Thursday, October 28, 2010

Valuable Prizes

This week's ceremony is brought to you by the letter G, for ghosts, goblins, and goop. May you celebrate Halloween this weekend with plenty of the former and none of the latter! We hardly ever get traffic since our house is a little out of the way, so passing the PB cups, whoppers, heath bars, almond joy, little packs of red vines, and other delicious treats. Somebody's got to eat them. :)

The Style Award goes to our beloved Yankee Transferred, for her poetic ode to the person who abused their affection and stole their money. How frustrating.

Sarah wins an Old Skool Award for her whine of schedule conflicts, a dinner with people she mostly doesn't know, and the classic "what to wear" dilemma. Fortunately, it all worked out! Except for the UTI that turned out to be boosting the discomfort. Feel better soon!

Amy also earns an Old Skool Award for her excellent whine of the kid who would not eat, which this time turned out to be justified since the food was inedible. We've all been there sometime or another...

At Madeleine's excellent suggestion, the Girl Scout Cookie Award (best sentence in an Anti-Whine) goes to Esperanza for "I am a tad less crabby than yesterday."

Emily wins the Life is Like a Fairy Tale Award, for her whine of on-the-job training: "My supervising teaching (for student teaching) is playing Goldilocks. Yesterday I was going *too* slow. Today, I went faster, which he said was *too* fast."

S'not Fair Award to Esperanza, who bemoans the snot as well as the snot-wiping on her shirt. Lexicon Medals to Liz, Sue, and others weighed in on alternative designations, offering boogies, boogers, snergles, and goop, depending on color and consistency of the substance, and possibly also family-of-origin traditions. Additional submissions are welcome, of course, since snot is one of those universal and enduring whines.

Liz whined of the anxiety following her team's cluesticking of the bad boss, but she wins the Grace Under Pressure Award for the anti-whine portion: "But the worst that can happen is I lose my job, so this is not terribly serious in the grand scheme of things." We are rooting for HR to do the right thing; the alternative is untenable.

Germies Be Gone! Award to Days, whose household infestation temporarily gets her off the hook for oncology followup. OY! Many hugs and good thoughts from all your Pixie friends. xoxo

Yes, You're a Grown-Up Award to Sue, whose church had a fabulous performance of the Laramie Project, suggesting that alternative worship can work really really well, and thus she anti-whines: "Anti-whine: Does admitting I was wrong mean I'm a grown up now? If not, that's okay...just wondering." Thumbs up all around!

We've Got Your Back Award to Flutterbye, who is struggling with seeing events through a new lens and finding they do not look good, not at all. We hope you can take a few days with your friend in similar circumstances, and are really glad you're getting spot-on information and support. Hugs and more hugs.

Much Love to Frustrated on Facebook. The tragic loss of her beloved brother was painful enough, but the emergence of the father who abandoned him is unbearable. Consider the deadbeat to be on the Cluestick Posse's rounds until he slinks back under the rock from whence he came.

More cluesticks to the forces of frustration at Sue's work.

Valient Survivors of the Disappointing Election Awards to our friends Sue, Madeleine and Days. We'll see how next week goes in the U.S., because other Pixies may be joining you on the podium, with sadness.

Many hugs to Jenevieve, whose friends lost their twins at 20 weeks. So terribly sad. xoxo

Thanks for playing! See you next week when the brilliant Esperanza will host!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Whine, dooby-do, Whine Whine

Hey, Pixies! It's raining, so why not break out the whinefest early?

There is a great deal of regional pride since one of the local teams is going to the World Series! I have the lowest interest in sports of any human still capable of respiration, but it's hard not to feel a little excited anyway, on behalf of ecstatic family and friends.

In whines, a little pook, a little bark, some work stuff, little bit of the blues, lingering crabbiness over an upcoming event. I'm sure you can do better than that.

Antiwhines: Friday, I got to talk separately with 4 colleagues I've known forever, about 2 separate projects, and it was good! The new book club chose a book I suggested, after an old-timer declared it very good. I weasled out of a dreaded deep tooth-cleaning (which is highly irresponsible, but made me happy).

What's the tune of things for you?

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Sparkly Powder for Everyone!

And chocolate! What a week, eh?

Old Skool Award to Sarah, desperately seeking an excuse to miss the "opportunity" to visit recess immediately following her classroom volunteer stint.

Elevated Risk of Mullet Award to Esperanza, who inquired whether happy-looking mothers shopping at the mall were on drugs, and if so, where could she get some? And also, in relation to another issue, for "Good thing God loves them, because they sure make it hard for the rest of us."

Review of the Week Award to Liz, who is appalled, appalled I tell you, by Glee's interpretation of the Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Immunity Booster Medals to all suffering from family illnesses this week, including Amy and Madeleine.

Itchy and Scratchy Award to PK; as further proof that no good deed goes unpunished, her generous offer to care for the pets of friends turned out to involve a massive flea infestation. Ack!

Million Errand Mom Award to Esperanza, who is struggling to find the entertainment value in dragging the Baboos hither and yon.

Queen of the Costumes Award to Days, whose children shall not want when the big holiday arrives. We're glad you're feeling better!

Perils of Social Media Award to Frustrated on Facebook, whose mother's ex, a person who abandoned his son and broke the son's heart, is trying to worm his way into favor with people who knew the son while he was alive. Awful. Many hugs, FoF.

Workplace Warrior Awards go to quite a few brave Pixies this week:

* Emily, whose student teaching plus class plus the usual at home is running her ragged.

* Sue, who has had it up to HERE with the board ignoring the need for accessibility. In the welcoming church. Despite the fact that many members, including Sue's own husband, require accessibility. The Cluestick Posse is saddled up. And oh, Sue -- three funerals in one week, so much sadness....

* Madeleine, juggling 4 overdue documents and 4 meetings with one sick little girl.

* Miranda, whose boss has to sign off on something but he never seems to make time for that project. The Posse shall visit him, too.

* Liz, who is also floating a resume, and whose boss' abusive behavior has now come to the attention of HR. Cluesticks en route.

* Jenevieve, who is working constantly, and did not even get backup for a terrible situation with a dangerous animal. Yet another stop for the Posse.

Thanks for playing! See you next week!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Shake it, shake it, shake it up, Baby!

Anniversary of the Loma Prieta earthquake today. We were fine, but it was a big one. Amazing how vivid it remains.

My major whine is that I've been losing a lot of time reminiscing, and not always about good things. Maybe some of that is the change of season, shorter days. For sure, some is due to an upcoming forced-march family occasion. Know I'll get through it, but I really dread aspects of it. And no, I don't think I can bail on this one.

In antiwhines, this will be a busy week, but some Important Things will get crossed off the worry list, and I can feel like a competent grownup. Yay!

Weird whine: There is some lovely public open space on the hillside just behind our house, but a weird guy has been hanging out there. Yesterday, we saw him poking at gopher holes with a stick, about 50 feet behind the house -- very intently, and for a good while. Then an uphill neighbor (who knows our dogs from dog walks) came by to say she has seen the weird guy with a freaking bow and arrow in the past, and he was hiding in some brush nearby and acting, ya know, weird. I suggested that seeing a guy with a bow and arrow is worthy of a call to 911! We've got 2 schools right nearby, and lots of people hike and dog walk up there. Oy.

What's shaking out your way?

Friday, October 15, 2010

Prizes! Fire in the Hole Edition

Can I say that this is the third week in a row when I am just so thrilled to get to Friday night? I don't recall needing the weekends this much normally. I'll put it down to the combo of work insanity and temporary single parenting. But enough of my whining . . .

Ain't it the Truth Award to liz, for "too much work and not enough blogging time." We all miss the days when you were new on the job and didn't have much to do!

Battle Pay for Sue, who is taking on Bridezilla this weekend and breaking out teh non-traditional worship in a couple of weeks! Come whine with us when the Board says "We didn't mean THAT non-traditional." (Or am I too cynical?)

Battle Pay also goes to esperanza for courageous action in protecting the baboos from the ravages of other people's schedules.

Battle Pay for amy, too, for dealing with college students who act like six year olds.

Aaaaand . . . Battle Pay to liz for an extended fencing match in her comment section. Engarde!

If WW was a Gossip Blog Award to Sue, for sharing the important information that one of the miners had two women waiting for him . . .

Typo of the Week Award to esperanza, for "The coming-out drama is primarily with his work life. Family is affected by that, of curse."

Vertigo-A-Go-Go Award to Sue – hope the dizzies stay far, far away!

"Dahling, you are simply glowing!" Award to Days, and sooooo glad to hear you are no longer radioactive.

Well, That Was Weird Award to JenR, and thank goodness that stomach illness didn't last. (I'd say food poisoning, based on intensity and duration, but IANAD.)

Darn, Darn, Darn Award to kathy a., who has to resend a big pile of snail mail for lack of minor and universally known facts.

Big cheers for Anonymous, who is standing firm, standing tall, and standing her ground.

Pixies all have their fingers crossed for Sarah's job applications.

And most importantly, HAPPY BIRTHDAY Neighbor Lady, one day late! So glad you had a lovely birthday and I hope you are celebrating all weekend.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Why - why - why whines

Our carPod plays hundreds of songs in alphabetical order by song name. We're on the Ws, so we had a run of What -- When -- Where -- Who -- and of course Whyyyyyyyyyyy . . . .

So tonight I ask, if I am so tired of traveling, WHYYYYYYYY did I just sign up for two work trips on which I can take my daughter along? One is to visit Daddy and go to a conference near where he is sabbaticalling, and with my flight covered it's half price. The other is to one of my favorite cities, where Daddy has a conference the same week. It will end up being a bunch of hassle, but we'll see some good friends and eat good food and miss the last week of school before winter break. Enh, why not?

Dear me, I seem to have mislaid my mind.

Whyyyyyyyy are you whiney this week?

Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Brevity Awards

Pixies, there were many whines of substance this week. Unfortunately, a 13 hour work day combined with a three day family weekend out of town that starts tomorrow leaves very little time for proper awards.

Hooray for good doctors, good chocolate, asthma treatment plans, submitted job applications, and a good evil laugh reserved for the professional foibles of others.

Hugs for pixies taking wee ones on long trips, dealing with health issues, crappy work stress, sexist parishioners, and the blahs.

Come back next week when the always interesting Kathy A Madeleine takes over as host.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Whiny Whiny Whiny

When I signed up to helm our whiny brigadoon, I thought that all the managers would be at a delightful offsite meeting and I would have plenty of time to make refreshments, clean the place up a bit, and set out my best tableware.

Sadly, plans did not come to fruition. Pull up a chair. Share your delights and despairs. Pass around the homemade double chocolate layer cake I made for yesterday's lunch meeting. Hugs and cluesticks are at the ready.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Awards! What a Crazy Week Edition

Thank you, everyone, for keeping me company during this first week of absent-daddy and the ongoing insanity of the job that is loving me too much. It's good to have some grownups to talk to, even if you are all inside the computer.

Bon Voyage? Award to Sarah – enjoy your trip, as best you can, and I hope your friends show you a great time to make up for not having a HOUSE for you to STAY IN. Wow, I'm prickly on your behalf.

Mixed Emotions Award to esperanza, with hopes that the speech therapy works well and soon.

Allergies Can't Cramp My Style Award goin' out to Liz, for two weeks running of turning snot into poetry.

Creeping Crud of all Kinds Award to Amy, for colds plus fruit flies! Ugh. Are the kids old enough to enjoy making traps for you? (Bottle, paper cone, tape, vinegar/wine/fruit/honey water. Not in that order.)

Anti-Whine of the Week Award to A. Nonnie Moose, who not ONLY got the family drama over with, finally, but used the resulting inheritance to get an albatross off her neck. Hooray for paying off student loans!

We have a large corps of Pixies riding out tonight. Not only are we sending the Cluestick Posse to handle Anonymous' husband, we've also got the Legal Eagles, the Child Care Contingent, and the Animal Lovers League on tap. Wishing you all the best as you work through the repercussions of the news you didn't want to hear but maybe expected.

We'll also be delivering a newborn babe to every pixie for neck-sniffing. And then we'll take it back before it needs changing! How's that for a magical treat?

See you all again next week when Miranda will kick off the festivities!