Saturday, July 13, 2013

Colorful Awards!

My my my, what a week.

Today's ceremony begins with the Cluestick Posse visiting the esteemed members of the Texas Legislature, on accounta the gentlemen are a bunch of strutting, posturing, bullying, scaredy-cats.  Confiscating tampons -- just when you think you have already heard enough insanity for an entire lifetime, thankyouverymuch.  Neighbor Lady shall lead the Posse this week, since the spectacle inflicted great crotchetiness upon her, from a great distance.

Esperanza wins the Bravery in Action Medal, for living in Texas and proving that the entire state is not particularly represented by certain of its representatives. 

The Wedding Reception Death March Award goes to Sue, who sat with 200 others in a tent, in the rain, without food, for hours -- while the happy couple yukked it up indoors.  Ms. Manners does not approve.

Queen of West Procrastination wins the Housing Lottery, scoring excellent places to move, both interim and long term!  This award comes with a complimentary frying pan, so you need never talk to Downstairs Girl ever again.  And, we also crown her Queen of the Positive Attitude!

The Julia Child Award goes to JenR, who either made jam or peach sauce, but either way, yum!

Miranda wins the Awesome Job Change Award -- great job, good boss, lots of working from home, no more Albatross -- win win win win win!

Our own Doorbell Queen, Liz, wins the  Campaigning With Style Award, for an excellent presentation.  The Posse shall visit certain supporters of the opposition candidate, who are not exactly covering themselves in glory.

The bark was brought by Esperanza this week, and she therefore wins the Automotive Cleanliness Award for removing all traces of the disaster from Daddy's upholstery.  Henceforth, there will be no fiddling with the heat knobs in the back seat by Baboos. 

Neighbor Lady wins the Workout Award, for discovering that Neighbor Boy is an excellent walking coach!

Thanks for playing!  See you next week!

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esperanza said...

Well, there are lots of other people who deserve the Bravery in Action Award this week, but I guess among the pixies, I'll take it. Thank you greatly.