Monday, September 30, 2013

Let's do the time warp, again

Hi!  Once upon a time, I used to go do important things and look more or less professional every day, but now I mostly work at home and can wear jammies if I want.  This unbloggable thing, though, requires not only big prep but a professional presentation.  (I'm pretty sure the persons in charge would specify "no jammies" if they thought of it, but don't want to test my theory.)

The internet is my bestest most fabulous friend right now!  I'm brainstorming, and planning, and working out details, and lining up people to help prepare, etc.; and so far I've ordered 2 dresses, a jacket, a smoothing undergarment, jewelry, nosepads to fix my glasses, organizational supplies, and 5 light books plus an interesting one for later.  Etc.  (The 6th book is about scarcity, and how not having enough of what you need eats your brain's bandwidth, which I'm taking as justification for getting the stuff lined up that will help me climb the mountain, sail the uncharted sea.  LALA LA LA, I don't hear you about light reading or proper undergarmentage being unnecessary to the task...)

In my real life, of course, the dish fairy didn't come yet, my son spent another 6 hours working on his dying car yesterday,  and the shyest cat has taken to hiding under the bed all the darned time.

What's new with you?

Sunday, September 29, 2013


Liz has a plateful with her candidate duties and Doorbell Queen reputation -- go, Liz! -- so, I'm filling in.

Good walking shoes for everyone!  

Esperanza gets the Fabulous Weather Award, for her report of a blessed cold front moving in, bringing the temperature down to 97F!  The report startled residents of Middle Earth Canada, where a cold front means something more along the lines of finding the snow shovel and boots.  (Hat tip to Sue, for "Middle Earth Canada.")

QWP wins the Thanks But No Thanks Award for all those tiny little freakishly-sized trendy girly jeans that were passed down in perfect condition, and are now on their way to the donation station.  Stretchy pants for everyone!

Neighbor Lady gets the Fond Memories Award, for being reminded of Blue's Clues and Bear in the Big Blue House.  Thanks for the recommendation!  And Liz also recalls The Best Potty Training Video, amongst the Bear collection.

The Happy Eyes Award goes to Sue, who has the nicest optometrist in the entire universe, as well as good eyes.

Mommy Duty Respite Awards to Esperanza, whose baboos spent a whole glorious 4 days in school this week, and QWP, whose parents were able to step in.

The Household Superwoman Award goes to Esperanza, who complained of oil-based paint on extremities, but that's because she was busy using her free time to paint a bookcase.  Kudos!

I'm not supposed to give Liz a prize, so let it be noted that a Famous Author reposted something she wrote! 

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The "I'm opening a whining thread but I don't guarantee I can do the awards" Edition

Whine: I've got a headache because
Whine: The code won't compile because
Whine: The code is being written simultaneously by 5 different developers and
Whine: It's all part of an interconnected web

Anti-whine: But now I'm thinking about the minister at my UU Church who likes talking about the interconnected web of life.

Bonus anti-whine: I wouldn't have any of the above whines if I weren't employed. I'm happy to be employed.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Sunday is the New Thursday

This week's refreshments are complimentary bag lunches by the fabulous Esperanza, a variety of chocolate, and some refreshing beverages of choice.

Esperana, complaining of not morning people, small division, wins the Truer Words Never Spoken Award for:  teh nagging, it is wearying.  But on the up side, Sweet wins the Melting from the Sweetness Award for "Thanks, Mommy. Thanks for helping me grow up."  

The Practical Fashionable Mama Award goes to JenR, who suggests a solution to the problem of kids who aren't morning people:   I have had some luck occasionally putting mine to bed in their school clothes. Then you only have to have the breakfast fight in the morning. Clearly the wrinkles don't bother me much at this age - but most of their clothes don't wrinkle much anyway. :-)

Neighbor Lady wins the Best W/AW Combo Award, for:   (w) mouth full of canker sores.  (w) work=stress right now.  (aw) some moments have been awesome!  We're so happy you're teaching, and glad there are good moments even if it's a little stressy.

Liz wins our Enthusiastic Support in her election!  The Posse requests a few words with the state party personnel, who clearly do not have their priorities straight.  Go, Liz, go! 

The Consignment Score Award goes to QWP, whose friend located The Best Diaper Bag for only $4, and this one won't fall apart!  Pixies are fans of consignment and other reuse options, especially when they work out so well.

QWP also wins the Consumer Warning Award, for her image of spouse and baby fleeing the department store because of excessive perfumage.  This prize comes with a complimentary cluesticking and lecture.  Shame, you silly department store!  Do you really wonder why people shop online and other places so much?

 The Adventures in Ministry, Building Maintenance Division Award goes to Sue, whose building sprung leaks so active that she had to raid the childrens' crayon buckets to contain the flood.  In a related vein, Esperanza wins the Ministering to the Clueless Award for her story of convincing a parishioner that yes, it was actually OK to put buckets in the sanctuary. 

Hugs to everybody affected by yet another fireplacing mass shooting, directly and indirectly.  Cluesticks to the fireplacing jackasses professional media types who think "stay tuned for more gripping coverage" is an appropriate message at such a time. 

Well, here's to the upcoming week!  And hoping that everyone sleeps at appropriate times, everyone's blood pressure is good, none of the rain comes inside, mail ends up where you want it, and additional happiness abounds. 

Monday, September 16, 2013

Little o' this, little o' that....

Today, a better supermarket trip than last week.  All the smaller groovy black metal carts were disappeared, and it was 15 minutes at checkout, but on the AW side, nice chats with my line neighbors, and the deaf employee who was collecting carts in the parking lot gave me a hug just because I thanked him and we kinda chatted.  (I think nobody really talks to him, and he's a very dedicated worker.)  There's a lot of agreement in line that the place needs to hire more employees.  Seriously.

W:  another fireplacing mass shooting.  I saw a video clip of the chief medical officer at the trauma center, and she said, "this has to stop happening."  Truer words never said.

AW:  Daughter slept last night, up early and cheerful and off to her volunteer job on time, with no maternal prodding whatsoever.  Yay.

What's new in your neighborhood?

Sunday, September 15, 2013

super-late ceremony

The Scholarship Award goes to Queen of West Procrastination, whose September brings dealings with various research institutions.

Esperanza wins the Inner Librarian Award, for using some of her valuable Quiet Time to rearrange bookshelves.

Sue wins the Pastoral Care Award, for an abundance of persons in need.  xoxo

The Managing Meltdowns Award goes to Liz, whose big boy had a doozie.  95 out of 100 Pixies agree that wind-down and a snack go a long way; but sometimes, the guns must be stuck to.

E wins the Applesauce Award!

The Cuteness Award goes to Sweet, who lost it at breakfast but then said, "I sorry I cried and throw fits at breakfast, Mommy. I wuv you. I miss you today."

Mini wins the Elevated Risk of Mullet Award for: "I just got a booger on the chicken."

Congratulations to Jeni on the birth of her baby girl!

The Fireplacing Cancer is on notice that this behavior is unacceptable.  Hugs, love, and caring thoughts for all affected.  xoxoo

Monday, September 9, 2013


Well, summer is officially over (except for the official part, which occurs later this month).  All the persons whose years revolve around school are enjoying the fresh new start the school year brings.

In my area, the annual after-vacation heat wave hit just a little early this year, so it's been bakin' the last while.  But our lovely evening fog has been around, ameliorating the situation nicely.  There's a wildfire out near where my cousin lives, and many of my town's firefighters have done rotations up at the huge fire near Yosemite, so we are all hoping the rainy season kicks in a little early, too. 

Yesterday was the annual Stroll in the next town -- a huge and fabulous 1.25 mile street festival with a parade, music, hula, stilt walkers, food of all descriptions, art cars, games, craft booths, community groups, and some 200,000 of our nearest and dearest, plus a few friendly dogs and adoptable cats. My town's preschool co-op won the parade with parents carrying a fire engine they built of cardboard, wearing red shirts and those plastic helmets the fire department gives to little kids.  You have to admire a parade that rewards What It's All About. 

Alas, I missed this year's festivities and had to read about it online, because I'ma sprinting to cross some things off the Albatross List before the periodic Albatross Progress Report is due.  ("Sprinting" is probably the wrong metaphor, since it's more like: typetypetypetype, look stuff up, typetypetype, avoid brain explosion by visiting the nice happy internet, typetypetypetype, etc.)

What Septemberly things are happening up your way?

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Classy Awards Show

An awards show beginning with a picture of a toilet plunger can only be called "classy," right? Actually, Teh Internet informs me that the above pictured item is a sink plunger, and the kind with the smaller flange attached is for toilets. Oops.

All that toilet talk is leading to....
The Golden Plunger Award, for QWP, for fixing her very own toilet! Without superintendent intervention! Woo Hoo!

Liz gets the Old Skool Award this week, for her haircut that looks just like her old haircut AND for the laundry piles and dust buffalo that are officially Not Her Problem.

Sue gets an unintentional Elevated Risk of Mullet Award, because as I was distractedly and rapidly scanning the whines (as I am wont to do), as she told of her healthy lunch that landed "upside down on my office floor, which is a carpet badly in need of a cleaning. Well rats." I thought that her lunch had landed upside down on the floor, where rats had immediately carried it off!! It was not so much a funny line as a horrifying one (and horrifyingly realistic for some church offices I have been in). I had to stop and read again, and THEN I laughed at myself. 

QWP receives the Blessing and Curse of Routine Award, especially pertinent to those with wee ones. Routine is great, helps them feel comfortable and secure, until it is broken, and then it's horrible. So for a week that included Daddy going back to teach school, family members with breakfasts that are so late they might as well be lunches, overprotective grandmothers, suddenly solid pook, a Mama that needs to work and a baby that needs some SLEEP, please: you get the award of...a lifetime supply of Baby Bribing Cookies!

The Wildlife Award goes to Kathy a, for senior cat's water antics and junior dog's encounter with the skunk (will he/she never learn?).

Neighbor Lady gets the Back to School Award, and our heartfelt appreciation for teachers everywhere.

Hugs to all whose vacations are over, who are tired, whose schools are on lockdown, and whose friends have the fireplacing cancer. A hooray to a better-settled sister-in-law for Kathy a, too.

I suggest that we arm the Cluestick Posse with toilet plungers, and the Kudos Posse with Baby Bribing Cookies, and send them out wherever they are needed.

More whines right here next week.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Renaissance Woman Whines

It is almost 7:00 pm on Labor Day.

So far today:
* two loads of laundry (sheets), plus folded another
* breakfast & clean up
* lunch & clean up
* supper
* two batches of mini muffins for Baboo lunches (with Baboo "help")
* FIXED THE TOILET (I'm pretty proud of myself. First time replacing the valve. It works, and no leaks).
* teensy tiny nap
* Baboos bathed and in bed early for First Day of School Eve

Still to do:
* supper clean up
* take out trash
* finish sewing blankets for nap mats for first day of preschool tomorrow. Who comes up with these projects, anyway?
* pick up toys/clutter so Angel from Above (housekeeper) can vacuum tomorrow.

Let's hear it for unpaid labor! Hip, Hip, Hooray! (Sigh)

What have you impressive pixies been up to?