Saturday, October 12, 2013

Awards Show with No Cute Name

Boy Do They Know How to Push Your Buttons Sibling Award goes to A. Nonnie Moose. QWP's sibling, on the other hand, gets a round of applause for practical and compassionate assistance to her sister.

QWP gets a Scary Neighbor Award, for her saga involving downstairs neighbors, disrupted sleep, absent husbands, and the police. Eeek.

QWP was going to get a Nosy Friend Award, but we are glad to rescind that award after she (the friend) acted like a grownup and discussed the matter further.

Parenting Awards, presented by teachers for all ages, for Mamas and Daddies and other parenting figures who use this little word judiciously: "no"

Sue gets the Non-Psychic Award, because however handy it might be for your pastor to read your mind...erm...clearly it's not a good idea *all* the time. If you or your loved one are hospitalized and would like a visit, it would be good to use a phone, letter, email, text, f@cebook message, or carrier pigeon to let people know. Ahem.

Neighbor Lady gets hugs for being a great teacher and in commiseration about the relative with teh fireplacing cancer.

Buddy the dog gets some extra ear rubs, and kathy a's beloved an extra hug, for that terrible decision about when The Time has come.

Hugs for everyone with too much work, too little work, malfunctioning cars, headaches, puking children, insufficient sleep, and other assorted whines I might have missed.

Special Kudos to Liz this week, for assistance resolving wardrobe issues, sibling issues, and political issues.

Kathy a gets the Elevated Risk of Mullet Award for this beauty: "I've been dating bad underwear for a while, and finally found undies that do not fail some of the categories." Bonus points for not using the word "panties," which gives me the willies for some reason.

Thanks to Miranda for the brownies. Hope you are ok.

ETA: This is our 666th post. Just saying.


kathy a. said...

Such a lovely ceremony! The real stuff of life is not cute all the time, so there.

"Panties" also gives me the willies.

Liz said...

I like skivvies, but my husband insists that's only for men's and boy's undies.

esperanza said...

When Sweet was still learning to talk, she called them "unders." I kinda like it.

Hate to say it Liz, but I think I agree with your husband on "skivvies."