathy a's award above). Thanks too for the GF cookie recipe (That's gluten free, not girlfriend, but if the girlfriend likes the gluten-free, that's good too.)

And for our Liz, the "Hey, I Know That Fabulous Woman!" Award, because when she's in the press that's what we're all thinking. Or is that just me? :)

The special "What the Heck?" cluestick goes to stoopid church meeting planners who don't bother to provide child care. Grrrr....

Cheers to all pixies "on the road again", waiting for good news with crossed fingers, and just enjoying another fall weekend!

Monday, October 14, 2013

Pixie Thanks & Whines - now served with cranberry sauce!

Greetings Pixies!

Today is Thanksgiving Day for our Pixies in Middle Earth Canada as well as more populated Northern regions. The sacrifice of the turkeys has begun, potatoes are peeled and swimming in the sea (well, the water is salted) and the cranberries are at the ready.
US pixies can think of it as a dress rehearsal for their big day next month. So join us at the table!

If canned cranberries are the order of the day, which do you prefer, whole cranberries or the Big Tube of Burgundy Jelly?

What goes in your stuffing?

A colleague in ministry had a funny moment yesterday. In the prayers of the people she thanked God "we give thanks for those turkeys that we're going home to...the ones that didn't come to church!" - hahahahaha!!!! LOVE that. Yes, folks laughed out loud - because it was hilarious.

I'm thankful today for my family. It's so good to have all of us around the table for a holiday dinner again!

Whine: My fave jeans are too tight. Wah. 

Please share your Thanks and your Whines!!

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Awards Show with No Cute Name

Boy Do They Know How to Push Your Buttons Sibling Award goes to A. Nonnie Moose. QWP's sibling, on the other hand, gets a round of applause for practical and compassionate assistance to her sister.

QWP gets a Scary Neighbor Award, for her saga involving downstairs neighbors, disrupted sleep, absent husbands, and the police. Eeek.

QWP was going to get a Nosy Friend Award, but we are glad to rescind that award after she (the friend) acted like a grownup and discussed the matter further.

Parenting Awards, presented by teachers for all ages, for Mamas and Daddies and other parenting figures who use this little word judiciously: "no"

Sue gets the Non-Psychic Award, because however handy it might be for your pastor to read your mind...erm...clearly it's not a good idea *all* the time. If you or your loved one are hospitalized and would like a visit, it would be good to use a phone, letter, email, text, f@cebook message, or carrier pigeon to let people know. Ahem.

Neighbor Lady gets hugs for being a great teacher and in commiseration about the relative with teh fireplacing cancer.

Buddy the dog gets some extra ear rubs, and kathy a's beloved an extra hug, for that terrible decision about when The Time has come.

Hugs for everyone with too much work, too little work, malfunctioning cars, headaches, puking children, insufficient sleep, and other assorted whines I might have missed.

Special Kudos to Liz this week, for assistance resolving wardrobe issues, sibling issues, and political issues.

Kathy a gets the Elevated Risk of Mullet Award for this beauty: "I've been dating bad underwear for a while, and finally found undies that do not fail some of the categories." Bonus points for not using the word "panties," which gives me the willies for some reason.

Thanks to Miranda for the brownies. Hope you are ok.

ETA: This is our 666th post. Just saying.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Seamstress Whines (other kinds welcome, too)

In a fit of creativity, I went to the fabric store last week. I seemed to forget momentarily that I have other responsibilities. On the stack of things to sew:

* pillowcase dress (super easy) for Baboos' school silent auction

* pillowcase for the same auction. Did I mention the deadline is October 17?

* pillowcase for Baboos' friend's birthday. Her party is the 13th.

* dresses for Baboos for holiday season. (Not super fancy. I want them to be able to wear them more than once).

* (edited to add) flannel pajama bottoms for myself. If these are done while it is still flannel weather, I'll be surprised.

So then, I look in my closet and realize I have no long sleeve dresses. I have no idea what I wore to church last fall and winter. I think to myself, in a moment of sanity, "I don't have time to sew myself something." So I look online. At several different sites. Pixies, I hate to be the one to tell you, but (a) it's hard to find a dress with long sleeves, (b) they are ugly, (c) I remembered I don't like shopping, and (d) I am sometimes too frugal for my own good.

I still don't have time to sew myself something, and dresses are hard to sew anyway. What's a person to do?

(There are more substantial whines in my life right now, but this one has gotten my goat this morning).

Whine on, Pixies, whine on.

AW: The weather is gorgeous. Finally.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Solidarity Edition

What a fireplacing week, eh?  The shutdown left us all stunned, and some of us unemployed.  As always, it is a thing of beauty to see the Pixies unite and support one another.

Queen of West Procrastination wins the Elevated Risk of Mullet Award, for her interpretation of LWOP:  I first read it as "Lady West of Procrastination." And then realized what it really meant.

 The Saved by Reassignment Award goes to Liz, whose original furlough meant she was going to burn vacation days and then sick days.  But kudos to her employer, which found another assignment, yay!

Miranda wins the Report from the Trenches Award, with an unpaid furlough and this news: 
The only thing worse than being on furlough is not being on furlough, from what I hear from those few still working.  

Although the real objective of the small group of instigators is somewhat murky at the moment, they started the shutdown saying they had a "noble" purpose, dismantling the Affordable Care Act -- something they already tried to do legislatively, 42 times.  By coincidence, enrollment for uninsured persons began this very week, and the citizenry was so "unhappy" about getting health coverage that many state enrollment sites were overrun.  Yay!  As members of our Northern Contingent (the evil Canadians) have explained from time to time, it's kinda nice, handy, humane, and sensible to have decent health coverage.

 Let's take Sue, for example, whose hubby had a bad week and had to go to the ER more than once, thus earning her the Miracles of Modern Medicine Award.  Short waits, appropriate tests done, health equipment set up at home, on the road to recovery.  "Exceptional medical care."  That's what we like to hear!  Hugs and crossed fingers for Sue's beloved; may things be better soon.

The Cluestick Posse has enthusiastically saddled up to visit Miranda's mom, who keeps sending screeds about antidepressant medication -- which medication has done wonders for her own granddaughter.  As Sue explains:  Ugh. The old "If you just have a positive attitude" against anti-depressants makes my head spin. That's like telling diabetics to forget the insulin, they can just think their way out of diabetes.

It goes without saying that Certain Members of Congress have also earned extended cluesticking.  Next stop, the book of friends opinionaters who believe [a] no children are being harmed by the shutdown, and [b] all those furloughed employees are just enjoying a vacation.  Harrumph.

The Making the Best of It Award goes to Miranda and her Army buddies:  Some of you may have noticed that I and two friends (who were old Army buddies back when we were thin and had all of hair) have declared it Cat Week and are posting cat stuff on the Book of Faces. If you knew us 20 years ago, this would not be conceivable. Life is cool/weird sometimes.

Kudos to Esperanza,  who is really sure that they made the right school decision for Sweet!  And congratulations on Sweet catching up to the growth chart!

More kudos to Miranda's kidsMy three children are amazing, empathetic, caring people. The older two have learned a lot about resilience this past year. My heart just bursts when I see them.  And also to Mini BabooI just about cried this week when Mini said to Sweet, "Don't worry, Sweet, I'll be right there with you."

Congratulations to QWP for improved sleep in the realm!

Liz wins the Thespian Award, for her year in the theater! 

Much love to Esperanza, whose grandmother's decline suggests she does not have long.  xoxoxo

Thanks for playing!  See y'all next time.

Monday, September 30, 2013

Let's do the time warp, again

Hi!  Once upon a time, I used to go do important things and look more or less professional every day, but now I mostly work at home and can wear jammies if I want.  This unbloggable thing, though, requires not only big prep but a professional presentation.  (I'm pretty sure the persons in charge would specify "no jammies" if they thought of it, but don't want to test my theory.)

The internet is my bestest most fabulous friend right now!  I'm brainstorming, and planning, and working out details, and lining up people to help prepare, etc.; and so far I've ordered 2 dresses, a jacket, a smoothing undergarment, jewelry, nosepads to fix my glasses, organizational supplies, and 5 light books plus an interesting one for later.  Etc.  (The 6th book is about scarcity, and how not having enough of what you need eats your brain's bandwidth, which I'm taking as justification for getting the stuff lined up that will help me climb the mountain, sail the uncharted sea.  LALA LA LA, I don't hear you about light reading or proper undergarmentage being unnecessary to the task...)

In my real life, of course, the dish fairy didn't come yet, my son spent another 6 hours working on his dying car yesterday,  and the shyest cat has taken to hiding under the bed all the darned time.

What's new with you?

Sunday, September 29, 2013


Liz has a plateful with her candidate duties and Doorbell Queen reputation -- go, Liz! -- so, I'm filling in.

Good walking shoes for everyone!  

Esperanza gets the Fabulous Weather Award, for her report of a blessed cold front moving in, bringing the temperature down to 97F!  The report startled residents of Middle Earth Canada, where a cold front means something more along the lines of finding the snow shovel and boots.  (Hat tip to Sue, for "Middle Earth Canada.")

QWP wins the Thanks But No Thanks Award for all those tiny little freakishly-sized trendy girly jeans that were passed down in perfect condition, and are now on their way to the donation station.  Stretchy pants for everyone!

Neighbor Lady gets the Fond Memories Award, for being reminded of Blue's Clues and Bear in the Big Blue House.  Thanks for the recommendation!  And Liz also recalls The Best Potty Training Video, amongst the Bear collection.

The Happy Eyes Award goes to Sue, who has the nicest optometrist in the entire universe, as well as good eyes.

Mommy Duty Respite Awards to Esperanza, whose baboos spent a whole glorious 4 days in school this week, and QWP, whose parents were able to step in.

The Household Superwoman Award goes to Esperanza, who complained of oil-based paint on extremities, but that's because she was busy using her free time to paint a bookcase.  Kudos!

I'm not supposed to give Liz a prize, so let it be noted that a Famous Author reposted something she wrote! 

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The "I'm opening a whining thread but I don't guarantee I can do the awards" Edition

Whine: I've got a headache because
Whine: The code won't compile because
Whine: The code is being written simultaneously by 5 different developers and
Whine: It's all part of an interconnected web

Anti-whine: But now I'm thinking about the minister at my UU Church who likes talking about the interconnected web of life.

Bonus anti-whine: I wouldn't have any of the above whines if I weren't employed. I'm happy to be employed.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Sunday is the New Thursday

This week's refreshments are complimentary bag lunches by the fabulous Esperanza, a variety of chocolate, and some refreshing beverages of choice.

Esperana, complaining of not morning people, small division, wins the Truer Words Never Spoken Award for:  teh nagging, it is wearying.  But on the up side, Sweet wins the Melting from the Sweetness Award for "Thanks, Mommy. Thanks for helping me grow up."  

The Practical Fashionable Mama Award goes to JenR, who suggests a solution to the problem of kids who aren't morning people:   I have had some luck occasionally putting mine to bed in their school clothes. Then you only have to have the breakfast fight in the morning. Clearly the wrinkles don't bother me much at this age - but most of their clothes don't wrinkle much anyway. :-)

Neighbor Lady wins the Best W/AW Combo Award, for:   (w) mouth full of canker sores.  (w) work=stress right now.  (aw) some moments have been awesome!  We're so happy you're teaching, and glad there are good moments even if it's a little stressy.

Liz wins our Enthusiastic Support in her election!  The Posse requests a few words with the state party personnel, who clearly do not have their priorities straight.  Go, Liz, go! 

The Consignment Score Award goes to QWP, whose friend located The Best Diaper Bag for only $4, and this one won't fall apart!  Pixies are fans of consignment and other reuse options, especially when they work out so well.

QWP also wins the Consumer Warning Award, for her image of spouse and baby fleeing the department store because of excessive perfumage.  This prize comes with a complimentary cluesticking and lecture.  Shame, you silly department store!  Do you really wonder why people shop online and other places so much?

 The Adventures in Ministry, Building Maintenance Division Award goes to Sue, whose building sprung leaks so active that she had to raid the childrens' crayon buckets to contain the flood.  In a related vein, Esperanza wins the Ministering to the Clueless Award for her story of convincing a parishioner that yes, it was actually OK to put buckets in the sanctuary. 

Hugs to everybody affected by yet another fireplacing mass shooting, directly and indirectly.  Cluesticks to the fireplacing jackasses professional media types who think "stay tuned for more gripping coverage" is an appropriate message at such a time. 

Well, here's to the upcoming week!  And hoping that everyone sleeps at appropriate times, everyone's blood pressure is good, none of the rain comes inside, mail ends up where you want it, and additional happiness abounds. 

Monday, September 16, 2013

Little o' this, little o' that....

Today, a better supermarket trip than last week.  All the smaller groovy black metal carts were disappeared, and it was 15 minutes at checkout, but on the AW side, nice chats with my line neighbors, and the deaf employee who was collecting carts in the parking lot gave me a hug just because I thanked him and we kinda chatted.  (I think nobody really talks to him, and he's a very dedicated worker.)  There's a lot of agreement in line that the place needs to hire more employees.  Seriously.

W:  another fireplacing mass shooting.  I saw a video clip of the chief medical officer at the trauma center, and she said, "this has to stop happening."  Truer words never said.

AW:  Daughter slept last night, up early and cheerful and off to her volunteer job on time, with no maternal prodding whatsoever.  Yay.

What's new in your neighborhood?

Sunday, September 15, 2013

super-late ceremony

The Scholarship Award goes to Queen of West Procrastination, whose September brings dealings with various research institutions.

Esperanza wins the Inner Librarian Award, for using some of her valuable Quiet Time to rearrange bookshelves.

Sue wins the Pastoral Care Award, for an abundance of persons in need.  xoxo

The Managing Meltdowns Award goes to Liz, whose big boy had a doozie.  95 out of 100 Pixies agree that wind-down and a snack go a long way; but sometimes, the guns must be stuck to.

E wins the Applesauce Award!

The Cuteness Award goes to Sweet, who lost it at breakfast but then said, "I sorry I cried and throw fits at breakfast, Mommy. I wuv you. I miss you today."

Mini wins the Elevated Risk of Mullet Award for: "I just got a booger on the chicken."

Congratulations to Jeni on the birth of her baby girl!

The Fireplacing Cancer is on notice that this behavior is unacceptable.  Hugs, love, and caring thoughts for all affected.  xoxoo

Monday, September 9, 2013


Well, summer is officially over (except for the official part, which occurs later this month).  All the persons whose years revolve around school are enjoying the fresh new start the school year brings.

In my area, the annual after-vacation heat wave hit just a little early this year, so it's been bakin' the last while.  But our lovely evening fog has been around, ameliorating the situation nicely.  There's a wildfire out near where my cousin lives, and many of my town's firefighters have done rotations up at the huge fire near Yosemite, so we are all hoping the rainy season kicks in a little early, too. 

Yesterday was the annual Stroll in the next town -- a huge and fabulous 1.25 mile street festival with a parade, music, hula, stilt walkers, food of all descriptions, art cars, games, craft booths, community groups, and some 200,000 of our nearest and dearest, plus a few friendly dogs and adoptable cats. My town's preschool co-op won the parade with parents carrying a fire engine they built of cardboard, wearing red shirts and those plastic helmets the fire department gives to little kids.  You have to admire a parade that rewards What It's All About. 

Alas, I missed this year's festivities and had to read about it online, because I'ma sprinting to cross some things off the Albatross List before the periodic Albatross Progress Report is due.  ("Sprinting" is probably the wrong metaphor, since it's more like: typetypetypetype, look stuff up, typetypetype, avoid brain explosion by visiting the nice happy internet, typetypetypetype, etc.)

What Septemberly things are happening up your way?

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Classy Awards Show

An awards show beginning with a picture of a toilet plunger can only be called "classy," right? Actually, Teh Internet informs me that the above pictured item is a sink plunger, and the kind with the smaller flange attached is for toilets. Oops.

All that toilet talk is leading to....
The Golden Plunger Award, for QWP, for fixing her very own toilet! Without superintendent intervention! Woo Hoo!

Liz gets the Old Skool Award this week, for her haircut that looks just like her old haircut AND for the laundry piles and dust buffalo that are officially Not Her Problem.

Sue gets an unintentional Elevated Risk of Mullet Award, because as I was distractedly and rapidly scanning the whines (as I am wont to do), as she told of her healthy lunch that landed "upside down on my office floor, which is a carpet badly in need of a cleaning. Well rats." I thought that her lunch had landed upside down on the floor, where rats had immediately carried it off!! It was not so much a funny line as a horrifying one (and horrifyingly realistic for some church offices I have been in). I had to stop and read again, and THEN I laughed at myself. 

QWP receives the Blessing and Curse of Routine Award, especially pertinent to those with wee ones. Routine is great, helps them feel comfortable and secure, until it is broken, and then it's horrible. So for a week that included Daddy going back to teach school, family members with breakfasts that are so late they might as well be lunches, overprotective grandmothers, suddenly solid pook, a Mama that needs to work and a baby that needs some SLEEP, please: you get the award of...a lifetime supply of Baby Bribing Cookies!

The Wildlife Award goes to Kathy a, for senior cat's water antics and junior dog's encounter with the skunk (will he/she never learn?).

Neighbor Lady gets the Back to School Award, and our heartfelt appreciation for teachers everywhere.

Hugs to all whose vacations are over, who are tired, whose schools are on lockdown, and whose friends have the fireplacing cancer. A hooray to a better-settled sister-in-law for Kathy a, too.

I suggest that we arm the Cluestick Posse with toilet plungers, and the Kudos Posse with Baby Bribing Cookies, and send them out wherever they are needed.

More whines right here next week.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Renaissance Woman Whines

It is almost 7:00 pm on Labor Day.

So far today:
* two loads of laundry (sheets), plus folded another
* breakfast & clean up
* lunch & clean up
* supper
* two batches of mini muffins for Baboo lunches (with Baboo "help")
* FIXED THE TOILET (I'm pretty proud of myself. First time replacing the valve. It works, and no leaks).
* teensy tiny nap
* Baboos bathed and in bed early for First Day of School Eve

Still to do:
* supper clean up
* take out trash
* finish sewing blankets for nap mats for first day of preschool tomorrow. Who comes up with these projects, anyway?
* pick up toys/clutter so Angel from Above (housekeeper) can vacuum tomorrow.

Let's hear it for unpaid labor! Hip, Hip, Hooray! (Sigh)

What have you impressive pixies been up to?

Saturday, August 31, 2013

MMMM, cake for breakfast!

This delicious and nutritious chocolate zucchini cake was kindly contributed by our own Queen of West Procrastination

Well, clearly Pixies have opinions about proper language usage, the all-important Oxford comma, untidy construction people who also drive like maniacs, and other matters. Sue wins the Grammar Queen Award for:  Pet peeve: when I see the words "should of" when "should have" is clearly intended by context. The slow and painful death of the English language. Sigh.

The Peeve of the Week Award goes to JenR, who complains:  my pet peeve is daycare sending home food-covered art projects weeks after they have been hanging on the walls there. Bonus points of the cheerios/pasta/beans/marshmallows are covered with glitter. Yuck. Just throw it out - please don't put it in my kids' school bag.  Your host favors bean mosaics, but really, marshallows and cheerios and glitter are asking for trouble.

Miranda wins the Mom's Sacrifices Award, for:  My pet peeves are that my oldest usually has my car and my daughter usually has my laptop so I'm stuck at home without internet. I have my work machine but um, I do enough of that all day long.  

The Sadness of the School Year Adjustment Award goes to QWP's Lil E, who pines for Daddy all day, then clings to Mama when he finally comes home.  Sniff!  Things will settle down soon, promise. 

Neighbor Lady wins the Back to School Allergies Award, which is self-explanatory, but we hope those allergen levels go down pronto!  Good luck!!

The Fashionista Awards go to Esperanza, who noticed all her pants are tighter on one leg, and Liz, whose summery shirtdress has a significant gappage problem in the rack area. 

See ya next week!

Monday, August 26, 2013

Pet Peeves Week

Bring 'em on!   What gets under your skin?  Possible categories include but are not limited to:  household tasks;  stupid driving tricks;  grammar violations;  untoward habits of our nearest and dearest; and annoyances at the cubical farm or equivalent.

Dishes, for example.  Apparently, nobody in my entire family has the ability to rinse dishes except me, despite years of training loving encouragement. We all dislike unloading/loading the dishwasher, which is why we got this fabulous double sink, with an extra deep side in which to stash the rinsed dishes until someone (me) gets around to the dishwasher.  And still, we have the spectacle of dishes, pans, and cutlery laying around the counter and stove and the other sink, preserving the remains of whatever was on them for posterity.  Because no, despite the promotional claims, our dishwasher does not handle food dried to the consistency of cement.  Harrumph. 

Regular whines and anti-whines are, as always, most welcome. 

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Uncreative Awards Post

Extra Snooze buttons to all experiencing lack of sleep due to children or hormones.

Hugs to QWP and Mr. Q for difficult medical news this week. Kudos to QWP's friend, who gets it, really gets it.

Efficiency and Clear Thinking to QWP as she dissertates with Lil E's help, and to kathy a, as she tackles the work albatross. (You surely seem to attract a lot of work albatrosses, kathy).

Sloth Award to Sue, who is enjoying said activity with her hubby as vacation days dwindle down. Cluesticks to people who send emails to people who are vacationing.

Hooray for pain relief for Sue, for easy plumbing fixes for kathy a, for good interviews for kathy a's daughter.

Additional cluesticks to people who can't get campaign information correct and to people who butt in where they have no business being (why does it matter how many children someone does or does not have? Good grief).

Afternoons off for anyone who needs one and deep calming breaths to NL as the school year rapidly approaches.

BACON without repercussions for everyone!

Tune in next week for more whining and commiserating.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Uncreative Whining Post

Hi there.

Brain dead. Back from "vacation" to grandparents' house.

Two nights of too many people in house. Then three nights of appropriate number of people.

Grandmother's slow decline is draining (on her, too, I imagine. But I'm whining about my own feelings, of course).

Mom's knee is hurting. A lot. Arthritis. Pain makes her grumpy. Stress over grandmother makes her grumpy. Exasperation with my retired Dad makes her grumpy. Sigh.

Baboos out of routine and lacking enough sleep. Grumpy Baboos.

(Sweet has done and is doing, off and on this weird thing: awakening in the middle of the night for up to 3 hours, tossing, turning. Nothing is wrong. Nothing is hurting. She just can't sleep. She goes to sleep fine but then wakes up in the wee hours. I know this because we were sharing a bed. Ideas from the pixies?)

So. Whine away.

Awards! I just wasn't up to it edition

I'm sorry folks for being a poor host, but I seem to have misplaced the clever.

Everyone gets a prize this week for just being here.


Monday, August 12, 2013

Wednesday Shoe Whining

I know that in the grand scheme of things that this whine I am about to relate is very minor.

Josef Seibel has discontinued the Adelle line of sandals.

These sandals are magic. I have the world's flattest feet. Narrow at the heel, much wider at the toe. Skinny, skinny ankles. And these sandals fit. Mostly because they were able to be adjusted at both ankle and toe, but also because of the way the sole was shaped and the angle at which the ankle strap was placed.

People, I've had 4 pairs of these sandals, and wore them knocking for every politico that came down the pike. I knocked two-hundred doors in one day in them, and yes, my feet still hurt, but I didn't have a single blister. My toes didn't get bruised nail-beds. I mean, these sandals are made by ELVES.

And they don't make them any more. I've hunted down one last pair (being shipped from Canada). They're sending a different pair, too, that they think might be a close match.

Meanwhile, I'm just curling up into a ball and whimpering.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Ponies and Rainbows and Chocolate

And sprinklers, and swimming pools.  Sharpie markers and good proof-readers.  Beginning of school!  Nice weather -- not too hot, not too gloomy.  Excellent workshops.  Naps!  Functional appliances.  Ice cream.  Hugs.  For everybody!

Cluesticks to over-excited doctors and invasive medical procedures, the suppliers of uncomfortable office chairs and incorrect literacy posters, and those who schedule school years in inconvenient ways. 

Monday, August 5, 2013

Goodbye tree; long live the tree

Well, a few months ago my beloved -- who works out his angst with yard projects -- decided to take out the former potted Christmas tree that we originally got around 22 years ago, and planted in the front yard when we moved here 17 years ago.  And lo, the tree grew and grew.  It grew to tower over the house!  It grew to ruin the sewer line, which nobody knew was under the planting area until waaaayyyy too late.

So, in the way of manly men with tools, he cut all the smaller branches using a long-handled hand saw.  That kept him busy and out of trouble, but it left us with kind of a skeleton tree towering to 20+ feet and sporting approximately 3 pine needles.  Over the next several months, we had a lively discussion about whether or not it was a good idea for him to use a tall ladder and chain saw to take care of the rest of the tree, and weighing in on my side were a series of events that took a lot of his time on weekends, and coincidentally those events were not so potentially apt to end with a concussion or severed limb.   

Ultimately, the side of reason prevailed, and the tree guys showed up today.  LOTS of them, and two large trucks -- which frankly seemed like a lot of manpower and equipment, but they had a real larger job nearby and everybody came on over to help out.  I estimate that each of the workers got to carry 2 chunks of tree to the truck.  Anyway, it took less than half an hour, and nobody went to the ER.  Victory!

Two seedlings from the former tree are growing in pots, so the tree is not truly gone.

What's new in your world?

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Doldrums Be Gone Awards Ceremony!

Ack! I whine about doldrums, and then p_k has to go and make some excitement with a trip to the hospital! So glad baby is ok, Happy Birthday to E (8! wow!), and we hope things continue to go smoothly. We will send a bit of energy your way.

QWP gets the "Lost" Award, for her poor frying pan, departed with Downstairs Girl. The cluestick posse will be armed with iron skillets this week in her honor. DG needs to act like a grown up.

Old Skool Award to Liz, for the classic salad-dressing-down-your-front whine. Mini had chocolate ice cream and pancake syrup on her pj's this morning. Don't ask. Honorable mention, animal division, for kathy a's close encounter with cat bark. Blech.

Remembering What It's All About goes to QWP, of course, for Lil E's new teeth have been put to nefarious use. No biting, Lil E. That hurts Mommy.

Deep calming breaths to those who are moving, those who are children of those who are moving, people whose backups didn't backup, people who won't go to the doctor, people who are related to people who won't go to the doctor, people with new teaching gigs, and people vacationing with "Extreme Families"

Good advice: just picture Lil E doing her dinosaur roar.

Tune in next week for more whining.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Summer Doldrums Whining

It's that time of year, when the rest of the northern hemisphere gets back at the way we southerners acted during the winter. We bragged about 70 degrees. We posted pictures of clear blue skies and sunshine. We made sure you knew when the trees started blooming, all when you were covered up with snow.

And now it's 100 degrees F every day. Every single day. The sun is relentless. We've actually had a bit of rain this summer, but that just makes it more humid. Feel free to say "nanny nanny boo boo." We probably deserve it. It was 93 yesterday afternoon, and I actually said "it's much cooler today."

And school will never start. Summer will last forever. I will forever be refereeing fights over toys. No one will ever voluntarily get dressed independently again.


Pixies, are you stuck in the doldrums? Do tell. Surely your doldrums are more interesting than mine.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Awards - like, totally!!!

Welcome to Award time pixies!

First up we have kathy a who earns the "Look! Shiny!" award this week with her request for heartwarming distractions from deceased computers and work behindness.

Kudos for excellent suggestions from many pixies.

The "Eeek! A Mouse!" award goes to QWP - at least you have all of those boxes to climb up on when the critter taunts you. 

The "You're a Big Deal Too!" award for esperanza and family who have had an epic week that included a big funeral for Mr. E (but chocolate cake for supper!) Here's hoping next week will give you all a chance to catch your breath and spend some time together.

esperanza also gets the "Old Skool" award this week for a spider bite (ew) in the worst possible place, especially when one wears flip-flops. Spiders - so inconsiderate, yes??? Also, watch those toesies in the pool. :)

NL gets the "Who Needs Mean Girls Anyway?" award for dealing with a mother and her daughter who missed an opportunity to be gracious. I hope the concert was wonderful NL!!!

The "Will the Baby's Name be George?" award goes to PK who is half way there!! 

And the "What a Week!" award goes to all pixies dealing with new and re-visited grief, grandmas being unwell, feeling icky, being uber busy, ongoing family situations, creepy email scammers and loneliness at book club.

I'm away next week, so I'll catch up when I get home. 

Monday, July 22, 2013

Newbie Host with bonus Pixie Dust!!!

Greetings pixies!

This is my first time hosting - very exciting!

A coffee conversation in our house this morning went something like this:

P: Looks like it's clearing up.
Me: Go take your pixie dust and feed it to your unicorn! It's 16 degrees and raining!
P: Okay then... (at which point we both laughed because we think we're hilarious)

It was sort of a Half Full/Half Empty or Anti-Whine/Whine sort of discussion. By early afternoon it actually did clear up and warmed up to (almost) room temperature. Ponies!

What's on your AW/W list this week pixies?

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Slow awards

Ice cold, hand-churned, low-calorie, refreshing awards.  It's the hand churning that took so long.  ;)

Sue wins the Good Day, Sunshine Award for lovely weather and a personal afternoon.  Yay!  And, many thanks for joining the hosts.  And, hippo birdie, two ewe!

 Happy Anniversary to Queen of West Procrastination!  Best to you and yours with the big move.

The Decisions, Decisions Award goes to JenR, who is making some big ones.

Esperanza wins the Ain't Summer Grand Award, for broken AC in high heat, resulting in an entire festival of sibling crankiness and fights over toys.  Very old skool.

Adventures in Teething Award goes to QWP's Lil E -- may there be a breakthrough soon!

The Medical Miracle Award goes to Sue, who made the appointment, saw the doctor, got the prescription, and got back to work in just about an hour.  We think that national health care stuff sounds pretty darned good!

Many hugs to Liz and her family, and many thoughts for MIL and her husband.  xoxoxo

The Disgusting Creature Feature of the Week is:  Ticks!   Ewwww!  Ick!  Yuck!   We wish Liz's friend a swift and full recovery from  a tick-borne ailment.  ~~shudder~~ 

The Cluestick Posse will pay a return visit to Downstairs Girl, who thinks pounding around looking for her mail at 11 p.m., after she moved out, is neighborly or something.

Thanks for playing!  See you next week, when the fabulous Sue will host!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Midsummer Time

How in the world is it mid-July already?  In my opinion, July is the sneakiest month, the month when days are long, but time is strangest.  One person might be having a grand vacation that should last forever; the next person is wondering where the last 2 months went and how to move forward on the Work Albatross; another is missing someone; and yet Mama is counting the days until school starts again, already.  And so on.  Time moves so differently, depending. 

AW:  Think I'm ready to really tackle the current work albatross again!

AW:  Daughter is making a quilt!  And sending reams of job applications!

What's going on for you?

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Colorful Awards!

My my my, what a week.

Today's ceremony begins with the Cluestick Posse visiting the esteemed members of the Texas Legislature, on accounta the gentlemen are a bunch of strutting, posturing, bullying, scaredy-cats.  Confiscating tampons -- just when you think you have already heard enough insanity for an entire lifetime, thankyouverymuch.  Neighbor Lady shall lead the Posse this week, since the spectacle inflicted great crotchetiness upon her, from a great distance.

Esperanza wins the Bravery in Action Medal, for living in Texas and proving that the entire state is not particularly represented by certain of its representatives. 

The Wedding Reception Death March Award goes to Sue, who sat with 200 others in a tent, in the rain, without food, for hours -- while the happy couple yukked it up indoors.  Ms. Manners does not approve.

Queen of West Procrastination wins the Housing Lottery, scoring excellent places to move, both interim and long term!  This award comes with a complimentary frying pan, so you need never talk to Downstairs Girl ever again.  And, we also crown her Queen of the Positive Attitude!

The Julia Child Award goes to JenR, who either made jam or peach sauce, but either way, yum!

Miranda wins the Awesome Job Change Award -- great job, good boss, lots of working from home, no more Albatross -- win win win win win!

Our own Doorbell Queen, Liz, wins the  Campaigning With Style Award, for an excellent presentation.  The Posse shall visit certain supporters of the opposition candidate, who are not exactly covering themselves in glory.

The bark was brought by Esperanza this week, and she therefore wins the Automotive Cleanliness Award for removing all traces of the disaster from Daddy's upholstery.  Henceforth, there will be no fiddling with the heat knobs in the back seat by Baboos. 

Neighbor Lady wins the Workout Award, for discovering that Neighbor Boy is an excellent walking coach!

Thanks for playing!  See you next week!

Monday, July 8, 2013

Party-colored foods! Go!

Well, my favorite party-colored food is pasta salad, with tri-color rotini, olives, corn, edamame, maybe some atichoke hearts, green onions, kidney beans, garbanzo beans, bits of colorful bell pepper, perhaps some fresh mozzarella chunks and what-have-you, with a light dressing.  And maybe I'll make that again tomorrow.

But tonight is dedicated to a festive potato roast:  white, red, little purple ones from the garden, sweet potato, all cut up and complimented by white and red onion bits, garlic, sliced mushrooms, some red yellow orange mini bell peppers, olive oil and seasoning.

What party-colored foods are on your menu?

Any and all whines and anti-whines also welcome.  ;)

BOOK CLUB: July 10, 2013 - Les Miserables [2012 movie version]. This was PK's suggestion -- with the movie modification because such a long book seemed too much to ask.

Feel free to join in if you saw this, or read the book!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Awards! Now with Fireworks!

Ka-Boom! Cluesticks to the heat. Moderation, universe, moderation. Good job on Sue's weather, but the rest of us are hot.

Ka-Boom! kathy a gets the Old Skool award for the perennial classic, zits. Sue gets an honorable mention for same.

Ka-Boom! QWP gets all kinds of awards for camping with baby and lots of other babies and dirty diapers and uncomfortable mattresses and kids who won't sleep. You are making me glad I forewent an opportunity to take the Baboos to church camp for a week this summer.

Hugs to Sue's dad and everyone that loves him. Hoping for a quick recovery. Hugs also to kathy a and Miranda, and anyone else dealing with a family member's mental illness. Hugs to Muffin Man, on the loss of his gerbil.

Congrats to kathy a's beloved, on his promotion. Hopefully there's a celebration in the near future!

And...Ka-Boom! to everyone, in the spirit of Miranda's Girls Night Out. Let's dance and be silly.

More whining this week!

Monday, July 1, 2013

Poor Little Plastic Car

The Baboos and I just returned from a trip to the grandparents' house (hence the whining silence last week--plenty to whine about, just no computer handy).

On the way home, I ran over a large piece of tire, which beat up the front and underside of my poor little plastic car (a T0y0t@ Pr1us). Mini and I had small emotional breakdowns, but Sweet was a rock. Rolled with the punches. Extremely nice service manager at a Chrysl3r dealership pulled off the broken plastic pieces for free and made sure it was ok to keep driving. Seriously. For free. While we ate lunch. Back on the road within an hour.

Hopefully no car disasters have befallen the other pixies, but I'm sure you have whines. Let's hear 'em.

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Meyer lemon tarts for everyone!

Late late late!  Apologies.  (Again.) 

The Meyer lemon tart is from my hot date last night!  Mmm mmm -- shortbread crust, delicious lemony wonderfulness, dollop of fresh whipped cream, and some candied fresh blueberries. 

Miranda wins the SuperWoman Award, for flying here and there during an especially busy couple weeks of madness and joy.

Sue wins the Pullet Surprise for completing her writing assignment for the awesome upcoming writing workshop. 

The Einstein Award for loving math at summer camp goes to Liz's Muffin Man!   We can say we knew him when...

Neighbor Girl wins the Fabulous Sleepaway Camp Award -- yes, it's a long time to be away, but such a great opportunity!  Hugs to NL, who will miss her lots. 

QWP wins the Adverntures in the Almost Wilderness Award, for  sallying forth to camp with a 6 month old; and also the Apartment Karma Award for quickly locating great possibilities when the current place got sold out from under them.  Excellent work!

This week's Universe is Smiling Award goes to a pair of scotus decisions advancing the causes of equality and love. 

Cluesticks to banks, obnoxious colleagues, headache monsters, delays and obstacles, and all other deserving parties.

Many thanks for patience with your host's Saga.  Thanks for playing!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Welcome Summer!

Schools are out; camps are in session; people are planning these things called "vacations."  Summer already started, but it's only now officially starting, and on the other hand, the days will just get shorter in the N. hemisphere from here on out.  So confusing!  I do really like the long days.

Sibling angst report:  had a very long, good talk with the Sibling of Greatest Historical Angst.  Wow.  Not betting the farm on this development, but it's not bad.

On the SIL front, I'm really happy to have found an online support group for people dealing with her kind of dementia.  It is a boost to find out there is a "tribe" out there.

Cluestick nomination:  those gigantic urban assault vehicles, parked in the "compact" spot.

What's happening?

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Chocolate cake, brownies, and banana bread for Everyone!

Queen of West Procrastination wins the Baking Goddess Award for her variety of soothing baked goods this week, none of them pie, proving that she is multi-talented.

This week's Useless Object Award is for bread-shaped doorstops, the production of which seems to be a Pixie specialty. 

The Wash Our Eyes With Bleach Award goes to those pieces of the Intertubes featuring an unhealthy devotion to feet, something a person does not want to discover unaware of the danger that such things exist.

The Word of the Week is "frugal,"  which as Esperanza points out, sounds so much more complimentary than "cheapskate."   QWP's dad wins the crown, having gone close to 60 years without paying for a haircut!

The Graceful Hostess Award goes to Sue, who had far-traveling guests to dinner and managed to do no harm to herself in the dangerous kitchen.  Take that, you sneaky freezer door!

The Perils of Parenting Award goes to Esperanza,  who has had it up to here with slow-pokes -- bringing out the big guns, "no rodeo for you, young miss, if you don't get out of those jammies!"  Esperanza also brings the Bodily Fluids, in the form of a carpet puddle suggesting that the great potty training adventure might have a few loose ends yet.

Congratulations to Miranda, on the unloading of the dreaded Work Albatross!

Happy Dance for A(nother) Nonny Mouse's news about the great date!

Cluesticks to that pediatrician, who keeps referring QWP's little one for specialty consults even though E's head is normal.  Also to the sister who stayed up half the night chatting with friends, then complained far and wide that she had to drive part of the way home.  Also to any Fun Parents who make Fun Decisions and leave the consequences to a more beleaguered parental unit.  And finally, to heavy-handed big guys, people who  mislead others about their future plans, those responsible for horrible meetings, and others in need of a nice clue by four. 

Many thoughts are with all those affected by the terrible flooding in Canada.  So glad that Sue's friend was rescued. 

Book club!  Remarkable Creatures, by Tracey Chevelier, hosted by Miranda, is still open for comments.

Next up:   July 10, 2013 - Les Miserables [2012 movie version].

Monday, June 17, 2013

Dear, Deer, Turkey

My beloved -- who a few weeks ago acquired a painful fence-building-related tendon problem, and just last Friday had physical therapy to banish the remains -- spent his Father's Day continuing to build this long fence along the back of the yard.  He was a man on a mission.  (Our lot is nearly triangular -- narrow on the street side, long on the back side that borders the nature area.)

But alas, one of those hungry deer jumped the fence and ate about half the foliage of a young fruit tree, and part of another.  This also happened in the fall, when the junior trees were stripped naked of all their leaves, and he vowed revenge in the form of the fence.  Well, it is a nice-looking and sturdy fence, anyway, with 1x1's well-spaced so that there is still a view through it.  He's also kind of ticked at the birds, who are eating plums from a more mature tree without his permission. 

Meanwhile, a "lady turkey" has been visiting outside the fence -- which isn't huge news to those of us who work at home, because there are lots of wild turkeys around the hillside, and it's not even terribly unusual to see them wandering the quieter streets, looking for whatever turkeys look for.  When traveling in a flock on the street, the dude turkeys have been known to challenge automobiles they suspect of dishonorable intentions toward their womenfolk.  Oh, the strutting and flaunting of tail feathers!  But, my beloved has not spotted a turkey so close before.

That's the wildlife report.  What's going on in your personal environment?

Friday, June 14, 2013

Pies for Everyone!

Our admiration for the extended pie-making efforts of Queen of West Procrastination, henceforth to be known as The Pie Queen!

Mini and Sweet Baboo win the Swimming Like Fish Awards, for doing great at the first swim lesson!

The Good Sportsmanship Award goes to Neighbor Boy, who not only did his best in the pouring rain, but also went with two teammates to congratulate the other team on a good game -- demonstrating the kind of spirit we like.  Go, NB!

Albatross Be Gone Award for Miranda, who reports:  "If I can keep folks from stealing my team, I should be done with my Work Albatross this week." Rock Star!

JenR wins the Old Skool Award, for:  "I am sitting in bed reading, and I am hungry. The kitchen is directly below me, and I feel too lazy to get up and walk down there."

Esperanza has been on Baboo duty for a good long stretch, and so she wins an extra helping of Esperanza Time at the conference for her other job.  Here, have some pie!

The Shiny New Machine Award goes to Sue, for her new netbook!  Whee!

This week's Dreaded Object Award goes to electronic toys with annoying and repetitive music, which in the opinion of Award Central should go directly from factory to landfill, in the interest of preserving parental brain cells.  Or, they make handy tools of revenge, should you be in need. 

Thanks for playing!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Dance Party!

OK, maybe this means we're humming and bopping in our office chairs, or dancing a baboo through the kitchen, or locking the door so nobody sees it -- but everybody is encouraged to cut loose a little this week, in celebration of summertime!   Song suggestions welcome!  No earworms, please.

W/AW:  This project is so behind.  I have to finish it, but think it is time to move in a different career direction after this.  I've been devoted for so long, so changing course seemed like a really hard decision until all of a sudden, it isn't so much.  (Details unbloggable.)

Stupid report:  Yesterday, I remembered to buy the paper towels, and then I left them in the bottom of the shopping cart when I loaded the car. 

Wildlife report:  Cute deer behind the back fence!  Their ears are marvels, swiveling to and fro to pick up sounds in the vicinity.

What's the tune on your dance floor?

Book club!  Remarkable Creatures, by Tracey Chevelier, hosted by Miranda.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Aloe and Bonnets for Everyone!

When even the Canadian pixies experience sun and warmth, then summer is definitely here!

Hip, Hip, Hooray! to our very own candidate....Liz! Congratulations, and best wishes on the campaign! And Hooray for campaign donors!

Gentle hugs to JenR's little guy, as he recovers from a successful and (it turns out) minor surgery.

Elevated Risk of Mullet AND Remembering What It's All About (has there ever been such an illustrious amalgamation of awards?) goes to Queen of the West Procrastination, for this put-your-coffee-down sentence: " I keep finding yams on my Remembering What It's All Abouts. Mildly uncomfortable." And the kicker of an understatement: "Being a mom is really weird sometimes."

Old Skool Award to Miranda, for her tearful saga of No Coffee Beans at Home.

Gross Awards to people who lick waxed paper, and to people who request other people to buy their underwear (understandable, in the situation, but gross).

Cluesticks to people who run anonymously for political office (seriously), dishwashers that break, twitching eyes, parishioners who make inane comments about clergy appearance, snow mold, and anyone else acting like they forgot they are a grownup.

Hugs to kathy a and the whole crew on the SIL situation.

Happy Birthday to kathy a's grownup son! And hooray for disappearing Work Albatrosses! (Albatrossi?)

Pixies, I have a sermon to write tonight. This Awards Show needs to wrap up.  Have a fantastic week, and don't forget the Wednesday Book Club, where we will discuss Remarkable Creatures this week, under Miranda's direction!

Monday, June 3, 2013

A Better Week of Whining

Universe, we have some requests:
* lay off the tornadoes, please
* and the flooding too
* keep legit comments out of the spam filter. Blogger can't figure it out, so maybe you can take care of it.
* outlaw summer colds (or at least get a better name. How can it be a "cold" when it's hot outside?)
* chocolate ice cream needs to be calorie-free (magically, not with a bunch of unpronounceable ingredients)
* everyone needs a good job. If not this week, then next
* really, we could use a bit of good news this week

The Esperanza Household is off to the beach for a few days (pale skinned people at the beach. What could go wrong?). Part of us will return on Wednesday, while one poor soul has to stay for boring meetings. Fill us in on your whines, pixies.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Valuable Prizes!

This week's ceremony is sponsored by the Sp@m Patrol, dedicated to keeping important member comments out of the sp@m filter.  Thanks, Liz!

The Old Skool Award was earned by Esperanza, with her classic whine of itchy peeling sunburn.   The trophy is actually a cleverly disguised tube of SPF 50 sunscreen.

Purple Kangaroo wins the Remembering What It's All About Award, for the ouchie ta-tas of middlish pregnancy. Saltines all around!

Queen of West Procrastination wins the Volcanic Action Award, for dealing with a poop-splosion of epic proportions (the fabulosity of which was only increased by white pants, which are a bad idea anyway).  Apologies for freaking Mr. Q out about airplanes.

The Mamas Never Forget Award goes to Liz, for "I remember one 'splosion that went up the 4th of July onesie and out the neck and armholes. He had goop in his HAIR. IN HIS HAIR."  They never really tell you about this in those happy upbeat parenting books.  You're looking for a developmental milestone or something, and bam.

The coveted Elevated Risk of Mullet Award goes to Sue, for her time-tested advice to never wear white undies with white pants:  "'Aaaaaack!  It's like wearing a neon sign that says 'Here are my panties!'"

Esperanza wins the Outlaw Award, for getting a book of faces "friend" request from a creepy step-mother-in-law whose "photo looked like one of those h0t chix spam accounts," which might mean that outlaw offspring set it up as a cruel prank; but in any event, Ms. Manners says one need not "friend" creepy persons.

The Neighborly Training Award goes to QWP, for educating the annoying downstairs neighbor in the mysterious ways of the recycling bins, so as not to get blacklisted by the recycling gods. 

Sue wins the It's a Miracle Award, for her report of a wonderful multi-day church meeting -- with bonus news of no fireplacing headache!

Congratulations to Miranda, on the new job!  And also the divorce finally getting done.

Many hugs to Flutterbye, negotiating life circumstances and marital issues.  xoxoxo

Best to all who are dealing with difficult relatives and/or neighbors, bodily fluids of any kind, hilariously inadequate excuses, policy decision-making, meltdowns at inconvenient times (like during the ceremony one drove 8 hours to attend), sleeplessness of self or others, time flying inexplicably fast, school choices, re-joining the dating pool, or any other potential obstacles to health and happiness.  The Posse shall pay visits as needed.

Next up at the Wednesday Book Club:
* June 12, 2013 - Remarkable Creatures, by Tracey Chevelier (Miranda)
*  July 10, 2013 - Les Miserables [2012 movie version] (Kathy A; suggested by PK)

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Estate sales and miscellany

AW:  It's been raining some, which is really unusual for this time of year -- but no doubt good for the plant life.  Was only a little misty when daughter and I went to the zoo yesterday.  Had not been in ages!  It is good to see animals (and small humans).

Q:  Anybody have advice about disposing of my SIL's fabulous "estate," consisting of a stuffed storage unit and a bunch of stuff in my house?  Craigslist seems like the way to go for her expensive furniture and the appliances.  She has all these electronics that she hardly used -- maybe craigslist, maybe yard sale with household items and other miscellany?  The clothing is confounding me -- there is so darned much of it (hundreds of excess items), and many still have price tags.  Do dealers buy "lots" of clothes?  What do you do with golf clubs?

W:  We must try to recover some money to catch up on her recent expenses -- but no way can we spend the time to sell all this stuff individually and for the best prices.  Managing an eb@y store is not my current career goal.  (Plus, I hate eb@y.)  W:  It is almost physically painful, seeing how much she spent on stuff stuff fancy stuff horrible stuff.  AW:  I'm thinking this placement in the dementia unit is to the good, knock wood. 

Wildlife report:  a wild turkey is strolling down our street! 

What's cooking in your world? 

Sunday, May 26, 2013

BBQ and ice cream for everyone!

Apologies for this brief and late ceremony.  Help yourself to the virtual refreshments!

Our love goes to Oklahoma and all others suffering tragedies this week, with wishes for getting what they need swiftly.

Congratulations to Queen of West Procrastination, on the occasion of YAY extended leave!  And to Esperanza's niece, on the occasion of her graduation!

The Issue of the Week is Comma Wars!  Go forth and punctuate as you will, so long as the meaning is clear.

May we all be delivered from ear infections, family drama, lack of wifi, long car trips, cranky kids, spouses who won't decide, delayed bedtimes, mis-timed meals, the weather, bridges, earthquakes, locusts, robocallers, appliance malfunctions, and other maladies.

Monday, May 20, 2013

The flowers that bloom in the Spring, tra la!

I hope there are flowers where you are, even if you got one of those late gifts of snow last week!  It makes me much happier when the days are nice and long, and so much is growing.  Last night, we even had two baby yellow squash from our own yard! 

Many felicitations of the day to Esperanza!   And to Sue's boy!  Passing the virtual cupcakes and cheer.

My poor beloved hurt tendons in his leg the weekend before last, doing extreme fence-building.  He was in pain all week, but felt better yesterday.  Yep, overdid it again.

Passing the pasta salad.

What's going on with you?

Reminder:  Next up at the Wednesday Book Club:  5/22/13 - Sandcastle Girls, by Chris Bohjalian (hosted by Esperanza).