Monday, October 27, 2014

Spoooooky Whining

I'm actually not all that into Halloween. I like candy as much as the next person, but I'm just not that interested in Halloween. Which does nothing to explain how we (all four of us) have FIVE (5) Halloween parties/events to attend, not including trick-or-treating. Sigh.

Snot abounds. Coughing abounds. We (Sweet) are headed back to the doctor for the FOURTH time this month. She barfed at school this morning, which is not unusual for her if she has a lot of snot draining down into her tummy (sorry for the grossness there). Nurse's office called me to come get her. I knew she didn't have a tummy bug (it was only 30 minutes after school started and she had been fine). I arrived, and her teacher appears with her. "I don't think she's really sick. Would you be ok with her staying?" I concurred. I heart Sweet's teacher. So far, no other news (1:22 pm).

So, what's happening at your abodes this week, pixies? We will have around 500 trick-or-treaters, if history proves predictable. Mr E is in charge of obtaining candy. So far he has recycled a bunch of leftover from candy from other parties for us to hand out. Perhaps after all these years, my frugal ways are rubbing off on him.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

No, these are the worst awards ever.

My hair's kinda been on fire the past few days, so apologies all around.

Passing the curry with pumpkin, some good jasmine rice, and ice cream plus fudge.

Bah to all the bad things, including but not limited to (in no particular order): nighttime accidents, migraines,  more fireplacing shootings, bad news at bad times, change of season chores, vertigo, erupting teeth, tone-deaf chunky big-wigs, colds, surprise piercings, too much work and no time off, and various other stressy / nasty things.

YAY for all the good things!  Including but not limited to:  shared parental wisdom;  good dentists; people who step up;  heroes;  visits from the big kids;  bat/bar mitzvahs;  meaningful goodbyes and fond memories;  news via Raffi;  JAM!;  also toast;  shared wisdom on inner ear issues;  nice times with good friends;  a great retreat;  speaking up when that is needed;  things done in time, or close enough;  hugs from afar.

Much love to all.  See ya next time!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Here's the KEY!

Lots of loose ends this weekend.  And probably I'm going shopping for a bunch of window coverings Monday, because the window covering guy was busy when I went back.  So I went food shopping instead, and a nice curry was enjoyed by all.

But my poor cousin returned from a long manly trip to the wilderness, and somehow he and his wife got locked out of their house, in the back yard.  With no house keys or car keys, and no key to the big-ass lock on their tall gate.  And the cell phone battery was running out.  And the locksmith kept calling and saying "20 minutes!"  I was just about to go toss a cell phone and a big hammer over the fence, possibly also a bottle of wine, but help finally arrived.  They now think maybe they should leave a spare key at my house, 2 miles away; which sounds like a fine idea.

There is still some domestic strife in the feline sector of the household, because That New Girl keeps [a] eating all the food, and [b] chasing her elders down the hall.  She's having a fine time!  Spot has gotten really loud; this morning the kibble dishes were empty-ish, and you would have thought he was in imminent danger of a hideous death. Spot is a drama queen.

My daughter just had a piece of molar chip off while she was brushing her teeth.  She has never so much as had a cavity before.  Tomorrow is her day off, so I guess she is getting up early and calling the dentist -- who happens to have presided over the loss of daughter's first baby tooth at a birthday party, since the dentist's kid and mine were classmates.  Weird, no?  But in the good way.

What's new with you?

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Worst! Awards! Ever!

It's been quite a week pixies. Canadian Thanksgiving Turkey Coma became Leftover Turkey Coma, and yet, the Insomnia. Where's the justice?

But I digress...

Hugs and love to esperanza for losing a friend to the fireplacing cancer so soon after diagnosis. I'm glad the childcare has been arranged so you can all attend the memorial.

Happy Birthday to Neighbor Lady!!!

Happy Birthday to KLee!!!

Birthday cupcakes for everyone!

The cluestick posse is on the run and has Couple 2 in their sites. Thankfully they have declined to attend the event and it will go on quite nicely without them (imagine!). :)

The posse will also be visiting kathy's SIL's social worker who needs some help with the job, but shouldn't be looking for that help from SIL's family! For this continuing annoyance Kathy receives the "Grown Up Person of the Week" award for handling it all with such class.

The "Always On Call" Award has many recipients this week. Between bronchitis, antibiotics, flu shots, mysterious aches and pains... and upcoming tests with varying degrees of  ick and discomfort...well, we've been keeping the medical folk busy.

Hugs and hot water bottles all around.

Sorry for any missed prizes. Not the best awards, but it's almost Doctor Who time, so that's it for now.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Release the Kracken - or the Whines - You Decide

Greetings pixies,

Sorry for the delay in starting the Pixie Party this week. I blame Turkey Coma. We had a lovely Thanksgiving celebration with family last evening, after which I succumbed to the powers of tryptophan.

So, here we are! Whine away friends!

Monday, October 6, 2014

Wednesday Whining - Marriage Equality is now a reality in 30 states edition

No whines here. But I think I may need to buy some new dresses if I am doing the math right.

Also, I put this up for us to whine on, but may not be able to do awards. Awards are up for grabs for anyone who wants to do them.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Valuable Prizes!

First, help yourself to the buffet:  soup, bread, salad, fried chicken, lasagne, BBQ, and dessert of choice.  Apparently we were hungry this week. 

The Not Terrible Award goes to Sue, for a successful weekend work thing!  We hope the "surprise" guests for soup and salad will be lovely.

Esperanza wins a Sleep Extravaganza, to make up for all the excitement in her nights lately.

 Queen of West Procrastination wins the Door of My Own Award, for finally getting the bathroom door fixed (an epic journey).  

Lil E wins a Potty Training Prize.  ;)

Congratulations (and birthday wishes) to Sweet, who got all kinds of kudos for school accomplishments!

The Pulling the Performance Out of the Fire Award goes to KLee, who made it happen despite the amazing disappearing cast member!

Liz wins the coveted Elevated Risk of Mullet Award for observing that KLee must have handled the situation perfectly, since there were no news reports of untoward actions.

The Cluestick Posse is busy with a number of miscreants:  the snubbers;  those who employ the "I'm not sexist, you're hysterical" line of defense;  those who drop out at the last minute but still think they'll get a job next time;  all those nasty viruses and bacteria;  contractors who kinda don't show on the designated day, because who doesn't like 2 days of disruption?;  late-night texters, when the message does not involve a dire medical emergency;  in-your-face scammers;  and other deserving entities.

Get Well Vibes to Liz, as she recovers from pneumonia.  Butt on couch! 

Love to Sue's family, who lost a treasured member, but not the wonderful memories.