Monday, October 16, 2017

Constant Mild Ickiness Edition

A sure sign that we're fully into the preschool school year: since the beginning of September, our home life has been a constant parade of mild ickiness. Tiny colds and bits of upset stomachs pass through our home, as they pass through the homes of all the other preschoolers and friends. E and I are both sniffling a bit, and on the way home from the indoor playground, she complained that her tummy was queasy, and her friend (with whom we went to said playground) apparently is just now recovering from croup, and so we'll see how all this pans out over the next few days.

And so I raise my glass of hot herbal tea with honey to all the rest of you pixies, and ask how it's going in your home this week.

Monday, October 9, 2017

Oh, I'm late!

I signed up to host, and forgot all about it because we woke up to a whole lot of smoke this morning.  The many fires are 40-50 miles away, but massive -- and our area also remains under a high fire danger warning because it is dry, warm, and somewhat windy.  (Much windier last night.)  Things are very chaotic in the areas affected.

My SIL is in care in one of the affected counties.  The phone line to her place is out -- there are lots of outages, even outside the fire zones -- but the director of her place responded to an email and said they're OK for now, and they have an evacuation plan if needed.   Crossing fingers. 

Anyway, distracted... 

AW:  My son and DIL came for dinner last night, and it was great.  They got to meet Clyde.  The dog was wary of my son for some reason, but son got to feed him treats, and Clyde signaled acceptance by grabbing the shirt my son carelessly left in reach, and slobbering on it.

Happy Thanksgiving to our Canadian Pixies!

Wishing Liz good luck as she starts her new job!

What else is going on?

Monday, October 2, 2017

Wednesday Whining - Last Week Before the New Job Edition

First, to get it off my mind: Good substitutes for chocolate or caffeine are Caffix with a syrup of ginger and cinnamon;  Ginger tea; cinnamon tea; strong flavors; lots of little snacks.

Back to the new job: Starts the 10th, so far filling out lots of paperwork. I am in love with pdfs you can fill out and ship back without printing them off.

I'm doing as much as possible this week to prep for the fact that there will be 10 hours each day when I won't be here. It's been three years since that's been the case.

What's up in your lives?

Monday, September 25, 2017

It's a dog!

Here's Clyde, who had no trouble settling in and making himself at home!  Clyde's about two, and a rescue from Hurricane Harvey.  He is just the sweetest.

It turns out that Clyde is a little higher-energy than projected, and really really really wants to do something with somebody all the time.  Which was his schedule this weekend.  But today, The Man went to work, so we are having some sads.  This has led me to suggest something I never thought I would, that maybe we need another dog to keep this dog company?   We already had a resident dog, the last time we got a younger dog; they entertained one another.

My husband is totally smitten, and he no longer has a dog-shaped hole in his life.

What's the haps with you?

Monday, September 18, 2017

Lurching toward fall

The end of summer is officially this Friday!  It pretty much feels over already, since school's back almost everywhere.

Mattress and rug for the room formerly known as daughter's are arriving today.  The dead car is finally being towed away today -- it was supposed to be Friday, but the tow truck needed its own tow truck.

My husband couldn't find his wallet this morning.  He discovered that he had accidentally run it through the washing machine, which I think is pretty Old Skool.

What's happening at your place?

Monday, September 11, 2017

Settling into Routine Edition

We have a new routine, starting up this week, for the new school year. Today was E's first piano lesson (with a group of tiny friends), taught by my friend. Tomorrow is her first real day of her second year of preschool, where she'll be going for three afternoons a week (as opposed to two shorter mornings, as she did last year). Add to that Mr. Q's night class (starting tomorrow), two more batches of play dough to make before tomorrow, and a lot of food prep (as we process this year's garden, and freeze meals for the busy days), this week is going to be a bit exhausting for the Q family.

Outside of my little bubble, we watch anxiously to see what damage comes of this latest awful hurricane. At the same time, folks like esperanza and her church help with the cleanup effort from the last one.

With your big and small whines and anti-whines, how are you all doing?

Monday, September 4, 2017

September whines, antiwhines, and misc.

Happy Labor Day to U.S. pixies!   We're having my son and his sweetie over for dinner (BBQ, corn, salad), and that's about it.

My sweetie is repainting the accent walls of the room formerly daughter's.  I'm supposed to go back to rug shopping, ugh, and pick one.

The temps around here are dropping from "broil" to a mere "swelter," so that's good.

What's up with you?