Monday, September 26, 2016

Hello, new week!

W:  This is going to be another day when we wish there was air conditioning.  Last night, it was still 80F in the house at midnight, with all fans running!  Supposed to be hotter today.  AW:  My beloved nighttime fog will return tomorrow.

W:  Unfortunately, it is also another day when the UPS guy says he's coming.  I'm really going to be cranky-pants if he stands me up again.  Not sure why they didn't attempt delivery on Saturday, when my beloved could have sat here waiting.

AW:  There's enough leftover BBQ from last night that we need not worry about cooking! 

What's new at your place?

Monday, September 19, 2016

Staring Blankly at the Wall Edition

It's Monday; Li'l E is at preschool, and I am at home. It was a rocky morning, getting her ready (worsened by the headache she has, after she fell off the potty last night, and hit her head on a wooden stool: no signs of concussion so far, but her head is sore, and she's a bit cranky). She was already in a mood yesterday, and cried about: wanting to take home an electric billboard, and put it in our living room in the place of our TV; not wanting to take off her outside shoes when she was inside; the fact that the jewel sticker that she'd just put on her stuffed kitty's nose would someday fall off; that she was too tired to eat pizza (no kidding, kid). But she was cheerful when I got her to school, and now that I've hauled a thousand pounds of playdough with us on our walk to school (I did it, you guys! I made all the playdough for the preschoolers!), I'm going to spend this precious hour and a half sitting very quietly, with my feet at, staring at the wall. (Okay, I'm also making banana bread for future preschool snacks, but it's in the oven now, and I definitely won't do any more work while E is away.)

How are you all doing?

Monday, September 12, 2016

I Am Not in Paris Whining

W: Three "grown up" parties over the weekend have left me pretty tired. (The Baboos have named them "grown up" parties aka "boring."

AW: The final of the three was for my people rather than Mr. E's, so I enjoyed it very much. But still, introvert overload.

AW: A tiny nap this morning

W: I do not seem to be on a wonderful and fulfilling trip right now. :)

What are your whines, pixies?

Monday, September 5, 2016

Labor day; back to school; adventures all around!

What's happening at your place?

We're taking off on Thursday.  Starting to get excited!  Junior cat must be picking up on the vibes, because she's been getting into all kinds of trouble, and eating roughly her body weight in kibble every day.

Monday, August 29, 2016

The Bus, The Bus, I Love the Bus!

AW: The Baboos still think it's fun to ride the bus. I (a person who rode the bus throughout junior high and into high school), know that it will not always be fun. So I'm enjoying it while it lasts.

AW: It saves me so much time sitting in the car line. Hooray, bus!

W: There was still lots of whining and prodding and nagging this morning, in order to make it to the bus stop on time.

How are things going in your world, pixies?

Monday, August 22, 2016

New Week!

As summer winds down, guess things have been fairly busy all around.

Took a break after the last albatross, and have decided what to do next.  Although breaks are not very usual for me, I really needed this one.  Daughter is off to her new job today.

Hope everyone's heads are healing from the recent spate of bonks!  Miranda, fingers crossed about the visit from your dad.  Sue, hope you have been enjoying your vacation.

What's new?

Monday, August 15, 2016

Calm Before the Storm Edition

I'm utterly alone, but not for long: Mr. Q and Li'l E are heading back from the family camping trip today. (I haven't heard a word from them in forty-eight hours! This is the longest I've gone without any contact with my kiddo! I appreciate the break, but I'm getting a little separation anxiety here.) It's also the (fairly busy) calm before the storm around here, in that we're into the second-last week before our Busiest School Year Ever begins!

And so I'm going to enjoy the quiet while I can. (I'm also going to volunteer for hosting here as much as possible before the frantic busy schedule begins! And I suspect that it's for the best for me to volunteer, with Sue on vacation, Kathy approaching medical stuff, Miranda recovering, esperanza dealing with the baboos...)

How are things in your neck of the woods?