Monday, May 21, 2018

The long household ordeal...

This is the last week of the big out of town thing for my husband, and not a moment too soon.  The thing started over 6 weeks ago, broken by a two week break in which he worked like heck and was out of town a lot.  Prep for the thing has been pretty intense for months, actually.

What with all the Dog and Dog Man mutual affection and mutual deep sorrow at absences, the short times The Man has been home tend to be complete spoil-fests -- rules are suspended!  From Clyde's end, any minute The Man is on the premises but not immediately adjacent to The Dog leads to alternating barks and pitiful crying.  Mama's looking forward to getting back to a better routine....

Weather is nice!  Not too hot; sunny; everything's growing like crazy.

I'm trying to settle in to my pending project, get some speed up -- but fortunately, I don't have to go anywhere for this one.

What's up with you?  

Monday, May 14, 2018

Hear ye, hear ye: Let the whining commence!

I meant to post earlier, but forgot I signed up!

There's been a disruption in the force at my house, since Mr. Dog Man was home for two weeks, and now (alas) he is gone again.  Our dog Clyde figured out The Man was leaving yesterday due to the packing of bags, hauling of things to the car, garage door opening without loading the dog in the car, etc., and commenced an impressive whine and bark fest.  Things settled down in time, but Le Dog was so eager to go see his doggy pals at day care this morning that he jumped right out of the car before I could grab his leash!  Jeesh. 

AW:  Daughter's in the middle of her last final of the year, yay!  Tomorrow, pizza night with son and my lovely DIL!

Also tomorrow, an exciting visit with the ob/gyn for the pap.  Thus, another spirited day care visit.  That should wear the pup out some.  Maybe he won't bark as much at my son, for no discernible reason.

What's the haps out your way? 

Monday, May 7, 2018

{Insert Creative Title Here} Whining

Yeah, that's right. I've got nothing creative, but I'm willing to host this week, so here we are.

The final month of the school year is my least favorite: so much frantic activity and "fun" at school can get to be overwhelming and too much. So much frantic activity on my part at home, as I rush to get things done which do not need Baboo "help."

Add in the regular tasks which need to be accomplished (cooking, cleaning, laundry, and the &$^&# grocery shopping), and my lists are getting too long.

What about you, pixies?

Monday, April 30, 2018

(End of) April Showers Edition

It is cold and rainy outside today, and I am absolutely thrilled. You see, we had an incredibly long winter, with piles of snow, and a really slow melt, and that left my city covered in snow mold. For the past week, the city has been dusty and windy, and every time I went outside, I came inside with no voice. I had a cold that I just couldn't shake. E was miserable as well (I suspect that a lot of her recent motion sickness issues are similar to the dizziness that my sister and I have been experiencing, thanks to our ears and sinuses).

But, last night, it started raining. And it's still raining today. The whole city is being washed clean. And I woke up with clear sinuses, and with my voice returned. I can get up suddenly without dizziness. I have never been happier to wake up to a cold, dark, drizzly morning.

How are things where you are?

Monday, April 23, 2018

Love love love love, crazy love

While my beloved was home for a couple nights, sharing his Man Cold with me [cough], he kept doing all this stuff.  Like, he washed my car, and then turned it into a Dogmobile!  So, I'm just calling this placement of magnets a love note, and full recognition that I am an alpha dog instead of just a cat lady.  :) 

Clyde the Wonder Dog is adjusting to the absence of the Dog Man.  But when I was all set to go in the car this morning, he knew he was going to Day! Care!! -- and I swear, he bounced around in tiny circles in the kitchen, such was the joy of the moment!  More bouncing when he got there!

Things will be busier, work-wise, for some months.  That's actually good.

 Weather is glorious right now!

And, how are you?

Monday, April 16, 2018

Endless Winter Whining

It's officially mid-April, and it's still. fireplacing. winter here. At least we're getting some more melting happening today, but it's supposed to snow again tonight! I'm trying to keep perspective, and be thankful that the awful drought is over at last, but dear goodness!

I've lost all perspective. I'm so tired of this snow. And it's not even nice snow? It's like the grimy, brownish stuff, as the snow slowly melts and reveals all the grossness that have accumulated since November the Fireplacing First, when we also had our first unseasonably-early heavy snowfall, which never went away. And then we get a little more snow, and then it just gets soupier and grosser.

How are things where you are?

Monday, April 9, 2018

Monday Monday

Hello there Pixies!

How's everyone doing on this Monday evening?

It was a loooong day at Chez Sue yesterday. Hubby has an infection which was not resolving, so off to the ER yesterday afternoon. We didn't have to wait terribly long to get in, but the docs were all very busy, so getting lab results etc took some time. We both had our e-readers with us, thank goodness.

Today was spent napping with intermittent periods of wakey time, mostly to play with bored kittens.