Saturday, August 3, 2013

Doldrums Be Gone Awards Ceremony!

Ack! I whine about doldrums, and then p_k has to go and make some excitement with a trip to the hospital! So glad baby is ok, Happy Birthday to E (8! wow!), and we hope things continue to go smoothly. We will send a bit of energy your way.

QWP gets the "Lost" Award, for her poor frying pan, departed with Downstairs Girl. The cluestick posse will be armed with iron skillets this week in her honor. DG needs to act like a grown up.

Old Skool Award to Liz, for the classic salad-dressing-down-your-front whine. Mini had chocolate ice cream and pancake syrup on her pj's this morning. Don't ask. Honorable mention, animal division, for kathy a's close encounter with cat bark. Blech.

Remembering What It's All About goes to QWP, of course, for Lil E's new teeth have been put to nefarious use. No biting, Lil E. That hurts Mommy.

Deep calming breaths to those who are moving, those who are children of those who are moving, people whose backups didn't backup, people who won't go to the doctor, people who are related to people who won't go to the doctor, people with new teaching gigs, and people vacationing with "Extreme Families"

Good advice: just picture Lil E doing her dinosaur roar.

Tune in next week for more whining.

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kathy a. said...

Ooooh! The dino roar gets me every time. Thanks for a lovely ceremony, Esperanza.