Friday, December 20, 2013

Fudge, Spicy Nuts, Gluten-free Pancakes, Divine Tea, Cat Forests of Delight

Passing the comfort platters, refreshing beverages of choice, and a side of Peace and Happiness to all!  Also, everybody gets at least one good night of sleep, and a "get out of jail free" card for when the annoying persons want you to do something.  And something sparkly, and a few hugs.

Esperanza wins the Recipe of the Week for her spicy roasted nuts!

Our Liz is the Queen of Advice, and this week she has distinguished herself with the explanation that one piece of advice probably requires a Yiddish accent.  Brava!  Hope that headache has departed but good, and that the room got painted.

The Word of the Week is "Duff" (thanks, Esperanza), and Sue wins the Lexicon Embellishment Prize as well as the coveted Elevated Risk of Mullet Award for her extremely valid complaint about "duff-holes" driving badly in snow. 

Neighbor Lady wins the Semester Survived Award, with a Science Rocks sash!  This prize includes some sleeping in over the break.  We are so happy you are a teacher.

The Totally Booked Award goes to Miranda, who has about 3.5 platefuls by our estimation, and is still a rock star.

Queen of West Procrastination experienced the Joy of Sleeping Past 6 a.m.!  May it happen again and again.  And may all the shopping and dissertating and whatever come together.

Many congratulations to Purple Kangaroo on the birth of her daughter N!  Many healing thoughts to you, PK.  xoxo

Ralph and the Cluestick Posse have some visits to make, the most urgent being to Ms. Crankypants, the woman who wants to force a "give me more time or get lost" ultimatum on a friendship.  So seasonal!  I'm guessing the Posse may stay busy this next week or so, what with all the ambient expectations, family togetherness, and whatnot.

I'm forgetting a lot, but here, have some more chocolate!  Hope all is reasonably calm and filled with select moments of delight this next week. 


Liz said...

Terrific awards!

Miranda said...

Beautiful awards, Kathy. The Holiday Whining thread will go up later. I am meeting my friend this morning.

Sue said...

Wonderful awards kathy!! Thanks!!!