Monday, March 27, 2017

May this week be brighter...

Doing much better, so far today.  ;)   Think it's been a low-level crud for over a week, but it came to a head (so to speak) yesterday.

AW:  Sunshine today!  And holy cow, no rain predicted all week!  The universe has been trying to make up for the 5 year drought, all in one season.  Which is cool and everything; snowpack is such that there could be skiing on the 4th of July, which doesn't happen around here, and that also means the water supply will keep flowing even after the rain stops.  But enough already.

W:  It is well beyond time to start tackling the mess of papers in my office.  They are disorganized, and there are lots of them.  Maybe one sector at a time?

Thanks for all the dress suggestions last week! 

What is new with you?

Monday, March 20, 2017

Equinox Edition

Greetings, whining pixies! I hope that this first (technical) day of spring is treating you well. Our day started off in a very Canadian fashion: explaining to our preschooler how there can still be snow on the ground if it is the first day of spring. "But it's still winter!" she protested, and then put on a shirt covered in snowflakes and hearts, to show her true allegiance.

(Speaking of the first day of spring, now that the snow is starting to melt, I need to place a call to E's pediatric allergist, to see if she's finally old enough for testing for seasonal allergies, and then we need to stock up on our preferred brand of antihistamine.)

Even though the kid doesn't believe it, there are sure signs of (Canadian) spring here today. A lot of snow has melted over the past week, to the point that the roads and sidewalks are entirely clear of ice and snow, and we didn't need to bundle up for the walk to school nearly as much as usual. These factors led us to arrive to school three whole minutes earlier than usual, even though we started getting ready at our usual time, even though Little Miss Wintertime insisted on waddling like a penguin all the way to school.

It also feels like the end of a long hibernation, as we all emerged from the house for the first time since the Tummy Blargh hit our house. What a relief to be out in the sunshine, and out among people again. And so, this edition of Wednesday Whining arrives with the faintest smells of bleach and laundry detergent (as I try to eradicate lingering contagions around the house).

How are things where you live?

Monday, March 13, 2017

What a week. Already.

I hear tell of blizzard conditions coming in on the east coast and elsewhere.  Everybody stay safe and warm!

Well, I tried to get to jury duty, but I don't drive freeways much because of panic attacks, so I tried to follow an unfamiliar surface route, and then I got lost and had a bad panic attack anyway.  Found my way home, fortunately.  And when I called the nice jury person, she pointed out that I can be excused if public transit would take more than 90 minutes each way -- which, it does.  (2 trains and a shuttle bus.)  Maybe next time they'll call me to the closer courthouse.

What else is going on?

Monday, March 6, 2017

March Blizzard

While it's almost spring in most of your regions (except for Sue's as well, I imagine), I'm looking at the window at the beginning of a blizzard in March. Yesterday was spring-like. We had melting temperatures, and we went to the playground, and it was glorious. But not today: E and I walked to preschool just as the storm was starting to hit, and it was so ridiculous that I had another preschool parent drive me home, so that I didn't have to walk home straight into the driving wind. (And I'll drive to pick up E after school, as well.)

This morning, during this wee moment of peace, I'm drinking tea and watching British TV shows, and making myself as cozy as possible. But I think that, this afternoon, I'll have E help me start our tomato and cucumber bedding plants, and plan our vegetable garden. Even with this late blizzard, spring is still coming.