Monday, August 14, 2017

Wednesday Whining - Rage and Sadness Edition

I have spent the weekend rage-tweeting, and re-tweeting other people's rage tweets.

Here's a safe space to be angry, or sad, or to just bring your small victories or annoyances.

Monday, August 7, 2017

Weird summer winding down...

I mean weird mostly in a good way!  Such big developments there have been in my family, between our son's wedding, and the re-launch of daughter to a new academic endeavor.  All this must seem impossible to those with little persons; but it wasn't that long ago that mine were little and funny and adorable.  And so on.

There is still a fair amount of leftover stuff around the house.  I'm working on more donations.  Found a good home with a school reading specialist, for this enormous collection of Babysitter Club books!  Am also placing a beautiful annotated Alice with a former member of this blog, so the "vultures" at the free book exchange don't knock one another over trying to snatch it right out of my hands.  (They're awful!)  The trash and recycle bins will be full, as I'm dumping a lot of "product" that was left behind, or is past prime, or that nobody here will ever use again. 

I'll be flying to visit daughter on Friday.  We still don't know when her boxes and the furniture she shipped will arrive, so I might need to receive those after she starts orientation.  We'll see!

What's new with you?  It seems on the early side for back to school, but surely that is on the minds of several Pixies.  Any vacation plans?  Big summer projects proceeding apace?  Bring us your whines, your antiwhines, the rants about the whatever.

Monday, July 31, 2017

August already???

Greetings pixies!

I can't quite believe it's already the last day of July. The spring/summer seems to have flown by. It's odd though, because my days on sabbatical have been an exercise in slow living...leisurely coffee on the balcony, good books, writing, long get the idea. Still, here it is - August!

Huge AW however, as August is vacation let the slow living continue!!

What's new in your world? Whine away, friends!

Monday, July 24, 2017

Dry dry dry whining

We are in the midst of a record-setting drought here (this will be familiar territory for Kathy). It's doing weird things in my city, which sits on an ancient lake bed, with clay soil that is usually a sponge full of water. Usually, we have problems with the moisture content of the soil (cracking foundations, water in basements, sump pumps), but it turns out that this long drought is just as tricky: without the ground moisture, all the houses are shifting in new ways (half of our interior doors aren't latching right now, and the other half of them stick shut so hard that you have to hip check them to get them open). There have been electrical fires all over the city, as shifting soil and underground power lines have caused things to go askew. I'm keeping a close eye on my house, because our structural engineer warned us that a severe drought, followed by a really wet year, could worsen the tiny foundation crack that we have.

The forecast keeps saying that it'll rain in a few days. Meanwhile, the sidewalk chalk from late June remains untouched.

How are things where you are?

Monday, July 17, 2017

Moving right along; or, how to turn your house into a warehouse

Since daughter intends to move totally out of state in 3 weeks -- and swears she is not returning to her old room ever again -- a lot will be happening between now and then!  Really a lot has to happen this week, so she can get the movers all lined up and tell them exactly what she is hauling.  Therefore, the boxes are starting to pile up, and I have high hopes for the designated "donation" sector of the dining room, too.  A chunk of the dining room table is now dedicated to kitchen stuff -- things that belong to her, things that might be useful.  This Will Get Done! Which will bore and/or annoy everybody to tears; apologies in advance.

 So, y'all need to come up with some better material than is available chez moi!


Monday, July 10, 2017

On the road edition

We're headed out this week on an apartment-hunting expedition, leaving tomorrow.  Host appearances might be scarce, with a side of extremely boring updates, because I bet you're dying to know whether we can find the Trader Joe's, and whether or not the bargain furniture store is a winner.

I've already got my laundry done and laptop charged, just need to print the boarding passes at the appropriate time, secure cash, and remember to line up a taxi.  My fab cousin will be checking in on the cats (we have warned that he might never see them -- but they'll be keeping on eye on the kibble levels, yes indeed). 

It must be more or less the mid-point of summer already!  How time flies.

What's happening at your place?

Monday, July 3, 2017

Independence Day Edition

Our dear Canadian Pixies, how did you celebrate Canada Day?

American Pixies, what's on the agenda for tomorrow?  We have a wonderful local festival with food, music, booths, games, arts and crafts, etc.  Then we will probably BBQ some stuff in the evening, go up the hill behind our house to see the big displays around the nearby bay (assuming the fog holds off).

Next week, daughter and I will be going to the town where she's moving to hunt apartments.

What else is new for you?