Excuse me, folks, but what the heck are you talking about?

  • Bark - Barf. Esp. that which comes from cats. (origin, typo?  or, a riff on pook.)
  • Bringing the bodily fluids - Any whine that includes pee, bark, breast milk, semen, or a visit from Aunt Flo.
  • Chunky - church-related. (origin, misreading)
  • Cludsticks - Cluesticks, ie: hitting someone over the head with a stick so that they will get a clue. (origin, typo).
  • Cluestick Posse - the group of Pixies who are ready to ride out and administer a cluesticking to the needy.
  • Elevated Risk of Mullet - Once upon a time, Casey moved to a region of the country  where there was an "elevated risk of mullet", a line which had multiple pixies wiping beverages off their keyboards. From that beginning came an award to honor the funniest line in a post.
  •  Fireplacing - A replacement for a common interjection that starts with "f" and ends in "ucking". I don't remember just who originated this one.  [Commonly used to modify "cancer," although also used in other appropriate contexts.]
  • Monkey brain --  that thing that doesn't let one sleep after an intense something something.  (oringin:  esperanza)
  • Pixie - Wednesday Whining participant (origin, Phantom Scribbler)
  • Pook - Poop. Esp. that which comes from cats.  (origin, typo)
  • Ralph - our mascot, head of the Cluestick Posse.
  • Remembering what it's all about - anything having to do with breasts. (origin, Corndog, I think). 
  • Silverware rearranger --  You know this one, the one who comes to visit and starts re-arranging everything.  It just starts with the flatware.
  • Tt(F)TE - Thomas the (frickin') Tank Engine. Not as often spoken of as most of our children have grown out of that particular obsession.(Origin, Corndog).


kathy a. said...

fireplacing came from grandma blue, sister of the esteemed YT. it began when she was speaking of some kind of re-doing involving her fireplace, but the expression just caught fire, so to speak.

i think "remembering what it's all about" began specifically with breastfeeding.

Liz Miller said...

I thought it had to do with my whine about my freezing cold office combined with someone else's whine about breastfeeding?

kathy a. said...

liz, i defer since you were there earlier than i.

but WW is in any event a friendly, safe place for boob-related whines, bodily fluids, and all the other normal stuff of life that may be considered impolite elsewhere.

KLee said...

Actually, "fireplace" came about when Grandama Blue was attempting to sell her house, and the ad she listed in the apartment finder section was rejected because it contained "expletives.". GB could not figure out what those expletives might have been, so she tossed out "fireplace?!". At least, that's the way my Swiss Cheese brain remembers it. Does that sound right, Liz?

Andy said...

Old Skool was mine. Casey is my sister. My immediate family are responsible for two-thirds of the standing awards. Go us.