Monday, April 28, 2014

Greetings from the Home Office

I am here in the Big City preparing for the Meeting That Will Unite Us All.  They even called in a facilitator for it which seems a bit like overkill unless the meeting's true purpose is a bit more nefarious than it's seemingly banal third hand agenda would suggest.  I kid you not, the agenda boiled down to talking about Stuff and not stuff that should mean several us needed to travel to the Home Office in person from our far corners of the Great Lakes region. In the old days of not so distant past, I would try to be a standard bearer and Fight The Good Fight and now?

Since my whining must be constrained, please share yours.  All of yours.  Let us all support you and help you find the energy to continue fighting the good fight.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Door Prizes!

Kudos to great doctors, paper plates, sippy cups, teachers who get it, supportive advisers, upcoming vacation time, houses that sell right away, good non-germy handshakes, the dish fairy, the local great furniture guy, and other happy things.

Cluesticks to the Vector Family, the fireplacing cancer, the freakin' snow, persons who mean well but misunderstand the power of Bark, well-intentioned naptime enforcers who fail to understand the later consequences, the designers of job applications, those engaging in chunky politics, and anybody or anything causing "tired toenails" in another human being.

Hugs to those with heartache.  xoxo

Elevated Risk of Mullet to QWP, for Phantom Bark Smell.  Hope it's gone now!

And help yourself to chocolate, tea, jam and scones, coffee, and other refreshments.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Magical Mystery Whines

Have not yet had breakfast, and already I've channeled Liz's advice!  My SIL was out of it and not eating yesterday; and Saturday they reported swallowing trouble, maybe related -- and we need to ask them to check for UTI.  Yay for a possible solution!

AW:  Nice Easter dinner with the (adult) kids!   W:  Traditional post-festivity dish whine.

AW:  Daughter is now officially trained and ready to assume the fostering of kittens!  And it's kitten season!

One of my friends collects handshakes -- her theory is that when one person shakes hands with another, they are passing along all previous handshakes.  Rubin "Hurricane" Carter died yesterday; he was falsely imprisoned for murder, and back in the day, Bob Dylan wrote a famous song about him.  Anyway, I met Rubin once, so I remembered to tell my friend that he was part of her handshake collection.  You know how sometimes a gift really is perfect, even if it doesn't even cost anything?  I really like the idea of her handshake collection, also.

What's cooking with you?

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter Coma Awards

Guess what, pixies? This whining mama is worn out

Hugs to all with family members with illnesses of any kind.

Hugs to all with terrible weather.

Hugs to anyone with any other whines.

More whining next week, with a more inspired awards show, I hope!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Just Another Week of Whining

Religious/professional whining: I'm not preaching on Easter for the first time in three years. I won't be able to attend any services this week, because Baboos. Feeling a bit whiny about that.

Baboo whining: thinking of changing developmental doctors for Sweet, because the current one is smart but has the bedside manner of a prickly pear cactus who forgot to drink coffee this morning. We have one that she used to see, but insurance changes blah blah. Called his office this's been so long that she will be considered a new patient, which involves lots of extra red tape and phone calls. I tried the "but she's been seeing a developmental doctor all along" reason, but that didn't fly.

Further Baboo whining: some behavioral issues related to hunger that I'm trying to get a handle on. Exhausting.

And, I'm sure many of you will be joining in on this one: What the fireplace, weather? Cold front coming through right now that will drop the temp to near freezing in the morning. It's April. In Texas. C'mon, spring, get with the program.

Pixies? Let us have 'em, the good, the bad, the ugly, the Old Skool, and the existential. We'll hear them all.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Tigger Awards

The wonderful thing about Tiggers, is Tiggers are wonderful things.  And bouncy!  Here's to everyone bouncing back when those challenges come along.

The Teachers Rule, Meanies Drool Award goes to our Neighbor Lady, who got whomped with a nasty parent email plus meeting -- but survived the meeting and got fan mail as well!  We're also glad NB is doing well with his team and etc.

For Queen of West Procrastination, an End in Sight Award for slogging forward with the manuscript despite unreliable babysitting, the shift in naptimes, and general exhaustion.  This prize includes all the caffeine you can swill, lots of chocolate, and a bit of time to smell the roses or whatever.  Also, yay about the possible future paid work!

Esperanza wins the Old Skool Award, for a microwave that suddenly lost any ability to heat things, while still looking like it was working perfectly.  Congratulations also on the successful weekend, the nap well taken, and demonstrating the term "small but mighty" to the furniture guy.

Liz wins the Dreaded Tasks for a Good Cause Award, for multiple insurance applications, updating domains, and mapping a great summer for the boy!  Hurray!  And all that is done now.

The Rock Star Award goes to Sue, who scored tickets to see a favorite band!  Love and thoughts for your hubby -- hope he is on the road to recovery. 

The Word of the Week is "puny," which we have decided works perfectly well when someone's feeling under the weather, despite other local usage.  Thanks, Esperanza!

Cluesticks to mean people.

Many thanks for everyone's kindnesses. 

Monday, April 7, 2014


What with it being April all of a sudden, and our recent rain, everything has burst forth in blossoms and new greenery and sprouts and tendrils.  The hills are now looking the kind of green we normally see about January.  Poof!  If the show has not yet arrived in your neighborhood (thinking of you, Middle Earth Canada), it should be headed your way, at least.

W:  The household Wonderdog has gotten so spoiled.  She cries when The Man leaves.  She begs when The Man is home, but not yet taking her for a walk.  She slept with daughter one night last week, but the Wonderdog is a bed hog, and one of them didn't sleep well. Her personal superpower is crying so loudly that she can be heard for half a block, so I expect animal control to turn up one of these days and ask what horrible inhumane thing we are doing to her.  "Her man went to work," I will say, "and the cats and I won't let her spend the day lounging on the bed like a housecat."

AW:  My beloved finally realized that we can't get a puppy, because this dog will train the puppy.

W:  The employer of my beloved suddenly needs to see our marriage certificate in order to continue keeping me on the insurance plan.  We haven't needed to produce that document in at least 25 years.  It's around here someplace, but dog alone (not that dog) knows where.  I have to do a notarized form to get a copy!  But that's easier than searching the closets and so on. 

AW:  Homemade thai green curry.  Yum.

What's happening up your way?

Saturday, April 5, 2014


Did I mention low expectations? Sorry, but this will be brief. Our youngest is celebrating his 30th birthday today (how on earth did THAT happen so fast?) so there is a family dinner. In other words, I must clean this house. But not until I’ve finished the work I didn’t get done yesterday, go to the pharmacy and grocery store, and – most importantly – drink another cup of coffee.

So here goes:

First, on behalf of all the pixies, our deepest condolences to kathy a and her family on the loss of your beloved MIL. You are in our thoughts.

Hugs and love to NL for the worsening situation. Yay for having some help, though.

QWP takes the “Well, I Didn’t See That Coming” award for horrifying revelations about her ob/gyn. Back to the GP it is….

Sweet Baboo gets the “We Will Rock You” award for a stellar performance at the marathon medical appointment that involved a looooong drive. Here’s hoping there were naps to catch up on some sleep.

For Miranda, we have the “Underappreciated Elegance” award for coming up with a solution for the unbloggable. Sadly, some people can’t appreciate elegant solutions when they are right in front of them. Congrats on The Big Thing though!!!

Andy gets the Mr. Congeniality Award, for making the best of an injury and Light Duty by visiting his co-workers. Nice!

Also to Andy – the “Narcolepsy Can Be Fun” award for recommending Google Naps! J

To Liz, the “Here’s Your Hat, What’s Your Hurry?” award for the unwelcome return of Aunt Flo. I hope she takes the hint and leaves.

Finally, to QWP, the “Drum Roll Please” award – the Chapter is done! Yay!

For everyone who is sick again, sleepy, helping out with retreats, cleaning up puke, taking sleep-inducing cold meds, cleaning up the thin coat of yogurt on every surface, or anything else I missed – hang in there pixies. See you next week.