Monday, November 24, 2014

Hippo Holidays Food Edition

Thanksgiving is the week in the U.S., which immediately catapults us into the "You Will Be Festive, Dammit" season of cheer, beginning with the traditional trampling of the competitors at  various insane black friday sales.

Obviously, there is a high potential for both regular and holiday-related whines this week, and we are here for you!  But please also feel free to share your favorite recipes, stories of amazing feasts, and the like!

And any gratitudes you'd like to share, of course!  Antiwhines are always welcome.

We're going to son's girlfriend's parents' Thanksgiving, which features an abundance of family, friends, food, and dogs.  It's hilarious, too, because GF's dad always invites his best friends and their families, so they pull out all these stories from high school and college, break spontaneously into song, etc.

Anyway, we're taking a savory sweet potato gratin (oh, heck -- forgot the cream) and an apple-blueberry pie.  I'll make some cranberry sauce, too -- for us, they don't need more at the feast.

What's cooking with you?

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Quick prizes

Welcome to the ceremony, where Saturday is the new Thursday!

Mazel Tov to Neighbor Girl on her bat mitzvah!  And we hope hope hope she is feeling better.

The Workout Queen Award goes to Sue, who is getting ready to kick winter's snowy behind.  Yay!  Sue also wins the coveted Elevated Risk of Mullet Award, for her description of her beloved's new facial hair arrangement, "Mario and Luigi."  We suspect the new look won't hold up long.

KLee wins the Adventures in Education Award, where it turns out (after a classroom switch) that she was not in fact causing the problem; and where a sub principal works out at least a viable approach to what seems to be a quite disturbed kid.

The Stupid Administrative Directive Award goes to that genius who directed a teacher to choose a "theme song," and then went ahead and chose one for the teacher.   Are there no real problems to solve?   Runner up is the genius who thinks recess should be cancelled for temps below 60F.  I mean...???

Neighbor Lady wins a Lifetime Posse Membership for "At times like this I try to remember that karma is a you know what, and I hope you get to be a fly on the wall when theirs bites them in the tuckus."

Sleepless in North America Awards go to Esperanza and Queen of West Procrastination, whose kidlets have conspired to not give Mama a break at night.  This award comes with extra helpings of Magic Pixie Dust.

Liz wins the Befuddled Award for that tech that doesn't do its thing.

QWP wins the Sad Compromise Award for "heart healthy" oatmeal cookies, which are missing the magic buttery taste.

The Cluestick Posse is hereby dispatched to:  people who tell parents of toddlers that "it will only get worse";  the demons of meeting scheduling;  worthless admins;  developers of (I assume) computer programs that won't do what one is trying to get them to do;  the demons of wakefulness;  designers of crazy school rules;  the weather gods;  and other deserving parties. 

Thanks for playing!

Monday, November 17, 2014

What's on the agenda?

Long day yesterday.  The memorial for my former boss was nice, saw lots of people -- but I'm so tired of seeing people at memorial services.  Birthday dinner for my beloved was nice.

Got three little albatrossi done.  The little ones are so fun.  ;)

It is daughter's day off, and beloved took the day also, so everybody's knocking around here like it's the weekend!  Except me.

The department of health confirmed that they got our complaint, and have begun an investigation of SIL's former facility.  Yay.

What's new with you?

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Rapid Fire Awards!

First, we extend our sympathies to kathy on the loss of her friend to the fireplacing cancer. So sorry. The gift basket sounds lovely.

The You Say Tomato, We Say Gorgeous Award goes to Liz for scoring Dress Perfection in several colours. Yay!

The Have it On Hand for the Apocalypse or When You Need Stamps (Whichever Comes First) Award goes to kathy for starting a good, and creative, list of those things you need to have around the house.

Style Awards go kathy and textureamy!!

Great to hear from you Amy!!

The posse sends a big thumbs down to every annoyance and trouble in Pixie Land, including mental health struggles, cold weather, school closing for sports events (unbelievable!), and many others I've missed.

Sorry pixies, gotta run!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Wednesday Whining - the Back to Work edition

Greetings Pixie friends!

Wow, that week of study and contentment passed by very quickly. But here we are at another week.

Today I'm heading out in the cold to stand at the cenotaph and remember the men, women, and animals who fought in the wars. It's always humbling.

What's happening in your neck of the woods?

Sunday, November 9, 2014

The late late show

Kudos to Liz's MM for being a rock star!

Hooray for QWP's Lil E and her amazing healed foot!

Cheers for Esperanza's friendly Baboos, and for Sweet heading toward the snot-free zone! 

Liz wins the coveted Elevated Risk of Mullet Award for the rock band name, "Sixth Circuit Spits."

The Intrepid Reporter Award goes to Miranda, who notified us of her view of those judges, with appropriate commentary, inspiring Liz. 

Sue wins the Work At Home Award!  And congratulations on jump-starting the exercise program.

QWP wins the Adventures in Potty Training Award; and we think maybe the potty chair will help, in due course.

Esperanza wins the Chunky Collaboration Award.

We all honor Liz for her unparalleled commitment to democracy!

Our Best to KLee, on her search for a more perfect, less sucky professional situation.

Many thanks to members of the Cluestick Posse for excellent responses to this week's developments.

Monday, November 3, 2014

November -- how did that happen?

The months are just zipping by.  Weird!  Since it is no longer August, I guess it is becoming more acceptable to see all the holiday items everywhere.  But I do not feel mentally prepared to crank up the holiday planning just yet.

When the time "falls back," it gets dark so darned early.  But it is nice to wake up with some light outside.  

U.S. Pixies, don't forget to vote tomorrow (if you haven't already)!  And fingers crossed for our own  Doorbell Queen!

W/AW:  SIL will be moving to her new place this week.  The paperwork is pretty daunting, but mostly done and faxed.  The new place is in a gorgeous area, with redwoods and a river and cute little towns nearby.  Her old place is institutional; this one is homey, and has a big enclosed garden where she can safely walk.  Still some loose ends, but we got really lucky.  Knock wood.

Pet report:  There is more peacefulness in the realm, as the cats seem to be working out their differences.  Minnie is friendly with humans, but has behaved like a street thug with the senior cats.  The big cats are shy, but have been asserting themselves more, demanding respect. They have all begun sharing sunbeams.  Yay.

What's new with you?

Sunday, November 2, 2014

In Lieu of Awards, Here, Have Some Candy

Some of us have leftover candy, some of us collected too much candy, some of us didn't even buy any candy. Here, put it all in this big bowl and we'll share.

Sorry, awards aren't happening. But candy!