Sunday, September 29, 2013


Liz has a plateful with her candidate duties and Doorbell Queen reputation -- go, Liz! -- so, I'm filling in.

Good walking shoes for everyone!  

Esperanza gets the Fabulous Weather Award, for her report of a blessed cold front moving in, bringing the temperature down to 97F!  The report startled residents of Middle Earth Canada, where a cold front means something more along the lines of finding the snow shovel and boots.  (Hat tip to Sue, for "Middle Earth Canada.")

QWP wins the Thanks But No Thanks Award for all those tiny little freakishly-sized trendy girly jeans that were passed down in perfect condition, and are now on their way to the donation station.  Stretchy pants for everyone!

Neighbor Lady gets the Fond Memories Award, for being reminded of Blue's Clues and Bear in the Big Blue House.  Thanks for the recommendation!  And Liz also recalls The Best Potty Training Video, amongst the Bear collection.

The Happy Eyes Award goes to Sue, who has the nicest optometrist in the entire universe, as well as good eyes.

Mommy Duty Respite Awards to Esperanza, whose baboos spent a whole glorious 4 days in school this week, and QWP, whose parents were able to step in.

The Household Superwoman Award goes to Esperanza, who complained of oil-based paint on extremities, but that's because she was busy using her free time to paint a bookcase.  Kudos!

I'm not supposed to give Liz a prize, so let it be noted that a Famous Author reposted something she wrote! 


Sue said...

Thanks kathy a!!!!

esperanza said...

Love the tag teaming!

Liz said...

Thank you Kathy A! It was so awesome when I woke up this morning panicking that I hadn't done awards and remembering that you'd done them!