Monday, February 24, 2014

Anybody ready for Spring?

We don't have snow, but I'm ready for the longer days.  And maybe some good spring storms!  Some are rumored for later in the week.

Yesterday was the celebration of life for my dear friend S.  It was  really lovely, and well-attended; lots of memories and laughs and stories and photos and hugs.  I got kind of leaky at the end, with a video clip of her thanking everyone at her retirement party last year, and then telling a story about "lift as you climb," which pretty much summed up how she approached everything.  Something about hearing her voice again...

Senior Diva Cat is still perky and eating well, but really showing her "diva" -- I keep having to fortify the barricade of objects in front of my computer screen, because that is where she wants to be.  Think, homing pigeon crossed with bulldog and Miss Piggy.  The current barricade includes a box, a phone, a rolodex, a tape dispenser, a legal pad, a pen holder.  We're all about lookin' professional here at the home office... ;)

What's the news up your way?

Saturday, February 22, 2014

"Oh, It's My Turn" Awards Ceremony

I kept refreshing the Wednesday Whining page, wondering when someone would do an awards post. Oh. That's me.

First, before we get started, there is urgent business for the Posse. Armed with TeeVee Guides , the Posse will cluestick the following Buttinsky Busy Bodies (and they are legion this week):  Miranda's relative, kathy a's relative, QWP's grandpa, QWP's friend the parenting expert, and people who say dumb things when someone has died--aka "grief buttinskies." If you don't back off, you're going to have to go to a chunky meeting with mullygrubbers.

Hugs to everyone who is tired of snow, tired of shopping with children of all ages, tired of proofreading, tired of being behind, tired of being "gentle nursemaid mama," tired of waking up adult children, tired of being tired, tired of not sleeping despite being tired, tired of motivating actors, tired of over-eager double clicking mice, and tired of "gifts" from pets.

A special Most Canadian Award this week to Sue, who whines about the lack of a snow day despite an abundance of snow, and antiwhines about taking a meeting break to watch the Olympic curling match. (is it a match? I'm so non-Canadian I don't know the proper terminology).

Hugs for Diva Cat and her person kathy a, and for Andy with depression and/or sudden onset good taste.

anD anootHer Speshul Award, 4 our faverite Proofreeder Liz, wif this commendashion by Nieghbo(u)r Lady: "I have never loved typos as much as I do now, for Liz's job's sake." (That was really hard to type like that, and harder to hit publish!)

Monday, February 17, 2014

It's a New Week of Whines!

The Illnesses, Variety Pack, seem to be in the process of exiting our household (Seriously, within the space of 15 minutes on Sunday, Sweet came up with 3 of the 6 symptoms of meningitis. Yes, I called the doctor, who talked me off the cliff--no fever means no meningitis.)

Enter, Back Pain because I slept on my tummy last night, accidentally.

On the bright side, Mr. E gave me a break this morning, the weather is improving, and we still have Valentines cookies and candy.

How's it going for you, pixies?

Friday, February 14, 2014

Will you be our Valentine?

Love and chocolate (of choice) to all!   The valentine at my computer this morning was from the cats.  Believe my daughter lent her opposable thumbs and gold pen to the effort.   I'm a lucky Mama.

 This was a chocolate-intensive week here at the Outpost for Advanced Whining, what with GS cookies, baking chocolate, chocolate chips, and homemade p.b. cups weighing in at approximately 1/2 lb.

Therefore, we are pleased to announce that the coveted Elevated Risk of Mullet Award goes to Andy, for this:  "I'm surrounded by chocolate snobs. White chocolate is delicious. So is milk chocolate. So is dark chocolate. So is the uber-dark chocolate from Chile or Dominica or some other foreign land that you buy in the bourgeois candy aisle at the store. I hear whining about chocolate is punishable by death in some parts of the world."  Many hugs, also.

The Dance of the Week is the Hokey Pokey, and the Dancer of the Week is QWP's Lil E!   Kudos to Liz for this mood-elevating suggestion.  Liz is also the Runner Up for Mullet, noting that this is Remembering What It's All About.  ;) 

Queen of West Procrastination wins the Elegant Solutions Award, Family Angst Division, for not only supporting her brother in a time of great sadness, but also gently guiding her mother to do the same. 

A special Ya Done Good Award, Parenting Division goes to Miranda, and we are glad to share her pride in Teen Daughter (whose birthday party included volunteering) and Tween Son (who is comforting his friend and also volunteers).  We're so sorry about the loss of your friend (and Tween Son's friend's mom).  xoxo

The Florence Nightingale Award goes to the fabulous Esperanza, who has nursed this one and that one and this one again, fortunately not at the same time, but c'mon, Universe!  Sending Healthy Vibes to all concerned.  Also Cute Food, an excellent suggestion by Liz.

Sue wins the Book Report Award, for suggesting a book that your humble host is now halfway through.  Also, a complimentary No More Emergencies Card; there's been some kind of pileup on your plate lately.  Best to your hubby with this set of (unspeakable) treatments.  xoxo

Hi, Neighbor Lady!

Packing it in earlier than usual, but feel free to share any urgent whines or antiwhines over the weekend!  

Monday, February 10, 2014

Fresh shiny whines

AW:  Three days of rain!  It's not a drought-buster, but at least we can call last year's fire season over.

W/AW:  Busy busy, catching up on other stuff after the Big Thing.

W:  Dentist this morning.  Just remembered that there might be drilling involved.  Not what I want to do.

AW:  My shipment of GS cookies came in, so I can pick them up this afternoon!

What's the news with you?

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Awards! Oprah Winfrey Edition

This week, awards are going to:

  • Andy, for life just being rotten right now. We are all so sorry.
  • Sue, for braving the cold to see a parishioner off to the great beyond.
  • Neighbor Lady, for offspring melt-downs at home (but not elsewhere).
  • QWP, for finishing the chapter, while sick and at home with the baboo.
  • Miranda, for having to go to the darkest depths of Mordor. For a week. Before the retreat. That she is organizing.
  • Kathy, for standing up and doing a great job despite frustrations and mutterings.
  • Esperanza, for getting a preview of what life is like with a teenager. Gah.
  • KLee, for the wonderful news that daughter got into dream school with a fabulous scholarship and the scary news that it won't cover everything. I know that you folks will make it happen.

The cluestick posse is going out to: muttering attorneys; difficult siblings of nice clients; depression and anxiety; directors who misstate the size of roles; and bullies.

These awards were brought to you by the serial comma, by courier font, and by the literacy poster that incorrectly used the word "it's" as a possessive.

I don't THINK I missed anyone. Please let me know if I did.