Monday, May 28, 2018

Miserable Whining Edition

Well, we made it through the night. E and I are having a recurrence of the stomach virus that hit us a few days ago, triggered by my getting too lax with the gentle food diet, and by going out a bunch on a hot day. Mr. Q is camping, several hours away, with spotty cell coverage, with a group of grade 11 science students, and isn't going to be back until tomorrow night.

E last threw up at midnight, and I still haven't, but my stomach is still sore and angry today. There's a pile of disgusting laundry in my hallway, which I need to clean up immediately, but I'm not sure how to do it when I'm this sick. I'm hoping that my mom and come and help for a while today (I also checked with my in-laws, but they have urgent work today). E screamed at me a lot this morning, when I told her that she can't have any dairy today. (Dairy triggered all of this for her yesterday. Too much too soon.) I confess that I only got her to back down and have food and drinks within the BRAT diet by both sobbing and by threatening to dump out the rest of our milk, since she was trying to take it out of the fridge by herself. I now have her in front of the TV with toast, a banana, and some diluted juice, and I'm making some applesauce on the stovetop.

*Breathes* Okay. Mr. Q called and I whined at him a bunch, and E talked on the phone with him, and promised that she'd eat gentle food, and I'm a little more relaxed. I ignored the applesauce for too long and accidentally scorched it a bit, but I added some brown sugar, and I'll call it "caramel applesauce" and pretend it was on purpose.

Okay. Let's do this thing. How are you all doing?

Monday, May 21, 2018

The long household ordeal...

This is the last week of the big out of town thing for my husband, and not a moment too soon.  The thing started over 6 weeks ago, broken by a two week break in which he worked like heck and was out of town a lot.  Prep for the thing has been pretty intense for months, actually.

What with all the Dog and Dog Man mutual affection and mutual deep sorrow at absences, the short times The Man has been home tend to be complete spoil-fests -- rules are suspended!  From Clyde's end, any minute The Man is on the premises but not immediately adjacent to The Dog leads to alternating barks and pitiful crying.  Mama's looking forward to getting back to a better routine....

Weather is nice!  Not too hot; sunny; everything's growing like crazy.

I'm trying to settle in to my pending project, get some speed up -- but fortunately, I don't have to go anywhere for this one.

What's up with you?  

Monday, May 14, 2018

Hear ye, hear ye: Let the whining commence!

I meant to post earlier, but forgot I signed up!

There's been a disruption in the force at my house, since Mr. Dog Man was home for two weeks, and now (alas) he is gone again.  Our dog Clyde figured out The Man was leaving yesterday due to the packing of bags, hauling of things to the car, garage door opening without loading the dog in the car, etc., and commenced an impressive whine and bark fest.  Things settled down in time, but Le Dog was so eager to go see his doggy pals at day care this morning that he jumped right out of the car before I could grab his leash!  Jeesh. 

AW:  Daughter's in the middle of her last final of the year, yay!  Tomorrow, pizza night with son and my lovely DIL!

Also tomorrow, an exciting visit with the ob/gyn for the pap.  Thus, another spirited day care visit.  That should wear the pup out some.  Maybe he won't bark as much at my son, for no discernible reason.

What's the haps out your way? 

Monday, May 7, 2018

{Insert Creative Title Here} Whining

Yeah, that's right. I've got nothing creative, but I'm willing to host this week, so here we are.

The final month of the school year is my least favorite: so much frantic activity and "fun" at school can get to be overwhelming and too much. So much frantic activity on my part at home, as I rush to get things done which do not need Baboo "help."

Add in the regular tasks which need to be accomplished (cooking, cleaning, laundry, and the &$^&# grocery shopping), and my lists are getting too long.

What about you, pixies?