Saturday, March 30, 2013

Hokey Pokey Awards

Why not dance?

By acclamation, this week's Old Skool Award goes to Liz, for zits. Classic whine!

Miranda wins the coveted Elevated Risk of Mullet Award, for her seasonal anti-whine:  "Oh, and we made it through Seder at Relative's House without anyone passed out or high or fighting plus all the food was delicious."  Yay!

Esperanza is Runner Up for Mullet, with:  "W: Oh my chinny chin chin (Sweet's newest exclamation), could Holy Week please be over soon" Love that Sweet-ism!

The Plague of Consumerism Award goes to Sue, with a classic seasonal rant:  "I totally agree about the candy. What really gets me are the tv commercials asking if everyone is ready for Easter - then they try to sell you shoes. . . .   Also, they completely ignore the fact that bunny or no bunny - LOTS of people don't celebrate Easter. Why aren't they selling Passover shoes???? It seems to me that crass consumerism about religious high holidays should at least be inclusive."

JenR wins the Parental Endurance Marathon Award, for surviving the week of the very sick toddler.  Glad the babe is feeling better!

Cluesticks to Liz's insurance company, and any other insurance company that could use some clues.  Many thanks for the offers to cluestick persons related to this week's adventure in my family.

Congratulations to Sue, on her acceptance to a writer's workshop; and to Miranda, on a big work-related victory and good stuff with all her kids.  Hugs to everybody in need. 

See ya next week!

ETA:  Wednesday Book Club is still open, for discussion of Beekeeper's Apprentice!  The selection came up during a busy busy time, but this is a great book, and at least a couple of readers meant to chime in!  The next book selection is 4/10/13 -- Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail, by Cheryl Strayed, to be hosted by Sue.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Bunny Hop, and other tails...

Chag Sameach! Happy Easter! Glorious Spring!

What with one thing and another, the E.B. totally forgot to prepare. Yeah, my kids may be legal adults, but I must do baskets; it is who I am. (That rumor about me "hopping in a rabbit suit" around the college dorm was totally false. There is a clear difference between sneaking and hopping-in-a-bunny-suit.)

AW: Believe it or not, today is 29 years since our wedding!  The me on that day could not imagine the things that would happen on our grand adventure so far. Due to the this & that, we'll celebrate properly another day soon. Champagne might appear, anyway.

W: Must get tax stuff sorted. Ugh. Need that "you can do it" spirit -- seen mine around?

Might have dropped it after the tours of 6 board + care homes (AW interlude: yay, possibilities!), when (W, boo hiss) SIL announced that she is not going anywhere without her cats (ahem), leading to (Posse intervention) very straightforward and somewhat productive discussions with ze opinionated Ex.  Bless his little heart.

AW: Adult son called last night, said he got a bug bite and his arm's all swollen up, and I said "you should go to the ER right now." And lo, he went without an argument, and antibiotics went home with him.  (I have a feeling his fabulous GF had already given the same advice -- yay, GF!)

What's the news? Big and small, we love it all.

 Reading pals -- as you are able, please visit the Wednesday Book Club!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Endurance Whining Awards

The Baboos and I just spent 4 hours at the rodeo, so if a "moo" slips in, you'll know why.

Sue gets an Endurance Award for three maladies striking her all at the same time, not to mention the death of a friend. Friend sounds like a terrific person.

Kathy A also wins in the Endurance/Persistence Award division, for her advocacy for the SiL. Finding a placement is no easy task, but we know you can do it! Clue. Sticks. to clueless ex, for clearly he needs a whack up side the head (as we say around these parts).

Yet another Endurance Award for Miranda, whose whines have not gone away, despite her diligent efforts. Waiting on other people to get motivated is frustrating.

Cluesticks also for the clueless ER that treated (or, rather, didn't) Sarah's poor daughter.

Hugs to people who have snow on the ground or in the forecast, lingering illnesses, too many books on their lists, fights with boyfriends/spouses/partners.

Come back next week for more whining!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Spring Whining--Just Like Spring Cleaning, but More Fun

Amount of spring cleaning accomplished: 0
Amount of spring cleaning remaining: (how do you make that infinity sign?)

Insurance issues resolved: 5 or so
Insurance issues still outstanding: 1

School decisions made: 1 (for Mini)
School decisions yet to make: 1 (for Sweet)
School possibilities eliminated: 1
School possibilities remaining: 2

Errands run today, in just under 3 hours (including a lunch break): 6 (this is when I like the small town)

What's happening with you, pixies? I hear rumors that it is not spring everywhere. But we have already started searching out shady parking places, wearing sandals, and getting sunburned: sure signs that summer is coming.

P.S. Don't forget the discussion of Beekeeper's Apprentice has started over at the Book Club page.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Awards: Hey, ho, the wind and the rain edition

Muffin Man can actually ride his bike! He can start it, and stop it! But hasn't got the hang of getting off it yet. Doesn't help that the bike is heavier than he is.

However that may be, here are the awards:

The Shopping Whirlwind Award goes to Esperanza, whose husband left her wedding finery at home while they are off to see a wizard of a wedding at a location involving a hotel stay and granny to care for the kiddos back at the ranch. Best part of all? "Dress, shoes, and jewelry obtained, all for under $50. I love bargains." Which means that Esperanza wins the Style Award, too!

The Rain it Raineth Everyday award goes to Sue for dealing with being flu-ish while also suffering with sciatica. I hope the sun of pain-free healthiness comes out for you tomorrow, Sue.

The calm before the storm award goes to Kathy A., who is waiting for a cobbler's shop to drop on her family while they deal with her SILFH's mishigas. Sending out a cluestick posse to smack SILFH's Ex upside the head.

Sending just plain hugs to Sarah and Miranda. I feel for you both and hope that there are sunny skies ahead for you both.

Tune uh..this week! when the hostess with the mostest will be Esperanza. And don't forget about Wednesday Book Club! We're talking Beekeeper's Apprentice this week.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Wednesday Whining: Weather Whip Lash Edition

Last Monday and Tuesday were in the fifties. Wednesday and Thursday? Snow. And yesterday and today were in the sixties.

Which means that Muffin Man had a snowball fight bookended by bike-riding lessons.

My job starts next week, and I only have one suit fits over the ever-expanding rack-of-doom. Upside? Shopping!

What's up with you folks?

Friday, March 8, 2013

Awards: Slim Pickins Edition

This week the posse is comin' a ridin' into town a-whompin' and a-whumpin' every livin' thing that moves within an inch of its life.

It's a-comin' for many folks in Kathy A's life:
  • The SILFH
  • The SILFH's ex-husband (who has power of attorney and doesn't want to use it, but does want Kathy A and her husband to act like they have it, which they don't) and
  • Her husband's interim boss, because "even though the office policy of beloved's workplace allows minor representation of family members, his interim boss told him he would be fireplacing fired if he did not get out of it, ASAP."
It's a-comin' for folks that Esperanza has to deal with:
  • The fireplacing insurance company and
  • The fireplacing pharmacy the fireplacing insurance company insists on using. Lord have mercy upon us, why the heck do those folks have to be so fireplacing STUPID?
And finally it's a-coming for Sue's immune system, which seems to have gone on vacation with no forwarding address. Sciatica and flu in the same week? Not cool, Sue's immune system. NOT. COOL.

Gather up yer cluesticks, pardners. We're moving out. YEEEEEHAW!

And until next week, I'm leaving you with this little gem from 1987. NSFW. And quite rude.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Wednesday Whining, the sun before the snow edition

I know most of the continent already got hit with Snowmageddon, but it's barrelling towards us and expecting to deposit a fireplace-load of snow on the area.

No need for us to shop for bread, milk, and toilet paper. We are STOCKED.

Bring your whines, whether weather-related or otherwise!

Saturday, March 2, 2013

The Adventures of the Turnips

What a week!

Anonymous wins the Adventures in Housekeeping Award, for the dead mouse by the refrigerator. 

Esperanza brings the bodily fluids, but less of them, with the 4 Dry / 3 Wet Award.  Progress!  Runner-up is Liz, with another unexpected visit from Aunt Flo.

Sue wins this week's Adventures in Insomnia Award.  We really should start a 3 a.m. club. Hope the back is feeling better, too.

The Adventures in the Land of the Overwhelmed Award goes to Sarah.  Good luck on the interview!

The Adventures in Newfangled Technology Award goes to Liz, whose telephone died and lived and died again. Mysteriously.  And no, she did not run it through the washer or have one of those whoopsies in the ladies' room.

Esperanza wins the Insurance Wrangling Adventure Award, scoring a win when she finally got someone to enter their information on a computer.  Go, team!  Wishing you luck on working out the dilemma of kindergarten.

Many hugs and much love to Anonymous, her daughter, and everyone.  We all hope things settle down.  xoxo 

Congratulations to Liz, who got the job!  (But we're still hoping the beloved gets one, too.)

Thanks to everyone for being so supportive.  I'll be taking a break from hosting for a few weeks, because of the unforgiving work monkey.

See you next time!