Sunday, June 30, 2013

Meyer lemon tarts for everyone!

Late late late!  Apologies.  (Again.) 

The Meyer lemon tart is from my hot date last night!  Mmm mmm -- shortbread crust, delicious lemony wonderfulness, dollop of fresh whipped cream, and some candied fresh blueberries. 

Miranda wins the SuperWoman Award, for flying here and there during an especially busy couple weeks of madness and joy.

Sue wins the Pullet Surprise for completing her writing assignment for the awesome upcoming writing workshop. 

The Einstein Award for loving math at summer camp goes to Liz's Muffin Man!   We can say we knew him when...

Neighbor Girl wins the Fabulous Sleepaway Camp Award -- yes, it's a long time to be away, but such a great opportunity!  Hugs to NL, who will miss her lots. 

QWP wins the Adverntures in the Almost Wilderness Award, for  sallying forth to camp with a 6 month old; and also the Apartment Karma Award for quickly locating great possibilities when the current place got sold out from under them.  Excellent work!

This week's Universe is Smiling Award goes to a pair of scotus decisions advancing the causes of equality and love. 

Cluesticks to banks, obnoxious colleagues, headache monsters, delays and obstacles, and all other deserving parties.

Many thanks for patience with your host's Saga.  Thanks for playing!


Sue said...

Thanks kathy! Great awards. Those lemon tarts sound divine!

Miranda said...

I imagining the tarts gluten free. :)