Monday, November 27, 2017

This is Going to be a Better Week. I Declare It.

...which is not to say there won't be anything to whine about.

As the holiday nutty gets in full swing, what are your whines, pixies? Lay 'em on us.

Monday, November 20, 2017

Thanksgiving (U.S.) Special

My friend and houseguest left this morning.  It was fun to see her here and there -- she was so busy, but just being able to chat and visit some was great!  Her husband joined her last night; don't know him well, so that was nice, too.  Clyde decided they're OK, he's forgiven them for using the front door (which for some reason, is the one thing that sets him off).

Now, onward to shopping for T-day things, for dinner at the in-laws'!  I'm taking veggies and dip (old standby), a savory sweet potato gratin (with sausage, by request of the co-mom), tortellini with pesto (as veg dish for DIL, and/or side), and a pumpkin pie made from an actual pumpkin instead of a can.  Hoping to find some less usual veggies for the appetizers, like watermelon radish.

 The son of my elderly neighbors came from overseas and is staying with them a while, which I think is making everybody happy.

What's going on with you?

Monday, November 13, 2017

Deep fall; careening toward winter!

Here we are again!  Pathetically short days.  The weather many places has turned on a dime:  comfy to freezing; red-hot with fires to gloomy; etc.  Thanksgiving (U.S.) is just next week -- and that means full holiday madness is nearly upon us.  Hold on for the ride!

I do at least have my dishes worked out for the Fabulous In-Law Turkey Extravaganza!  Need to get cracking on holiday cards, stocking stuffers, and at least some kind of presents for the kids.  (We do not do presents for same-generation folks, except spouses.)

Meanwhile, my beloved has a birthday this week.  He is impossible to shop for, because he just gets things he wants.  But we are going to dinner at one of his favorite places, so I think that will do.

What's going on at your place?

Monday, November 6, 2017

Surprise Early Winter Edition

My part of the world was unexpectedly blanketed in a thick layer of snow, this past week, and while I'm used to flurries in November (we've even had snow in August once, more than twenty years ago), I was surprised to find that the snow has no plans of going away. Thankfully, Mr. Q finally dug out and harvested our carrots, because the temperature dipped below -20C last night (the windchill was almost -30C). I've cancelled the next few days' activities, since I refuse to take my feverish preschooler out into that nonsense (unless it's a trip to the doctor). We're going to hibernate: TV, hot tea, fuzzy blankets, and thankful that the extreme cold means that it's sunny outside.

But, as I stare out at the snow and northern climate, my heart is far south of here, with esperanza and all the dear ones who live near yesterday's awful events. I can't imagine the hard job of pastoring in the wake of a nearby church shooting, and supporting those whose loved ones were hurt. And I rage at those who refuse to act to change the situation. Enough. Well past too much.

How are you all?