Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The "I'm opening a whining thread but I don't guarantee I can do the awards" Edition

Whine: I've got a headache because
Whine: The code won't compile because
Whine: The code is being written simultaneously by 5 different developers and
Whine: It's all part of an interconnected web

Anti-whine: But now I'm thinking about the minister at my UU Church who likes talking about the interconnected web of life.

Bonus anti-whine: I wouldn't have any of the above whines if I weren't employed. I'm happy to be employed.


kathy a. said...

Excellent W/AW combo plate, Liz! Hope the snafus work out so your head feels better.

W: painful zit activity. AW: soothed by the fancy soothing lotion that I've been hording for special occasions, since they no longer make it. But w/aw, I think the fancy stuff is really just calamine lotion mixed with maybe witch hazel, which if true would mean I paid a ridiculous sum for the nice bottle. Must experiment.

AW: we got some rain the other day, hopefully signaling the end of fire season! And then it cleared up, the weather is gorgeous and a tolerable temperature. Yay!

Sue said...

Ouch Liz - sorry about the headache. Great W/AW - though I'm sure the code problems are not pleasant at all. I hope it gets sorted asap.

I try to remind myself at least once a day that I'm extremely fortunate to be employed. Some days - twice. :)

kathy a - Boo on the painful zittage! Yay on the rain!

AW: appointment with the Nicest Optometrist in the World yesterday. Really, he's just so sweet and kind. I need to go up another magnification in my reading glasses, but for driving/distance I'm still good to go. So, no need to wear glasses all the time (ie no bifocals).
Bonus - I'm still at a low enough magnification that I can buy my readers without prescription, saving me a bunch of money.

W: Traveling to Middle Earth Canada for a work meeting this weekend. Seriously - this place is in the middle of nowhere. Interweb access doubtful.

kathy a. said...

Middle Earth Canada? Sounds scary!

Liz said...

3M1LY'S L1ST is making me grumpy. Their coordinator is not getting back to me. It's been 4 freaking weeks. WHAT THE HELL'S THE HOLD-UP???


kathy a. said...

the election is what, 6 weeks away?

do you know anybody inside who might check on the delay?

Liz said...

Alas, no.

kathy a. said...

Big W: I am really struggling here with the proper role of nagging in one's relationship with an adult child living at home. The ideal level is zero, obviously. Daughter needs a paying job! And so, today there was nagging every half hour from 12:30 to 2:30, a total of 5 increasingly loud nags, until she got up. So, both of us kind of feel like pook now.

Small aw: she is doing the dishes she said she'd do yesterday. There are more now. And she is up.

kathy a. said...

I swear my daughter is a lovely person, and she will be a good employee. She's honing skills and making contacts at a volunteer position, which also gets her out of the house 3 half-days a week. And, the living at home with the parents and not having a paid job is MUCH worse for her than me.

But still: there is no dish fairy.

esperanza said...

W: kathy a is depressing me, because Sweet and Mini are 5 and 3 and I'm already tired of teh nagging. So many years to go.

W: Grandmother turned 95 yesterday. Can't stay by herself any longer. Sad face.

W: I got oil-based primer on my arms and legs yesterday while painting a bookshelf for Mini's room. No paint thinner to get it off.

AW: Cold front over the weekend.

W: It was still 97 today. But it's cooler in the mornings. Sigh.

AW: Both Baboos in preschool four days a week is a beautiful, glorious, wonderful thing.

esperanza said...

W: preschooler insomnia

Sue said...

Sorry about the coordinator being slow and difficult Liz. Gah!

kathy a - such a tough situation for all of you. I really hope a job happens soon for your daughter.

Good whines esperanza. If it helps any, the nagging changes slightly over time, so at least it's not the same material (mostly).

W: I must actually live in Middle Earth Canada myself because I had to look twice when I saw that esperanza's description of a "cold front over the weekend" was an ANTI-whine. LOL!!!

esperanza said...

Definitely an AW, Sue. It was HOT and HUMID before the front. We had one blessed day of (relative) coolness. Now we are back to HOT but not so HUMID. I'll take it.

Whatever the opposite of Middle Earth Canada is, that's where I live.

kathy a. said...

poor esperanza! glad the cold front is arriving to make temps more human. oy, about the paint!

my son's car was having trouble [the permanent condition of his cars], and he spent 6 hours last night knocking around in the garage and saying bad words. i don't think he even started on the brake pads until 9 p.m.; somehow he got sidetracked by the fact the bottom of the car is rusting out. (yes, we've offered to help him get another car. for the past year.)

kathy a. said...

I forgot to congratulate Sue on her superior eyeballs!

Esperanza, happy birthday to your grandma. Living independently until 95 is impressive! I hope that the transition is smooth. xoxo

Do you know how impressive Liz is? In her spare time -- when she isn't working, knocking on doors, caring for her family, etc. -- she writes personal thank you notes to supporters of her awesome campaign. Well done, Madame Candidate!

Queen of West Procrastination said...

I, like Sue, live in Middle Earth Canada, and was confused by esperanza being thankful for a cold front!

Small and baby-focused whines today:

- E woke up 45 minutes into her morning nap because she pooked herself awake again. Many small naps in a day = tired Mama who doesn't get a nap until mid-afternoon.
- I am thankful for hand-me-downs, but what's with that sizing and style of girl-targeted baby pants? E inherited a bunch of pairs of jeans and khakis from some neighbours, and they are all a.) embroidered with flowers, b.) both too long and skinny. Sweatpants tend to be shorter in the legs and have more give in the tummy. I got tired of rolling giant cuffs on the poor girl's pants, and threw them all in our donate box! The one pair of jeans that is correctly proportioned in the waist and legs? From the boys' section. (And my kid is 50th percentile for girls in every way. I knew that long and skinny baby girls exist, but why are all the trendy clothes made for them? Are we starting weird body image stuff right from babyhood now?)

- Blue's Clues leaves Netfl1x Canada on Tuesday. Mr. Q and I actually panicked when we heard the news. And ordered some DVDs.

kathy a. said...

QWP -- i wonder if you got all those jeans in good condition because babies do better in stretchy pants? all babies. this is a proven fact.

esperanza said...

QWP, our girls can hardly be persuaded to wear non-stretchy pants, at ages 3 and 5. Sweet will wear jeans IF we are going to ride the horse. Mini won't, period. Nobody but me likes khakis. I'd say stretchy pants FTW. Much easier to crawl, nap, pook, etc. :)

Let's just say stretchy pants for everybody!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I love blue's clues!!!!!
remembering fondly.....

Also loved Bear In the Big Blue House. If you haven't seen that, you should definitely find some.

:)Neighbor Lady

Queen of West Procrastination said...

I forgot about Bear in the Big Blue House! So good.

So, my kid has decided to grind her new teeth together all day long, which sounds like she's chewing on hard plastic. Whenever she's not doing that, she's exploring her tongue by shoving her hands WAY to the back of her throat, causing her to choke. At supper time, she did that while feeding herself, causing her to momentarily choke on her lentils. You know, right when her mother is extra paranoid after the whole eating packing tape incident.

I am ready for a break.

Liz said...

Best potty-training video is Potty Time with Bear in the Big Blue House.

We all loved Blues Clues here. Muffin Man was Steve for Halloween one year.

If you can find videos of Oobi, get those too.

kathy a. said...

some unbloggable excitement this week. a former albatross project will be resolved, one way or another. this must make no sense whatsoever -- but been waiting a long time for resolution.

Queen of West Procrastination said...

I hope this is GOOD unbloggable excitement, kathy a!

I'm feeling all AWs right now:
- Because my sister is now back to work after being home sick all week, my parents were able to take E for the afternoon. (My sister lives with my parents, and we kept E away to be safe. It turns out that it was a non-contagious bacterial sinus infection, but I'd rather be safe.)
- Finally a nice day, after days of storms, and so I can have the windows open again.
- Seriously: two whole hours baby-free. Bliss.
- And she napped for two straight hours this morning!
- After whining about all the unusable hand-me-downs we have, I sent extra thank you notes to a couple of friends who gave E some extremely usable clothes, which have been the best fit for her, and the most usable for an active baby (stretchy pants!), for months now. And they're gender neutral colours! Even though I sent them thank you notes ages ago, I sent them each a message along the lines of, "I don't know if I've made this clear enough, but E pretty much wears the clothes you gave her constantly, and yet they still don't look aged from the constant washing. Well done on choosing baby clothes."

Happy, quiet afternoon, after a tiring week.

esperanza said...

W: Friday is Baboos' day off from preschool. How did I ever survive the summer? Part of the problem is that I have a *lot* to accomplish today; part is an unhelpful Mr. E for some reason; part of it is...?

AW: Sweet seems excited about her birthday party. (six? How can she be six?)

Liz said...

Do you folks remember this post?

I was thinking about it today and tweeted a link to it and tagged Dana Stabenow and Margaret Maron in it....And Dana Stabenow followed me back and reposted it!!!!


kathy a. said...

Squeee!! Love Maron and Stabenow!

omg, Esperanza -- how can she be SIX?!!?! Tres exciting. Sorry about the W parts.

QWP -- glad your sister's better. And as mentioned, stretchy pants FTW! It is so good to stumble on the most useful things, no?

I won't know if the result of the unbloggable will be good; but the thing is moving, anyway.

kathy a. said...

More late awards tomorrow!