Saturday, June 22, 2013

Chocolate cake, brownies, and banana bread for Everyone!

Queen of West Procrastination wins the Baking Goddess Award for her variety of soothing baked goods this week, none of them pie, proving that she is multi-talented.

This week's Useless Object Award is for bread-shaped doorstops, the production of which seems to be a Pixie specialty. 

The Wash Our Eyes With Bleach Award goes to those pieces of the Intertubes featuring an unhealthy devotion to feet, something a person does not want to discover unaware of the danger that such things exist.

The Word of the Week is "frugal,"  which as Esperanza points out, sounds so much more complimentary than "cheapskate."   QWP's dad wins the crown, having gone close to 60 years without paying for a haircut!

The Graceful Hostess Award goes to Sue, who had far-traveling guests to dinner and managed to do no harm to herself in the dangerous kitchen.  Take that, you sneaky freezer door!

The Perils of Parenting Award goes to Esperanza,  who has had it up to here with slow-pokes -- bringing out the big guns, "no rodeo for you, young miss, if you don't get out of those jammies!"  Esperanza also brings the Bodily Fluids, in the form of a carpet puddle suggesting that the great potty training adventure might have a few loose ends yet.

Congratulations to Miranda, on the unloading of the dreaded Work Albatross!

Happy Dance for A(nother) Nonny Mouse's news about the great date!

Cluesticks to that pediatrician, who keeps referring QWP's little one for specialty consults even though E's head is normal.  Also to the sister who stayed up half the night chatting with friends, then complained far and wide that she had to drive part of the way home.  Also to any Fun Parents who make Fun Decisions and leave the consequences to a more beleaguered parental unit.  And finally, to heavy-handed big guys, people who  mislead others about their future plans, those responsible for horrible meetings, and others in need of a nice clue by four. 

Many thoughts are with all those affected by the terrible flooding in Canada.  So glad that Sue's friend was rescued. 

Book club!  Remarkable Creatures, by Tracey Chevelier, hosted by Miranda, is still open for comments.

Next up:   July 10, 2013 - Les Miserables [2012 movie version].

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Sue said...

"clue by four" *lol*