Monday, January 27, 2014

Back to the real world edition

No snow day today, so MM is back to school and I'm back to the office. What's shaking in your neck of the woods?

Edited to add:  this thread will stay open the week of 2/5.  Keep whining!  [k.a.]

Saturday, January 25, 2014


This week's ceremony is brought to you by the letters S, for soup, and T, for tissue and tea.  Complimentary hand sanitizer, naps, and pain relievers for all!

Andy heads the Dissatisfied Shoppers Club this week, with his whine about no pants for tall thin people; and he wins the coveted Elevated Risk of Mullet Award for this:  "I wear pants until they disintegrate, which can be a little embarrassing if it happens in public."  Honorable shopping angst mentions go to anyone dealing with bras, baby pants, shoes, swimsuits, and/or other items for which fit is elusive.  Esperanza scores the Shopping Bonanza with a well-priced bra that fits!

The Big Pot of Yummy Award goes to Esperanza, for her Southwest Lentil Soup.

Sue wins the Polar Bear Award, for needing to wear the heavy coat at work, and not getting any of those fabulous snow days even though it is like 40 below.  

KLee wins the College or Bust Award, with an impressive save -- getting that financial aid information in and making contact with a helpful official!

The Overbooked, Overtired Award goes to Miranda, who has a plateful.    We are impressed that you're dedicating time to the youth group, too!  And that you said no to the church dinner -- boundaries are good.

Also attending to the youth of the Pixie Nation, Queen of West Procrastination wins honors for Surviving the Parenting Buttinskies.  Whatever works!

Liz, the Doorbell Queen, devoted her considerable talents to a candidate who WON, and was on Maddow!  Woot!

Condolences to everyone who is sleep deprived, missing a loved one, losing a loved one, dealing with depression or other challenging conditions of a spouse or loved one, wishing for warmer weather, raking leaves, victimized by credit card scammers, attacked by unreasonable persons, forced against their will to have the theme song of some program burned into their cortex, searching frantically for inspiration or organization, or otherwise struggling with stuff.   

Cluesticks to all deserving parties.  First stop will be the parent who blamed the teacher for her kid's pee accident.

Apologies for what I missed.  Here's to next week being smoother!

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Apparently, there is a super-important game on today...

Is it just me, or does football season get longer every year?  My husband kept his love of the game secret until I got pregnant, approximately 6 years into the romance, at which time he immediately found the football he had since  age 10 and inflated it.  What was that about?  Then the football thing went dormant for years, and he only started watching again when our daughter was in a college marching band.

In my opinion, the marching bands are the only redeeming feature of the game, and pro ball does not have them.  It is fine with me if you have a different opinion.  Just don't expect me to get all excited about first downs, or whatever.

In happier news, the dish fairy came this morning, and there will be dinner not prepared by me tonight.  ;)

 Tomorrow, daughter and I will go to the Rosie the Riveter WWII Museum, where the motto is:

What's cookin' with you?

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Reunion Awards Show!

A hearty welcome back to KLee, CCW, and Andy! It's like 2006 this week! Seriously, it's so good to hear from all of you. Whine away, any week. We generally leave the post open most of the week, so no need to wait till Wednesday.

We were overflowing with funny, yet apt descriptions this week. We have combination Style/Mullet Awards for:
   Miranda, for coining the term "wasband"
   Miranda, for her extended metaphor with orcs and whatnot, but especially this gem: "generally less odious orc"
   and to Liz for this, which should be good for many occasions: "and nosy-parkers are the dung beetle cherry on that dog-pook [aka poop] cake."

Ralph and the Posse are busy with cluesticks and CAPITAL LETTERS for people who do not seem to understand the line between "this is your business" and "this is not your business" especially when it regards when/if/how many children someone else has. Good grief, people.

Cluesticks also to jerky kids and dish fairies who do not step up to the plate.

Work hugs for Miranda, Liz, kathy a and Neighbor Lady. You also get one of Sue's meditation hours.

Parenting hugs for anyone who needs one. Extra hugs to QWP's friend and her family this week.

I am quite certain I missed something and someone. Know that you are loved and we care about all whines, large, medium and small.

Tune in next week, when kathy a will do the honors.

Monday, January 13, 2014

The Kitchen is Closed This Week

Yep, you read that right. I outdid myself in the kitchen last week, both in quantity and quality, and now I'm tired of cooking. There are still some leftovers. The freezer is stocked. I'll make mac & cheese from box (last week, it would have been from scratch. Not the noodles though). But nothing fancy.

And I am really, really, really tired of washing dishes. Cooking makes dirty dishes, perhaps you weren't aware of that?

What's happening with you, pixies? Traveling, cooking, doctor appointmenting, parenting, pet parenting? Surely something whine-worthy. Spill the beans! (but not in my kitchen. I'm not cooking them, nor cleaning them up.)

No Awards: Mordor Prep Is Hard

I'm sorry, Pixies, but I could not get an award post up this weekend.  Things were unexpectedly hectic and I leave in the morning for Mordor.

Esperanza will be our gracious host next week.

Chocolate, comfort items, and solitude for all!

Monday, January 6, 2014

Who Left the Deep Freeze Open And Froze Most of North America?

We are all Middle Earth Canadians this week.  I have Extras lounging in my house and I am starting to feel stir crazy buried under negative windchills (F) and over a foot of snow.

I think I will put a pot of soup on and read a good book or two.  How are all of you? 

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Next week, maybe, with the focus...

Short ceremony this week.  Passing complimentary space heaters and snow days for those in need, and nice appetizing platters of food you don't have to cook yourself.

QWP's Lil E wins the Polysyllabic Wonder Award for her precocious phrase, "Yay biting!"  Kids say the darndest things.  ;)

Liz wins the Style Award, for her fabulous winter haikus

The Continuing Education March of Doom Award goes to Miranda, who somehow survived the drivel and emerged strong despite the effort to crush her mind and soul.

Ralph and the Cluestick Posse will be visiting Miranda's misguided church person, Purple Kangaroo's drainage commission, a school superintendent who can't call snow when there is major snow, the fireplacing cancer, and other deserving entities.  Also, whoever is in charge of temperatures in Middle Earth Canada -- go get your thermostat adjusted or something.

Many hugs and healing thoughts to Sue and her sister.  Fireplacing cancer.  xoxo

Many thanks for the kind thoughts about my friend S.  I miss her terribly.  She was such a remarkable person, such a good friend.