Monday, April 16, 2018

Endless Winter Whining

It's officially mid-April, and it's still. fireplacing. winter here. At least we're getting some more melting happening today, but it's supposed to snow again tonight! I'm trying to keep perspective, and be thankful that the awful drought is over at last, but dear goodness!

I've lost all perspective. I'm so tired of this snow. And it's not even nice snow? It's like the grimy, brownish stuff, as the snow slowly melts and reveals all the grossness that have accumulated since November the Fireplacing First, when we also had our first unseasonably-early heavy snowfall, which never went away. And then we get a little more snow, and then it just gets soupier and grosser.

How are things where you are?

Monday, April 9, 2018

Monday Monday

Hello there Pixies!

How's everyone doing on this Monday evening?

It was a loooong day at Chez Sue yesterday. Hubby has an infection which was not resolving, so off to the ER yesterday afternoon. We didn't have to wait terribly long to get in, but the docs were all very busy, so getting lab results etc took some time. We both had our e-readers with us, thank goodness.

Today was spent napping with intermittent periods of wakey time, mostly to play with bored kittens.


Monday, April 2, 2018

Everybody can relax now...

It is no longer the busiest season in the pastoral profession, and I assume we all got through April Fool's day unscathed.  (Do kids even do that any more?)

Plus -- we of the Northern Hemisphere are all noticing, lots more sunlight!  More every day!  It's like a miracle!

Although many schools had last week as a Spring Break, the local schools are off this week.  So, a teacher friend and another longtime friend and I have a date for breakfast, at a place I've not been before.  Yay!

Hoping for dinner maybe Friday with the returning honeymooners.  My beloved goes out of town Sunday for this big thing that is supposed to last 3 weeks, and he's in the Swamp of Preparation right now.

What's going on up your way?

Monday, March 26, 2018

Hectic Whining

Greetings from Germies Central (the germies seem to have flown away from Kathy A's house, and landed at mine). I'm about to load up on cold medicine, and haul Li'l E to her piano lesson (she's taking a thousand years in the bathroom, and so I have a moment before the lesson to post this), where everyone will be thrilled that I brought the germies.

Hugs to all the clergical pixies, for whom this is an incredibly hectic week.

A brief housekeeping note: I will be only able to use my phone, and not my computer (and will be away from consistent wifi) on the weekend. I can comment from my phone, but can't make/edit blog posts, or moderate comments. On the weekend, can anyone who is around pitch in to help with that?

Monday, March 19, 2018

Run away, little germies...

Got the runny nose, everything aches, exhausted, somewhat queasy thing going on.  Bleah.  Hoping my tax guy can fit me in, once I'm less infested; this was not a good morning for our appointment, after all.

Didn't have enough energy to drive Clyde to day care.  That's probably just as well, since today is sunny, and there will be rain much of the rest of the week -- he's just not into rain.  He acts just like a cat if sunbeams are available, stretching out and absorbing the wonderfulness.  ;)

My beloved has all this work to get ready for a trial in a few weeks, with bonus out-of-town meetings and stuff.

What's the happenings with you?

Monday, March 12, 2018

Is it Spring yet?

I hope it's coming soon!  So very nice to have the days growing longer, and some fruit trees have burst into blossom.

Some more rain is due tonight -- which is good, since we need the moisture, but I've had about enough gloom to last a little while.

Sadly, I have put off organizing my tax stuff, and need to get that together this week.

What's the news with you?

Monday, March 5, 2018

Whining from under a pile of snow

Spring might be coming to other parts of the world, but a significant percentage of my country woke up to a giant pile of snow this morning! So far, I'm a little relieved by it (this ends the driest 15 months in our city's records, and that includes the Dustbowl Dirty Thirties). But parents around the city are scrambling to drive their kids to school, because the school buses aren't running. Our piano lessons were postponed, because between the teacher's need to drive her kids to school, and then to allow much more time to get across town for a later appointment, there's no time for piano today.

Li'l E is in heaven, of course. She's been disappointed by how little snow we've had this year, and with no preschool on Mondays, the only item on her agenda is to play in the yard for as long as possible.

Which means that I'm not getting a lot of indoor cozy time. Think of me, as you go about your warmer days, as I sit in a snowbank, drinking tea from  my travel mug, watching a five year old make her thirtieth snow angel.