Sunday, September 22, 2013

Sunday is the New Thursday

This week's refreshments are complimentary bag lunches by the fabulous Esperanza, a variety of chocolate, and some refreshing beverages of choice.

Esperana, complaining of not morning people, small division, wins the Truer Words Never Spoken Award for:  teh nagging, it is wearying.  But on the up side, Sweet wins the Melting from the Sweetness Award for "Thanks, Mommy. Thanks for helping me grow up."  

The Practical Fashionable Mama Award goes to JenR, who suggests a solution to the problem of kids who aren't morning people:   I have had some luck occasionally putting mine to bed in their school clothes. Then you only have to have the breakfast fight in the morning. Clearly the wrinkles don't bother me much at this age - but most of their clothes don't wrinkle much anyway. :-)

Neighbor Lady wins the Best W/AW Combo Award, for:   (w) mouth full of canker sores.  (w) work=stress right now.  (aw) some moments have been awesome!  We're so happy you're teaching, and glad there are good moments even if it's a little stressy.

Liz wins our Enthusiastic Support in her election!  The Posse requests a few words with the state party personnel, who clearly do not have their priorities straight.  Go, Liz, go! 

The Consignment Score Award goes to QWP, whose friend located The Best Diaper Bag for only $4, and this one won't fall apart!  Pixies are fans of consignment and other reuse options, especially when they work out so well.

QWP also wins the Consumer Warning Award, for her image of spouse and baby fleeing the department store because of excessive perfumage.  This prize comes with a complimentary cluesticking and lecture.  Shame, you silly department store!  Do you really wonder why people shop online and other places so much?

 The Adventures in Ministry, Building Maintenance Division Award goes to Sue, whose building sprung leaks so active that she had to raid the childrens' crayon buckets to contain the flood.  In a related vein, Esperanza wins the Ministering to the Clueless Award for her story of convincing a parishioner that yes, it was actually OK to put buckets in the sanctuary. 

Hugs to everybody affected by yet another fireplacing mass shooting, directly and indirectly.  Cluesticks to the fireplacing jackasses professional media types who think "stay tuned for more gripping coverage" is an appropriate message at such a time. 

Well, here's to the upcoming week!  And hoping that everyone sleeps at appropriate times, everyone's blood pressure is good, none of the rain comes inside, mail ends up where you want it, and additional happiness abounds. 

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