Saturday, August 24, 2013

Uncreative Awards Post

Extra Snooze buttons to all experiencing lack of sleep due to children or hormones.

Hugs to QWP and Mr. Q for difficult medical news this week. Kudos to QWP's friend, who gets it, really gets it.

Efficiency and Clear Thinking to QWP as she dissertates with Lil E's help, and to kathy a, as she tackles the work albatross. (You surely seem to attract a lot of work albatrosses, kathy).

Sloth Award to Sue, who is enjoying said activity with her hubby as vacation days dwindle down. Cluesticks to people who send emails to people who are vacationing.

Hooray for pain relief for Sue, for easy plumbing fixes for kathy a, for good interviews for kathy a's daughter.

Additional cluesticks to people who can't get campaign information correct and to people who butt in where they have no business being (why does it matter how many children someone does or does not have? Good grief).

Afternoons off for anyone who needs one and deep calming breaths to NL as the school year rapidly approaches.

BACON without repercussions for everyone!

Tune in next week for more whining and commiserating.


kathy a. said...

Thank you for the lovely award ceremony, Esperanza!

Miranda said...

The awards inspired a batch of potato salad. YUM. Thank you, Esperanza.

kathy a. said...

Miranda -- with BACON?!?!?

Miranda said...

Of course