Sunday, December 31, 2017

So long, 2017!

Posting a little early, because I am so done with this past year.  Be Gone!  Get Outta Here!

So, let's welcome the brand new 2018!  May things go smoothly enough.  May we all love and be loved.  May peace grow, and sanity prevail.  xoxo

We rarely make it to midnight, choosing (as we almost always do) to celebrate in a more convenient time zone.  And, one more time, we are going nowhere tonight, because it's too crazy on this particular evening.  There is some bubbly, which seems festive enough.

On New Year's Day, the only really strong tradition in our house is watching the Rose Parade.  Somebody will probably watch some football, and notify me if they broadcast the marching bands (the only part of football that I like).  The tree usually gets un-decorated, and much more quickly than the decorating process.  I'm going to do blackeyed peas, greens, bacon, and other stuff in the crockpot, with a side of rice, in a nod to Southern traditions.

What's happening at your place?  HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Monday, December 25, 2017

Merry Christmas!

Hope you all have a lovely holiday.

Monday, December 18, 2017

Struggling to feel festive edition

One week until Christmas. In the next week, we have: two preschool Christmas parties (one for the Tuesday/Thursday group, and one for the extra Friday class), two performances of the elementary school Christmas musical (the preschoolers are the opening act), Mr. Q's birthday on Thursday, the high school Christmas banquet (which he is helping run) also on Thursday, high school grades also due on Thursday, a pancake breakfast on Friday (which involves high school teachers getting up at 6am to make said pancakes), and a family party here on Saturday (it's Little Christmas Eve, the day when we eat Norwegian food). And then it's Christmas.

Also, I have a child who spiked a high fever last night (but at least it's low grade this morning, and the awful chest cough is moving into sinus congestion), and I have the remnants of concussion symptoms, which have significantly hampered my progress in getting ready for Christmas. I have a stack of presents in open boxes under the tree (and keep forgetting to ask visiting family members not to look to closely at the unwrapped presents), and there isn't a scrap of wrapping paper in the house. I intended to do a bunch of Christmas baking, and am starting to realise that none of it may happen this year. I missed my one chance this year to sing carols. It's starting to look like we aren't going to get lights onto the house before the actual holiday, this year. We have E's actual present, but nothing to put into stockings, and at the slow rate of both of E and my recovery, I'm wondering what of any Christmas will happen at all.

But, in my bleary-headed state, I managed to write and address about six Christmas cards (to various loved ones who live far away), and I think they're mostly coherent. We have a Christmas tree up, and most of the major presents are here. (A couple more big ones still need to be purchased, but it's for the side of the family that isn't having a gift exchange until early January, thanks to scheduling conflicts. So, at least we can take advantage of Boxing Week sales for those ones.) And thank goodness we made no plans to travel this year.

How are you all doing? I imagine that the clergical pixies are feeling a similar level of ragged and unprepared (especially poor esperanza, who's been sick, and whose computer took a tumble off of a coffee table yesterday). I'll be popping in periodically through the week, but I may have to force myself to take some major screen time breaks, in the attempt to get my head back in order.

Monday, December 11, 2017

It's the Most Whiny-ful Time of the Year

Well, if our house is any measure, there is a good chance it will be a whiny week.

My calendar is enough to make me weep this week. Today is my day off, and it's a busy one, with appointments and family drama debriefing with my local sisters. The rest of the week is packed with all the stuff of the season, plus new brakes for my little car. Yes, I'm getting new brakes for Christmas. It really can't wait, so, falalala.....

What's whine-worthy in your world, pixies?

Monday, December 4, 2017

Let's talk about something else...

The headlines are giving me a headache.  But here's the tree my daughter bought and decorated, to cheer herself through finals!

I think that demonstrates a good life/work balance, not to mention self care.

The dog has the sadz because the man had to go to work today.  Sigh.  The cats have arranged themselves on top of heater vents, because it is the tiniest bit nippy this morning.

What's going on with you?

Monday, November 27, 2017

This is Going to be a Better Week. I Declare It.

...which is not to say there won't be anything to whine about.

As the holiday nutty gets in full swing, what are your whines, pixies? Lay 'em on us.

Monday, November 20, 2017

Thanksgiving (U.S.) Special

My friend and houseguest left this morning.  It was fun to see her here and there -- she was so busy, but just being able to chat and visit some was great!  Her husband joined her last night; don't know him well, so that was nice, too.  Clyde decided they're OK, he's forgiven them for using the front door (which for some reason, is the one thing that sets him off).

Now, onward to shopping for T-day things, for dinner at the in-laws'!  I'm taking veggies and dip (old standby), a savory sweet potato gratin (with sausage, by request of the co-mom), tortellini with pesto (as veg dish for DIL, and/or side), and a pumpkin pie made from an actual pumpkin instead of a can.  Hoping to find some less usual veggies for the appetizers, like watermelon radish.

 The son of my elderly neighbors came from overseas and is staying with them a while, which I think is making everybody happy.

What's going on with you?

Monday, November 13, 2017

Deep fall; careening toward winter!

Here we are again!  Pathetically short days.  The weather many places has turned on a dime:  comfy to freezing; red-hot with fires to gloomy; etc.  Thanksgiving (U.S.) is just next week -- and that means full holiday madness is nearly upon us.  Hold on for the ride!

I do at least have my dishes worked out for the Fabulous In-Law Turkey Extravaganza!  Need to get cracking on holiday cards, stocking stuffers, and at least some kind of presents for the kids.  (We do not do presents for same-generation folks, except spouses.)

Meanwhile, my beloved has a birthday this week.  He is impossible to shop for, because he just gets things he wants.  But we are going to dinner at one of his favorite places, so I think that will do.

What's going on at your place?

Monday, November 6, 2017

Surprise Early Winter Edition

My part of the world was unexpectedly blanketed in a thick layer of snow, this past week, and while I'm used to flurries in November (we've even had snow in August once, more than twenty years ago), I was surprised to find that the snow has no plans of going away. Thankfully, Mr. Q finally dug out and harvested our carrots, because the temperature dipped below -20C last night (the windchill was almost -30C). I've cancelled the next few days' activities, since I refuse to take my feverish preschooler out into that nonsense (unless it's a trip to the doctor). We're going to hibernate: TV, hot tea, fuzzy blankets, and thankful that the extreme cold means that it's sunny outside.

But, as I stare out at the snow and northern climate, my heart is far south of here, with esperanza and all the dear ones who live near yesterday's awful events. I can't imagine the hard job of pastoring in the wake of a nearby church shooting, and supporting those whose loved ones were hurt. And I rage at those who refuse to act to change the situation. Enough. Well past too much.

How are you all?

Monday, October 30, 2017

Spoooooky edition!

We have considerably overstocked the candy, just in case this is the year we get trick or treaters.  There is an actual kid on the block now!  I know it's a lot more exciting at other Pixie homes -- tell us all about it!

Weather report:  Considerably cooler, normal night fog.  That hot spell and those fires took it out of me.

In the News:  The headlines are making me happy, after all the stuff.

Neighbor Report:  So far, so good.  The home health nurse came yesterday, and instead of the usual 45 minutes, he stayed 3 hours!  And Mrs. Neighbor really felt good about it, liked the nurse, was getting the message about needing to give his meds at particular times and push fluids.  Keeping in touch with their daughter, too.  But another older neighbor a few doors down -- the one who fell and got checked out at the ER and returned home the other day -- she was having really bad pain, so the ambulance came yet again this weekend.

Have a battle plan for the cleaning blitz before my houseguest arrives.

What's new with you?

Monday, October 23, 2017

Anticipatory Whining

Greetings, pixies!

I'm expecting some sad things this week: the friend on hospice is declining rapidly.

I'm also expecting some good things this week: lunch with some friends, and our congregation is celebrating our 140th anniversary this Sunday (good, but means a little extra work).

I'm expecting to whine about all of the above, plus some other things I can't anticipate yet.

How is it with you and yours?

Monday, October 16, 2017

Constant Mild Ickiness Edition

A sure sign that we're fully into the preschool school year: since the beginning of September, our home life has been a constant parade of mild ickiness. Tiny colds and bits of upset stomachs pass through our home, as they pass through the homes of all the other preschoolers and friends. E and I are both sniffling a bit, and on the way home from the indoor playground, she complained that her tummy was queasy, and her friend (with whom we went to said playground) apparently is just now recovering from croup, and so we'll see how all this pans out over the next few days.

And so I raise my glass of hot herbal tea with honey to all the rest of you pixies, and ask how it's going in your home this week.

Monday, October 9, 2017

Oh, I'm late!

I signed up to host, and forgot all about it because we woke up to a whole lot of smoke this morning.  The many fires are 40-50 miles away, but massive -- and our area also remains under a high fire danger warning because it is dry, warm, and somewhat windy.  (Much windier last night.)  Things are very chaotic in the areas affected.

My SIL is in care in one of the affected counties.  The phone line to her place is out -- there are lots of outages, even outside the fire zones -- but the director of her place responded to an email and said they're OK for now, and they have an evacuation plan if needed.   Crossing fingers. 

Anyway, distracted... 

AW:  My son and DIL came for dinner last night, and it was great.  They got to meet Clyde.  The dog was wary of my son for some reason, but son got to feed him treats, and Clyde signaled acceptance by grabbing the shirt my son carelessly left in reach, and slobbering on it.

Happy Thanksgiving to our Canadian Pixies!

Wishing Liz good luck as she starts her new job!

What else is going on?

Monday, October 2, 2017

Wednesday Whining - Last Week Before the New Job Edition

First, to get it off my mind: Good substitutes for chocolate or caffeine are Caffix with a syrup of ginger and cinnamon;  Ginger tea; cinnamon tea; strong flavors; lots of little snacks.

Back to the new job: Starts the 10th, so far filling out lots of paperwork. I am in love with pdfs you can fill out and ship back without printing them off.

I'm doing as much as possible this week to prep for the fact that there will be 10 hours each day when I won't be here. It's been three years since that's been the case.

What's up in your lives?

Monday, September 25, 2017

It's a dog!

Here's Clyde, who had no trouble settling in and making himself at home!  Clyde's about two, and a rescue from Hurricane Harvey.  He is just the sweetest.

It turns out that Clyde is a little higher-energy than projected, and really really really wants to do something with somebody all the time.  Which was his schedule this weekend.  But today, The Man went to work, so we are having some sads.  This has led me to suggest something I never thought I would, that maybe we need another dog to keep this dog company?   We already had a resident dog, the last time we got a younger dog; they entertained one another.

My husband is totally smitten, and he no longer has a dog-shaped hole in his life.

What's the haps with you?

Monday, September 18, 2017

Lurching toward fall

The end of summer is officially this Friday!  It pretty much feels over already, since school's back almost everywhere.

Mattress and rug for the room formerly known as daughter's are arriving today.  The dead car is finally being towed away today -- it was supposed to be Friday, but the tow truck needed its own tow truck.

My husband couldn't find his wallet this morning.  He discovered that he had accidentally run it through the washing machine, which I think is pretty Old Skool.

What's happening at your place?

Monday, September 11, 2017

Settling into Routine Edition

We have a new routine, starting up this week, for the new school year. Today was E's first piano lesson (with a group of tiny friends), taught by my friend. Tomorrow is her first real day of her second year of preschool, where she'll be going for three afternoons a week (as opposed to two shorter mornings, as she did last year). Add to that Mr. Q's night class (starting tomorrow), two more batches of play dough to make before tomorrow, and a lot of food prep (as we process this year's garden, and freeze meals for the busy days), this week is going to be a bit exhausting for the Q family.

Outside of my little bubble, we watch anxiously to see what damage comes of this latest awful hurricane. At the same time, folks like esperanza and her church help with the cleanup effort from the last one.

With your big and small whines and anti-whines, how are you all doing?

Monday, September 4, 2017

September whines, antiwhines, and misc.

Happy Labor Day to U.S. pixies!   We're having my son and his sweetie over for dinner (BBQ, corn, salad), and that's about it.

My sweetie is repainting the accent walls of the room formerly daughter's.  I'm supposed to go back to rug shopping, ugh, and pick one.

The temps around here are dropping from "broil" to a mere "swelter," so that's good.

What's up with you?

Monday, August 28, 2017

Hurricane, back to school, and other adventures

Think we are united in concern and caring for those affected by the hurricane and continued flooding.  The images from Houston are shocking, and unfortunately the water levels are expected to be dangerously high for a while.  I just read there might be as many as 30,000 in shelters soon.  If you are so moved, cash donations to reputable relief agencies are the quickest and best way to get what's needed to where it needs to be.

I've been seeing a lot of back to school photos today, and they are just cute as heck!  Forgot to take one of my daughter before I left her to her new stint in school.  (Bad Mommy!)   My favorite story so far today was from a mom whose daughter, a 6th grader, was so excited that she was dressed and ready to go a full 2 hours before the bus was due to arrive.  :)

Minor league W:  My husband told me last night he and his friend might go on a backpacking trip.  This week: Tuesday, which is tomorrow.  I guess they decided Saturday night, and he just forgot to mention it for 24 hours?  "I was outside working on the yard" is a nominee for the Lame Excuse of the Week Award -- but feel free to submit your own contenders!

AW:  My pile of things to donate is growing.  One day, I'll haul it to the car.  Or possibly, several days.

What's going on with you?

Monday, August 21, 2017

Last Week of Summer Whining

This week is dragging already, and it's Monday morning at 9:18 a.m.

On our agenda:
buy outfits for first day of school (Mean Mom is insisting that said outfits be worn more than once)
go to work with Mama for the last time of the summer (excitement levels are all equal on this one)
head to local swimming hole, to fulfill promise made at beginning of the summer
let everything else go until next week (the mess. And the clutter. And the mess.)

What's happening for you, whining pixies?

Monday, August 14, 2017

Wednesday Whining - Rage and Sadness Edition

I have spent the weekend rage-tweeting, and re-tweeting other people's rage tweets.

Here's a safe space to be angry, or sad, or to just bring your small victories or annoyances.

Monday, August 7, 2017

Weird summer winding down...

I mean weird mostly in a good way!  Such big developments there have been in my family, between our son's wedding, and the re-launch of daughter to a new academic endeavor.  All this must seem impossible to those with little persons; but it wasn't that long ago that mine were little and funny and adorable.  And so on.

There is still a fair amount of leftover stuff around the house.  I'm working on more donations.  Found a good home with a school reading specialist, for this enormous collection of Babysitter Club books!  Am also placing a beautiful annotated Alice with a former member of this blog, so the "vultures" at the free book exchange don't knock one another over trying to snatch it right out of my hands.  (They're awful!)  The trash and recycle bins will be full, as I'm dumping a lot of "product" that was left behind, or is past prime, or that nobody here will ever use again. 

I'll be flying to visit daughter on Friday.  We still don't know when her boxes and the furniture she shipped will arrive, so I might need to receive those after she starts orientation.  We'll see!

What's new with you?  It seems on the early side for back to school, but surely that is on the minds of several Pixies.  Any vacation plans?  Big summer projects proceeding apace?  Bring us your whines, your antiwhines, the rants about the whatever.

Monday, July 31, 2017

August already???

Greetings pixies!

I can't quite believe it's already the last day of July. The spring/summer seems to have flown by. It's odd though, because my days on sabbatical have been an exercise in slow living...leisurely coffee on the balcony, good books, writing, long get the idea. Still, here it is - August!

Huge AW however, as August is vacation let the slow living continue!!

What's new in your world? Whine away, friends!

Monday, July 24, 2017

Dry dry dry whining

We are in the midst of a record-setting drought here (this will be familiar territory for Kathy). It's doing weird things in my city, which sits on an ancient lake bed, with clay soil that is usually a sponge full of water. Usually, we have problems with the moisture content of the soil (cracking foundations, water in basements, sump pumps), but it turns out that this long drought is just as tricky: without the ground moisture, all the houses are shifting in new ways (half of our interior doors aren't latching right now, and the other half of them stick shut so hard that you have to hip check them to get them open). There have been electrical fires all over the city, as shifting soil and underground power lines have caused things to go askew. I'm keeping a close eye on my house, because our structural engineer warned us that a severe drought, followed by a really wet year, could worsen the tiny foundation crack that we have.

The forecast keeps saying that it'll rain in a few days. Meanwhile, the sidewalk chalk from late June remains untouched.

How are things where you are?

Monday, July 17, 2017

Moving right along; or, how to turn your house into a warehouse

Since daughter intends to move totally out of state in 3 weeks -- and swears she is not returning to her old room ever again -- a lot will be happening between now and then!  Really a lot has to happen this week, so she can get the movers all lined up and tell them exactly what she is hauling.  Therefore, the boxes are starting to pile up, and I have high hopes for the designated "donation" sector of the dining room, too.  A chunk of the dining room table is now dedicated to kitchen stuff -- things that belong to her, things that might be useful.  This Will Get Done! Which will bore and/or annoy everybody to tears; apologies in advance.

 So, y'all need to come up with some better material than is available chez moi!


Monday, July 10, 2017

On the road edition

We're headed out this week on an apartment-hunting expedition, leaving tomorrow.  Host appearances might be scarce, with a side of extremely boring updates, because I bet you're dying to know whether we can find the Trader Joe's, and whether or not the bargain furniture store is a winner.

I've already got my laundry done and laptop charged, just need to print the boarding passes at the appropriate time, secure cash, and remember to line up a taxi.  My fab cousin will be checking in on the cats (we have warned that he might never see them -- but they'll be keeping on eye on the kibble levels, yes indeed). 

It must be more or less the mid-point of summer already!  How time flies.

What's happening at your place?

Monday, July 3, 2017

Independence Day Edition

Our dear Canadian Pixies, how did you celebrate Canada Day?

American Pixies, what's on the agenda for tomorrow?  We have a wonderful local festival with food, music, booths, games, arts and crafts, etc.  Then we will probably BBQ some stuff in the evening, go up the hill behind our house to see the big displays around the nearby bay (assuming the fog holds off).

Next week, daughter and I will be going to the town where she's moving to hunt apartments.

What else is new for you?

Monday, June 26, 2017

This and that, that and this

 Minnie smelling the roses.

We're almost halfway through the year, can you believe that?

Weather report:  Our weather moved out of the broil zone.  Of course, that means the "marine layer" sticks around most of the morning; but it also means we are no longer considering whether we could fit in the freezer at the supermarket, or other creative measures.

Gourmet corner:  Today I'm attempting to use as much excess produce as possible in a crockpot stew, along with some stew beef.  The fridge, she still overfloweth with bounty that has not yet gone past prime.  

Pet news:  Junior cat love love loves this box with tablecloths in it so much that I have not seen fit to wash the fur off and put everything away.  Senior cat keeps looking out the glass door for that giant cat who came to visit her the other day.  As usual, very exciting pet news.

Impending Empty Nest news:  Daughter has been bookmarking apartment possibilities for our hunt in July.  She claims she is starting to sort the mountain of stuff in her room.

My guess is that there is more exciting news at your house.  Tell us!

Monday, June 19, 2017

Justifiable Whining about the State of the World

This is one of those days when too many horrible things are happening, too many to list, too many to absorb, too many.

Not to mention that Mini has been up since 4:15 a.m. and found it quite unreasonable that I wouldn't let her have screen time then.

Monday, June 12, 2017

Soooooooo Tired Edition

The last of the wedding festivities was an open house yesterday, at the in-laws.  Apparently the happy couple kept partying until an unspeakable hour, so they arrived late, but it was casual and nice, people drifting in and out, someone tossing more food on the buffet every so often.  We contributed a bunch of leftovers, since I definitely over-bought for the picnic.  The rest of the GS cookies turned up at the in-laws' house, too.

After, I took a nap, ate a snack, and went to bed for close to 10 hours. 

Anybody want some pineapple?  Watermelon?

What's going on with you?

ETA:   Cat in a box with tablecloths.  I'm pretty sure more of this kind of stuff would make the entire world better.

Monday, June 5, 2017

First time hosting in a while.

Thanks QWP for refreshing my hosting info! Whine away, everyone!

Monday, May 29, 2017

Windy Whining

We've been in the midst of wind storms for the past several days, and even though we live on the prairies (where strong winds and extreme temperatures are kind of our thing), we're all sick of it now. Yesterday wasn't even our worst day, but we came home from church to find that a large section of our fence had blown down. And then I had to secure patio furniture, because it was blowing around! I'm sick of it. I want to be outside in my garden. I want to stand outdoors without bracing myself against the blast.

But, the forecast says it's supposed to die down over the next day, and warm weather is in the forecast. And so, even though today I will spend one more day making soup and wrapping myself in a cozy blanket, and staying indoors, I'm filling my calendar with plans for sunshine and barbecuing.

(I just realised that I'll probably be holding down the fort by myself today, as it's Memorial Day for the American pixies. I'll see the rest of you tomorrow.)

Monday, May 22, 2017

Things will be more normal in a few weeks, but meanwhile....

Help!  I've got wedding brain!   The bride's not even wearing white, and this is what I did to a gift!

The cats are helping me keep it real.  Senior cat contributed early morning barks in several locations, for example.  Junior cat continues to remind me several times daily that she could potentially starve if I fail to replace the missing kibble immediately.

We went to a nearby little nature-oriented fair yesterday, and got to meet this great therapy dog.  I mean, he was huge, and the sweetest boy, yes he was.  Then we witnessed some heated words between the people staffing 2 adjoining environmentally-friendly booths, with the native plant lady telling a clean energy guy that she'd been listening to what he was telling people, and he was full of something something.  There was a live geologist on site with several dozen kinds of rocks, but he was really involved explaining something to a park service person, so my beloved didn't get a chance to ask questions.  Also, I found out that a family down the street is having a baby in October!!  Yay!

What's the haps at your place?

Monday, May 15, 2017

Week of Ups and Downs

Hello, Pixies. I hope that everyone had a peaceful weekend. We successfully simplified our Mother's Day this year, by opting out of everything all weekend (except church). Mr. Q tilled our vegetable garden patch, and I got about 1/3 of it planted. Yesterday afternoon, Mr. Q and E played video games, so that I could soak in the tub for a little while without a small creature banging on the door. I watched a British mystery show. We had takeout for lunch, after church. (It turns out that fast food places are really quiet, on the day when everyone is trying to go for brunch.) After a weekend without any obligations to anyone else, I feel relaxed like I just came back from a spa weekend.

And it's a good thing I feel this relaxed, because this afternoon, I have another internal ultrasound appointment. (Whiiiiiiine.) Cross all appendages that the result of this appointment is "everything's getting better on its own!" and not "We need to book you for surgery, because it's worse."

So: ups and downs today. I'm drinking my tea and staring out the window, trying to hold on to that last bit of peace from the weekend, and am trying not to fret about the afternoon.

Monday, May 8, 2017

I'm late!

An important whine has already been registered on last week's thread!

Over here, the obsessive wedding planning continues.  Last night, I urgently informed my husband that we ought to have black beans at the picnic, we could warm them on the camp stove.  He gave me a really funny look, and said, "Beans?"  So I decided not to pursue that conversation...

What's happening at your place?

Monday, May 1, 2017

Uncreative Whining

I figure it's my turn to host a whining session, but I can think of nothing at all exciting or thematic.

Or even particularly whine-worthy. (I'm sure I'll think of something soon).

So I'm all ears for your whines, pixies.

Monday, April 24, 2017

More. Fireplacing. Snow. Edition

We were suddenly piled under with snow in the night! I hear that Sue's town is snowy today as well. Even the snow-loving Li'l E responded to the news of snow with "WHY?!" It's so surreal, because I was going without a jacket this past week, and was getting things ready to put into the garden. But this is Canada, and I have experienced snow in every month of the year at least once (except for July). But I'm still dreading driving in this mess this morning.

So, I guess if esperanza's air conditioning still isn't working, we could send some of this weather south! 

How are you all doing? It's going to be a busy one for us, and I might not be around much on the weekend (my parents' 40th anniversary, plus celebrations of both siblings' birthdays). 

Monday, April 17, 2017

Winding down

We had the almost-in-laws and my cousin for Easter dinner, and a good time was had by all!  Several of the menfolk gathered 'round the BBQ in the rain and got stuff grilled.  Per tradition, I almost forgot to serve two dishes (asperagus and the veggie main dish), but caught that in the nick of time.  I sent everybody home with their selections from the communal  Easter basket, having decided that people in their late 20's and above do not need individual baskets.

Some stray wedding stuff got settled, too.  The happy couple seems to like my idea for picnic decor, colorful  paper lanterns to hang from the trees.  My husband is so excited about the rehearsal dinner picnic that he bought an extra grill, plus another skewer contraption that lets you turn the skewers.  (Both items were tested last night, and passed inspection.)

Today, tired -- but still feeling the glow from the festivities.

Tomorrow a friend from the far end of the state will drive out of her way to come for a short visit and lunch!

What's happening out your way?

Monday, April 10, 2017

Happy Passover!  We are going to Seder with the future-in-laws tonight.

Still trying to find a home for the New Cat, but my vet office is going to help.

What's new with you?

Monday, April 3, 2017

April Showers Whining

Greetings Pixies!

I'm not actually too whiny about the rain. It's cleaning up all the leftover dirt and crud left behind by the snowplows and salt over the winter.

Also, I'm heading out to run a few errands and I can test the waterproofing on my new rain jacket!

What's new in your world?

Monday, March 27, 2017

May this week be brighter...

Doing much better, so far today.  ;)   Think it's been a low-level crud for over a week, but it came to a head (so to speak) yesterday.

AW:  Sunshine today!  And holy cow, no rain predicted all week!  The universe has been trying to make up for the 5 year drought, all in one season.  Which is cool and everything; snowpack is such that there could be skiing on the 4th of July, which doesn't happen around here, and that also means the water supply will keep flowing even after the rain stops.  But enough already.

W:  It is well beyond time to start tackling the mess of papers in my office.  They are disorganized, and there are lots of them.  Maybe one sector at a time?

Thanks for all the dress suggestions last week! 

What is new with you?

Monday, March 20, 2017

Equinox Edition

Greetings, whining pixies! I hope that this first (technical) day of spring is treating you well. Our day started off in a very Canadian fashion: explaining to our preschooler how there can still be snow on the ground if it is the first day of spring. "But it's still winter!" she protested, and then put on a shirt covered in snowflakes and hearts, to show her true allegiance.

(Speaking of the first day of spring, now that the snow is starting to melt, I need to place a call to E's pediatric allergist, to see if she's finally old enough for testing for seasonal allergies, and then we need to stock up on our preferred brand of antihistamine.)

Even though the kid doesn't believe it, there are sure signs of (Canadian) spring here today. A lot of snow has melted over the past week, to the point that the roads and sidewalks are entirely clear of ice and snow, and we didn't need to bundle up for the walk to school nearly as much as usual. These factors led us to arrive to school three whole minutes earlier than usual, even though we started getting ready at our usual time, even though Little Miss Wintertime insisted on waddling like a penguin all the way to school.

It also feels like the end of a long hibernation, as we all emerged from the house for the first time since the Tummy Blargh hit our house. What a relief to be out in the sunshine, and out among people again. And so, this edition of Wednesday Whining arrives with the faintest smells of bleach and laundry detergent (as I try to eradicate lingering contagions around the house).

How are things where you live?

Monday, March 13, 2017

What a week. Already.

I hear tell of blizzard conditions coming in on the east coast and elsewhere.  Everybody stay safe and warm!

Well, I tried to get to jury duty, but I don't drive freeways much because of panic attacks, so I tried to follow an unfamiliar surface route, and then I got lost and had a bad panic attack anyway.  Found my way home, fortunately.  And when I called the nice jury person, she pointed out that I can be excused if public transit would take more than 90 minutes each way -- which, it does.  (2 trains and a shuttle bus.)  Maybe next time they'll call me to the closer courthouse.

What else is going on?

Monday, March 6, 2017

March Blizzard

While it's almost spring in most of your regions (except for Sue's as well, I imagine), I'm looking at the window at the beginning of a blizzard in March. Yesterday was spring-like. We had melting temperatures, and we went to the playground, and it was glorious. But not today: E and I walked to preschool just as the storm was starting to hit, and it was so ridiculous that I had another preschool parent drive me home, so that I didn't have to walk home straight into the driving wind. (And I'll drive to pick up E after school, as well.)

This morning, during this wee moment of peace, I'm drinking tea and watching British TV shows, and making myself as cozy as possible. But I think that, this afternoon, I'll have E help me start our tomato and cucumber bedding plants, and plan our vegetable garden. Even with this late blizzard, spring is still coming.

Monday, February 27, 2017

Almost Spring!

Lengthening days really cheer me up!  Today is sunny, too, even though we got some more rain in the night.  Yay!

I've finally gotten together a box of books featuring pictures more than words, to send to my SIL's memory care facility.  They're trying to improve the house library with books that might be more enjoyable for the residents.  The box weighs a ton, though.

This week's wedding-related project is hunting for good disposable / compostable plates, cutlery, cups, etc.  We're going with plastic wineglasses, and hard plastics are recyclable in our city.  Win win win!

I am apparently way too excited about this wedding.  Got carried away in my mind about table decor, yesterday.  Table decor!  Because actually, that is just so fun.  (Now my pop-up ads assume that I am a huge personal fan of organza and tulle, whereas I was just thinking about how to add a little gold "pop" to the tables -- because when asked about colors, the bride mentioned she likes gold.)  It is time to find a hobby or something.   Craft deprived, that's what's going on....

What excitement is going on with you and yours?

Monday, February 20, 2017

Oops, another week popped up.

Thankfully, got a lot of sleep last night, and am nearly normalish.

Hope those with maladies are recovering!

We just got over yet another storm on Saturday, ran into rain in the city we visited, and the skies opened with pouring rain in the night.  No drought here, not any more!

Need to start organizing my tax stuff this week.  That should certainly brighten things up (not).

What's new with you?

Monday, February 13, 2017

Hearts and Chocolates for Everyone!!

Happy Valentine's week, pixies!

Hubby and I don't generally make a fuss about Valentine's Day.

How about you?

In other news, two days ago I left the light inside the car on and now it won't start. Rats.

Monday, February 6, 2017

What makes this week special?

In case you don't know, here is a partial list of events celebrated this week:

Just Say No to PowerPoint Week – February 5-11, 2017
Freelance Writers Appreciation Week – February 5-11, 2017 (Second Week of February)
Boy Scout Anniversary Week – February 5-11, 2017
National School Counseling Week – February 6-10, 2017
International Networking Week – February 6-10, 2017
Kraut and Frankfurter Week – Second Week of February
International Week of Black Women in the Arts – February 7-15, 2017
Congenital Heart Defect Awareness Week – February 7-14, 2016
Dump Your Significant Jerk Week – February 7-13 (Always Week Before Valentine’s Day)

AW's:  We personally will not be observing kraut and frankfurters.  Nobody has named me a "significant jerk" so far this week.   I can totally get on board with No to PowerPoint.  And, hooray for school counselors!

What's the news at your place?

Monday, January 30, 2017

I have a feeling....

I have a feeling this will continue to be another week of SURPRISE news, every fireplacing day.  Got my fax and computer fired up, I'm ready to go.

AW:  I got a connection!  A local supplier of GS cookies, and lots of them!  And I'll get this big order this week!  My friend's adult daughter is a longtime GS who works with some of the local groups, and she set me up!  The order is big because I plan to put some aside for the wedding, and also for emergency use.  (I know, these are not usually features of weddings, but my theory is that everybody loves them and you can't get them in June.)

AW:  The dog is feeling herself again, at least for now.  She had a couple of hikes with The Man this weekend.

What's happening out your way?

Monday, January 23, 2017

Birthday Whining

Wednesday is Mini's birthday. The calendar says she is turning 7, though I'm not sure how that has happened. She informs me that she will now wipe her own bottom, since she is turning 7. This means I will no longer hear this precious sentence, yelled at the top of her lungs, frequently when I'm on the phone, "Mom! Can you come wipe my bottom? I had to go poop!"

My present concern (of the first world variety) is that no one will come to her party. We've invited the class, but nobody has rsvp-ed. Not sure what to think or do.

How are your whines, pixies?

Monday, January 16, 2017

Almost like spring

Good morning, pixies! Our long cold snap has broken, and we are experiencing respite from the blizzards, and what a relief that is. My head feels functional for the first time in a week. Today, it is -15C (6F) outside, and while that is likely still ridiculously cold for everyone else (and was for me, a little more than a month ago), after that stretch of -40 (the point where Fahrenheit and Celsius meet), and without the driving winds, it feels like spring today. E and I were able to walk to school today. I walked back with my new friend, who lives down the street, and we stood outside and chatted for a few minutes, our faces fully uncovered, instead of running for shelter. We might go skating this afternoon, for the second day in a row. I'd better take advantage of it while we can: this week is supposed to involve a lot of melting and re-freezing, every day, which I suspect will turn the roads into skating rinks (and the skating rinks into puddles, I guess?).

How's your day going?

Monday, January 9, 2017

Stormy weather

I think it's not just here, where we're getting an ongoing load of rain!

We had a fun birthday dinner.  My cousin joined us (haven't seen him in a while), so the birthday girl got to share some exciting news that she's been saving -- there will be a big reveal at a family party next weekend.  Wedding plans continue apace, with a catering friend of son and his beloved all set to deliver a lovely meal.

What's new with you?

Monday, January 2, 2017

A New Start to Whining

A new far, I have
* eaten the requisite (for my people) black eyed peas and cornbread (for luck and gold, respectively)
* foregone the requisite (for my people) greens (for money. Foregone because they are yucky and money and gold both seems like double coverage).
* started the new position
* seen a high school friend

* too much screen time for Baboos is sucking out my brain cells.
* have not slept well for the past two nights.

How is 2017 going for you, pixies?