Sunday, September 15, 2013

super-late ceremony

The Scholarship Award goes to Queen of West Procrastination, whose September brings dealings with various research institutions.

Esperanza wins the Inner Librarian Award, for using some of her valuable Quiet Time to rearrange bookshelves.

Sue wins the Pastoral Care Award, for an abundance of persons in need.  xoxo

The Managing Meltdowns Award goes to Liz, whose big boy had a doozie.  95 out of 100 Pixies agree that wind-down and a snack go a long way; but sometimes, the guns must be stuck to.

E wins the Applesauce Award!

The Cuteness Award goes to Sweet, who lost it at breakfast but then said, "I sorry I cried and throw fits at breakfast, Mommy. I wuv you. I miss you today."

Mini wins the Elevated Risk of Mullet Award for: "I just got a booger on the chicken."

Congratulations to Jeni on the birth of her baby girl!

The Fireplacing Cancer is on notice that this behavior is unacceptable.  Hugs, love, and caring thoughts for all affected.  xoxoo