Monday, June 30, 2014

Angry, Frustrated, Snarly, Just Plain Pissed Off Whining

I am not going to say what's on my mind right now, because I know some of my fellow whiners are not in agreement with me on what's making me so spitting mad. But I'm putting the post up so that y'all can vent and maybe I can rid myself of some of the rage I'm feeling by giving empathy out.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Lazy Summer Awards

First, passing the guac and chips, watermelon, teriyaki kebabs, sweet corn, and -- because it's traditional, no matter what time of year -- chocolate.

Esperanza wins the Swimsuit Competition, for 3 days in a row of Baboos in bathing suits!  And no sunburn until the 3rd day!  Hope everybody's healed up, and sure, we'd love to take a dip with you!

The Good Camp Mama Award goes to Liz, whose MM is -- yay! -- enjoying a camp that is up to an hour away, depending on whims of traffic fate.  But we are sad, too, about the kid MM likes moving the heck across the country.  xoxo

Sue wins the Stepping Up Prize, for first doing the heavy lifting on a joint (but successful!) service, and then saving two weddings (which turned out to be inadequately planned) when emergency struck a colleague.  Obviously, a halo comes with this one.  ;)

The Unseasonably Muddy and Cold Award goes to Queen of West Procrastination, whose local weather deity is totally ignoring instructions to turn on the summer weather, already.  Runner up is Sue, whose leaky roof is not leaking, seeing how roof replacement is set to begin shortly, and the Universe has a perverse sense of humor.

KLee wins the coveted Elevated Risk of Mullet Award, and a free trip to Chicago, for her adventure with the Cloud of Doom.  We're so glad your aunt is better.  Hope Offspring's feeling better, too.

By popular consent, Andy wins the Style Award for his song about the fleas.  Well done!

Sue wins the Old Skool Award for her coffee stop being closed for remodeling, a disaster forcing her to drive 5 more blocks -- and if that isn't enough, just hearing about this coffee stop makes QWP crave crullers from an entirely different location.

See you next time!  Same bat-time; same bat-channel.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Rah rah rah rah, cis boom ba

Still floating on the happiness of seeing classmates and the old alma mater this weekend!  It was a small school and most people lived on campus, so there was and is a sense of community that I really treasure.  It is lovely to periodically see a random assortment of these people I met several decades ago, to swap stories of the old days and compare notes about what's happened since then.  My class won't be in the 50 year alumni club for a good long while, but we are now the people we used to call "old."  We find this hilarious. 

There was a situation elsewhere in my travels that involved finding a GIANT COCKROACH outside a restaurant, reporting it quietly as a public service, and then watching two grown men squealing and chasing and smashing the roach, which both thought was the biggest they had ever seen eew eew eeeeeewwww, and one also confessed that all bugs freak him the heck out. 

Back at the homestead, there was a crisis yesterday.  Mama Cat escaped daughter's room -- maybe she needed a little time off, maybe she wanted to explore, who could blame her?  Mama Cat scared the living bejeepers out of resident cat Spot, who retreated to a secret bunker.  Mama returned to her babies within a reasonable time, as this mama predicted.  Yes, I got an emergency phone call about the breaking crisis, at the airport.  This, too, hit my funny bone because [a] not a crisis, and [b] cats do what cats do, and [c] nothing I can do from the airport, gotta go, sorry!

OK, back to work.  How's it going for you?

Monday, June 16, 2014

Sum-sum-sum, Summertime!

It is gorgeous outside.  I may be chained to the desk, but at least my window looks out to greenery and the occasional wildlife visitor.

Yesterday, we went up to the regional park and took a stroll to a lake, spotted some turtles and ducks (but no chicks), and said hello to the friendly farm animals (in a section meant for kid visitors).   My sweetie adores visiting the farm animals.  My daughter talks in her kitten-fostering voice to baby sheep. 

W/AW:  I've been having palpitations about this work albatross thing, but it turns out I'm farther along than I was thinking.  Huh.

Household W:  The ice-maker became possessed by demons last night, and just kept pumping out more ice.  It's kind of like an avalanche in there.

AW:  College reunion next weekend!  I don't go to other reunions [HS, grad school], but it makes me happy to go back to this one every five years.  

Do tell us about the whines and anti-whines in your neighborhood.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Slightly Past-Due Awards

Don't really know what to do with a week like this, but passing the pizza and quantities of chocolate.

The Cluestick Posse shakes its collective fists at the Universe, and intends visits to less celestial offenders.

Congratulations to KLee's Offspring, on the occasion of graduating with much distinction!  And perhaps a side of valium to get Mama through the transition summer.

Andy wins the coveted Elevated Risk of Mullet Award for:  "The Swanson Pyramid of Greatness informs us that "'One rage every three months is permitted. Try not to hurt anyone who doesn't deserve it.'"

Good Luck to Miranda, with her new chunky business and an all-expense paid trip to the Mothership.

Seconds for Neighbor Lady.

The Burn-Free Vacation Success Award goes to Esperanza!

Queen of West Procrastination wins the Adventures With Canines Award, for a slight accident involving a previously unsullied baby item.

The Keepin' It Real in Politics Award goes to Candidate Liz, who gets our vote.

Sue wins the Burnout Be Gone Award, for making the most of a week off!  Also, some sunglasses that will completely block inappropriate undergarments on the line.

Kudos to the Homeless Turtle Rescue crew!

Monday, June 9, 2014

Fresh Hot Whines

Many thanks to Esperanza for hosting last week, despite all kinds of busy and crazy, and the fact that it was Funk Week.  Lovely job!  Hope all is calmer this week.  Thanks, too, to the Pixies for excellent contributions.

Let's start with an antiwhine:  Tiny cat got adopted!  All 7 of the babies that daughter has fostered so far found their forever homes right away.  AW:  CCW was moved to start fostering, too!  The cuteness is overwhelming.

W:  It is 8:30 a.m. and I already have a dozen work-related emails so far.  W:  Must make progress on current albatross.

AW:  Made excellent mashed potatoes last night.  And too many of them, so there will still be some tonight!

Big W:  The fireplacing cancer, again already.  My friend who had a recurrence, but the mets were too small for a clinical trial?  One grew, but they still won't take her.  She is thinking of trying the doc who originally treated her, who has since moved to a distant state on the wrong end of the universe.  The hell of it is that she still feels pretty good, just a little tired.  We'll see, I guess, what happens next.

 AW:  I'm just pathetically excited about U reunion weekend after next. 

What's the news from your sector?

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Get Better Already Whining

Long, long ago, Mr. E and I decided, that though we were in the same career field, it would not be a good idea for us to work together. We would rather stay married than do that. We need our individual space, we thought.

After a solid week of him being at home recuperating from surgery, I can assure you that our long-ago selves were very wise. Holy. Cow. Do I ever need some space!

Not helping: first week out of school, so the Baboos are underfoot constantly.

Also helping and not helping: my parents being here to help. Extra people in the house, breathing my air, making noises I have to pay attention to. (They left Friday, but their energy remains, I guess, since I'm still whining about it).

It's the whine of the introvert, pixies.

He gets his stitches out tomorrow. Here's hoping he will be willing to be seen in public after that.