Monday, August 27, 2012

Sweet thoughts

Esperanza's Sweet Baboo (an honorary niece of the Pixie tribe since, well, forever) is having her foot surgery tomorrow.   Sending love and healing thoughts that things go well, and recovery goes as smoothly as possible.

Juggling one baboo in casts (in Texas heat!  for 6 weeks!  and the casts can't get wet!) and another adorable and active baboo, plus the usual -- well, that is several platefuls.   Crossing fingers that offers of help and opportunities for little breaks-from-duty appear, and are accepted.  And we have one word for those who expect something else of you:  NO.  Violators will be cluesticked.

I'm still winding down from Giant Project, dealing with miscellaneous leftovers and noticing Things That Should Be Dealt With.  It was so lovely to take a day off and have fun with daughter at the museum yesterday, though!  I forget how glorious it is to have fun.  Today, dust bunnies and file piles.  (That sounds like I'm about to kick some file-pile butt, but probably not.  Not in one day week, anyway.)

What is new with you?  Please share your whines and anti-whines, big and small, stupid and noble; extra credit for humor and style. 

Friday, August 24, 2012

Awards! The Musical!

My my my, my Pixies.  Such a week.  Let's dance!

In honor of all the worthy dirty work, and with a nod to certain idjits seeking to diminish by reprehensible means the dignity and rights of women, let's start with the Nine to Five AwardsEsperanza, whose dance card on dirty work is fullSue, Liz, YT, and all who are concerned about certain recent events.  OK, this is a tacky musical selection, so sue me.  I decline to be reduced to a sputtering wad of angst.  Are we doormats, or are we Pixies?

Our own Esperanza wins the Splish Splash Award, as she contemplates bathing Sweet with two casts, after surgery next week.  We are all crossing fingers, and sending love.  Many hugs, much chocolate, and lots of plastic bags accompany this prize.  PS -- it is OK to aim for "not toxic" instead of "pristine."

The We are Family Award goes to Esperanza, worried about her grandmother and daughter;  Sue, enjoying visits with her sisters;  Yankee Transferred, who did not even take time to brag about the fabulous grandbaby! (yay!); Neighbor Lady, who we estimate has some back to school things going on; and Everybody.

For all in need, the Peace Train Award.  Just think it's good to keep the happy thoughts in mind.  Peace to us all.  

Cluesticks to the clueless.  You know who they are.

Passing the refreshing beverages, the duct tape, sinful cookies, pizza, some nice summer fruit, a slice of humor, and a good night's sleep.  xoxoxo

Monday, August 20, 2012

Setting free the albatross

Today's the day.  The unbloggable Giant Project will get where it is going!  Knock wood.  It's been a harrowing few days of cleaning up details; a bundle of lost sleep.  A lot of people contributed, and everybody's a hero today.  I'm bringing lunch for those who can make it, right before the big send-off.  And chocolate, on general principle.  Have some, my friends!  You have been ever so patient and encouraging.

Diva cat has been quite unhappy about the proceedings lately, since the work on my desk interferes with her bathing preferences.  Apparently, original documents are the best place to bathe -- so clean and pretty -- the staff has treated her quite rudely.  And those faxes and copies -- that machine is her throne.  (She has enjoyed joining the many phone calls, though, adding her two cents where she sees fit.)

I know there are a bunch of things that I've put off for the duration; now I just need to remember what they are.  "Bulldoze dust bunnies" is probably on the list.  Maybe it's time for the Easter display on my mantle to come down.  Also, maybe I'll go get me some of that fun.  And a haircut.  The possibilities are dizzying!

What's happening over where you are?

Friday, August 17, 2012

Rodeo Awards--Belt Buckles & Saddles for Everyone!

Congratulations to kathy a for completing (well, almost) the Giant Project of Doom!

Several awards in the Advice category this week:
Sarah at Ratatat reminds us all: And the perfect is the enemy of the good - so done is much better than not done. 
And kathy a reminds Sarah's ex: none of his beeswax

Food brought to you by kathy a's Chinese takeout, and Liz's Chocolate Decadence

Many hugs to kathy a and assorted relatives who have to deal with the SiLfH (and her oh-so-influential feline companion).

Waving hello to Sue!

Thanks for the hugs about my grandmother. She is fine, except when she isn't. And she's 93, so the "isn't" times are getting worse. 

Be sure to check in for post-Giant Project whining next week, hosted by kathy a!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Rodeo Roundup of Whining

A couple of weeks ago, the Baboos and I spent the afternoon at a local youth rodeo. Sweet, in particular, was entranced. Since then, they have been playing "rodeo" in various incarnations:

  • "Little People" horses (and other animal friends) barrel racing around stacking cups. Applause after each contestant.
  • Mini racing around the living room at top speed, in a circle, yelling "I wunning awound bawwels!!" (that is supposed to be "barrels" but looks disturbingly like "bowels." Sorry.)
  • Stuffed horses going "weally fast" 
  • Necklaces being used to rope imaginary calves

We apparently have rodeo fever. This isn't necessarily a whine, just the state of things around here. What whines are running in your rodeos, pixies?

Friday, August 10, 2012

Awards! At least you don't have a Lego up your nose edition

Esperanza gets the Wisdom of the Ages Award for "If he's looking at your shoes instead of your face, he's not the one." Quoted for truth, friends. Quoted for truth.

Sarah gets the Back on the Horse Award for going on a date! And liking the movie! The company wasn't a winner, but enjoying parts of going out again after trauma is a really Good Thing.

Kathy A. gets the My Beloved Cleaned Out the Garage in Time for My Son to Fill it With Not One But Two Inoperable Cars Award. I don't know if there's a can big enough for that.

Kathy A. also wins the Style Award for her formatting woes. It ain't poetry, but anytime you have to deal with Word's formatting hell, is a time you need a style award.

Sue gets kudos for letting us know of a good series!

Neighbor Lady brought the dark chocolate with sea salt this week, so she gets the drool-covered keyboard.

Hugs to everybody who is having a hard time with the national news this week. Watch the Olympics, it sure makes me feel better.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Wednesday Whining - What Does Well Regulated Mean Anyway?

When do we get to talk about the first part of the Second Amendment and how keeping guns out of the hands of extremists could cut down on the number of mass shootings at schools and churches?

Here's a refresher on what the Second Amendment says:

"A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed"

Friday, August 3, 2012


The coveted Elevated Risk of Mullet Award goes to JenR, for "I am in a 5000 square foot open office space and there is one fly in here buzzing around my head."  Hope you have a great vacation!

Sue wins the You Look Fabulous, Dahling Award, for the joy of looking and feeling great. 

The Fine Dining Award goes to Esperanza, who reports on the joy of an anniversary getaway:  "Just enjoyed a meal in which I did not have to (a) wipe anyone else's mouth or (b) pick up anything off the floor or (c) cook it or (d) clean up after it."

Liz wins the Friend Indeed Award, for her many good tips, this week and always.

The Recipe for De-Stress Award goes to Sarah, who recommends:  massage. yoga. chocolate. alcohol. Vary as needed ;-)

Cluesticks to those nagging little voices saying mean things -- the ones in our heads, and the ones belonging to select relatives.

Thanks for playing!