Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Estate sales and miscellany

AW:  It's been raining some, which is really unusual for this time of year -- but no doubt good for the plant life.  Was only a little misty when daughter and I went to the zoo yesterday.  Had not been in ages!  It is good to see animals (and small humans).

Q:  Anybody have advice about disposing of my SIL's fabulous "estate," consisting of a stuffed storage unit and a bunch of stuff in my house?  Craigslist seems like the way to go for her expensive furniture and the appliances.  She has all these electronics that she hardly used -- maybe craigslist, maybe yard sale with household items and other miscellany?  The clothing is confounding me -- there is so darned much of it (hundreds of excess items), and many still have price tags.  Do dealers buy "lots" of clothes?  What do you do with golf clubs?

W:  We must try to recover some money to catch up on her recent expenses -- but no way can we spend the time to sell all this stuff individually and for the best prices.  Managing an eb@y store is not my current career goal.  (Plus, I hate eb@y.)  W:  It is almost physically painful, seeing how much she spent on stuff stuff fancy stuff horrible stuff.  AW:  I'm thinking this placement in the dementia unit is to the good, knock wood. 

Wildlife report:  a wild turkey is strolling down our street! 

What's cooking in your world? 

Sunday, May 26, 2013

BBQ and ice cream for everyone!

Apologies for this brief and late ceremony.  Help yourself to the virtual refreshments!

Our love goes to Oklahoma and all others suffering tragedies this week, with wishes for getting what they need swiftly.

Congratulations to Queen of West Procrastination, on the occasion of YAY extended leave!  And to Esperanza's niece, on the occasion of her graduation!

The Issue of the Week is Comma Wars!  Go forth and punctuate as you will, so long as the meaning is clear.

May we all be delivered from ear infections, family drama, lack of wifi, long car trips, cranky kids, spouses who won't decide, delayed bedtimes, mis-timed meals, the weather, bridges, earthquakes, locusts, robocallers, appliance malfunctions, and other maladies.

Monday, May 20, 2013

The flowers that bloom in the Spring, tra la!

I hope there are flowers where you are, even if you got one of those late gifts of snow last week!  It makes me much happier when the days are nice and long, and so much is growing.  Last night, we even had two baby yellow squash from our own yard! 

Many felicitations of the day to Esperanza!   And to Sue's boy!  Passing the virtual cupcakes and cheer.

My poor beloved hurt tendons in his leg the weekend before last, doing extreme fence-building.  He was in pain all week, but felt better yesterday.  Yep, overdid it again.

Passing the pasta salad.

What's going on with you?

Reminder:  Next up at the Wednesday Book Club:  5/22/13 - Sandcastle Girls, by Chris Bohjalian (hosted by Esperanza). 

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Awards of the Brief Before My Internet Dies Again Edition

Redzils wins the Happily Ever Prize this week with a marriage proposal from a true prince.  The Pixies are collectively very excited for you!

Liz gets some sturdy walking shoes as she resumes her reign as the Doorbell Queen.

Queen of West Procrastination is bringing the Bodily Fluids and after a prize hiatus wins the Remembering What It's All About Award.  Hope you, your ducts, and your sweet babe all stay on the mend.

The Hero Crowns go to Kathy A and her Beloved once again for dealing with her sick relative.

We have our own Science Guru here as we celebrate Neighbor Lady's news that she will be teaching 6th grade science in the fall.

Boo on over-reactive spam filters, ISPs, school decisions, bad relationships, and meanies at meetings.  Passing around baked treats until next time.  And don't forget to visit the Book Club this week where we discuss Sandcastle Girls (links below).

Monday, May 13, 2013

Flowers! Sunshine!

After the never ending winter many of us experienced in Pixieland, one would think I would be be more appreciative of the telltale signs of spring.  However, Tween Son pointed out that he has less than one month of school left and that means the Season of All Whines is nearly upon many of us who still have school aged children at home.

AW: Tween Son and Teen Daughter have several sleepaway programs that they will attend.

W: Only one activity overlaps.

AW/W: Teen Daughter is old enough to be junior staff at the camp she and her brother have attended for years.  The AW is because I am proud she was selected and the W is on behalf of Tween Son.

AW: They are really excited about their summer plans and we are taking a nice family vacation with our extended family by choice (not birth) to a quiet lakeshore town once again.

Plus, in non-parenting related anti-whines:  Hooray for Minnesota today!

What's new in your corner?

Reminder:  Next up at the Wednesday Book Club:  5/22/13 - Sandcastle Girls, by Chris Bohjalian (hosted by Esperanza).  I really want to read this book!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Hold the presents and drama, please

Moms:  we love them, some of us are them!  There is considerable sentiment that the greeting card and floral conspiracy could just give it a rest, already, and bring us some cheezy bread and peace, immediately and as needed.  Thank you.

A hearty Welcome Back and Congratulations to Queen of West Procrastination, whose Li'l E doesn't need surgery!

Congratulations to Purple Kangaroo, who is expecting!!

The coveted Elevated Risk of Mullet Award goes to Miranda, for retail therapy: "whenever some silly work concern would threaten my Zen, I remembered how good I look in zebra print and everything was all better."  (Hat tip to Sue for the nomination.)  Runner up for Mullet is Esperanza, for her response to Miranda's work whine:  "I know you didn't mean it this way, but "promotional grooming" strikes me as kinda icky. :)"

Liz wins the Stylin' Award, for her sensible approach to a common ailment:  " My bigger pants aren't fitting. I'm NOT going to fall down the rabbit hole of dieting, but I think I do need to visit the briar patch of regular, effective exercise. Even if it doesn't deal with the pants issue."  Yay!

The Excellence in Automotive Terminology Award goes to Sue, who explained how her vehicle "calfed," leading to the purchase of a new car:  "I heard a series of loud clunks and the van died at a stop light. When I got out of the van, there were engine parts rolling toward the curb. Thus, it calfed, as in - it gave birth to small car parts."  The vehicle is dead; long live the brand new vehicle, hopefully with no dings.

Kudos to Sweet Baboo, who was kind to Lonely Girl.  Yay!   Fingers crossed for Esperanza, as she works out the school choice and OT conundrums. 

Hugs to Neighbor Lady, who reports both vertigo and tantrums.  These, too, shall pass.

 The Cluestick Posse will deal with Muffin Man's teacher, who is missing some fundamental fairness material.

Many thanks for everybody's support.  xoxox

Next up at the Wednesday Book Club:  5/22/13 - Sandcastle Girls, by Chris Bohjalian (hosted by Esperanza).  I really really like this book!

Monday, May 6, 2013

Redux + Renewal

The biggie is the oldie -- the neverending fireplacing brain-sploding SIL saga.  It's looking like she needs a new care facility.  There continue to be complications with ye olde ex.  Yadda. 

In anti-whines, we had a lovely dinner at my favorite cousins' house!  People should visit with the fun relatives, definitely. 

Our tiny garden grew its own blue potato!  Our first tater, and it's so cute.  We should so something special, right?  Not sure what, so recipe suggestions welcome.

Daughter has a job interview tomorrow -- for a real paying job!

There were big happy deer in the neighbor's yard, and one of them had these biggish 3-prong antlers all covered with perfect velvet.  Just nice to see the beautiful gentle ones so close.

What's up with you?

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Awards Show

I'm feeling decidedly uncreative, and I need to finish a sermon, so here is the Awards Show, boring version.

Elevated Risk of Mullet to Liz, a sentence I can hear myself saying at some future date: "they don't need my group for jury duty tomorrow. I was look[ing] forward to a day of reading on the government dime."  (Liz corrected that herself, I just moved correction to the quotation. Attention, citation police).

And "Jury Duty Brings Sunshine and Happiness" to kathy a's daughter, however weird that may be. I guess she got to read.

Hugs, chocolate, and happy places to people with sisters-in-law, Work Albatrosses, secretaries, IEPs, divorces to finalize, and snow.