Friday, November 8, 2013

Post-Election Awards Show

First of all, I apologize up front if I miss someone's favorite whine. 110 comments, people.

Pixie of the Week (I know, we usually don't have this, but I feel it is warranted this week) goes to our very own favorite candidate, Liz! She ran an exceptionally classy campaign (with a now-famous campaign manager!), tightened the race with the incumbent, AND manages to find the bright sides in not winning the seat. And all in a week that saw the death of her grandmother. Much sympathy and many hugs, Liz. Put your feet up this weekend, sister. You deserve a break.

(Un) Employment Awards to kathy a's long-suffering daughter. We know that job is out there, somewhere, and not amongst the scammers.

Parenting Award to QWP, for the days of attempting to work while entertaining Lil E all by her lonesome. Black eyes and naps and no naps and syringes and pook-awakenings and shag carpet and eeek! Kudos to 10 year olds and to grandparents for pitching in.

Teachers Award to the fabulous and hard-working Neighbor Lady, who is putting everything she has and then some into this first year. You have our admiration, NL. And I hope my Baboos someday have a teacher as dedicated as you

Neighbor Girl gets an award just for being in middle school. Blech, the mean kids. So happy she enjoyed the service project and hanging out with the guys.

Sue gets the Elevated Risk of Mullet this week, as she defines the rules of the pixie cheering squad: "I will not wear a short skirt - pompoms yes, but not the skirt" So say we all, Sue, but thanks for making that clear!

Miranda receives the Old Skool award, for what is kind of a new skool whine, the death of her beloved phone. We hope you can replace it soon.

Healing wishes to kathy a's cousin's son, Sue's wonderful hubby, Sue's head, p_k's internal organs, p_k's young relative, hurt feelings of those on the receiving end of meanie comments,

Cluesticks (it's a looong list this week) go to job scams and those who profit from them; people who post links to other people's online identities; people who criticize other peoples' feelings of gratitude; stooopid election boards, kids who are mean to other kids, and any one else who is in need.

Ten-year-old playmates/babysitters/heaven-sent entertainers to all babies in need of them, and their parents. Chocolate for everyone else.

More whining next week!


kathy a. said...

Lovely ceremony, Esperanza! And a very lively week it was.

Queen of West Procrastination said...

Thank you for hosting during such a busy week, Esperanza!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Esperanza!
--Neighbor Lady

liz said...

Yay Esperanza!!