Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Wednesday Whining - Sunscreen Edition

I think I'm allergic to the spray-on sunscreen we used all weekend. Itchy, red, patchy rash all over my arms, upper chest, and back. Not so much on my legs, though there is a bit there.

I think I need to take a bath in Calamine Lotion.

How are you all doing?

Thursday, May 24, 2012

What's Old Is New!

Bring out the band; we've got some celebrating!  Our longtime friend, Yankee Transferred, dropped in for a visit, winning the Style Award (on account of the poetry) for her tale of joy after sadness:

This year's anti-whine, in rhyme:

He's forty, it's true, and so is she,
Their children are all grown and gone.
The clock stopped for them in the face of disaster,
But life, as we know, carries on.
Their decades old marriage seems more like a week,
Still loving and caring and sweet,
So they hunkered down closely and went to bed,
No TV or Facebook or Tweet.
Through their valley of sorrow they slogged and they clawed up over the mountain of grief
They searched for answer-for any small sign-to offer a bit of relief.
Her period missed, and missed again-perhaps it was just a fluke?
"Not SO!" said the doctor and on May 24th
They will welcome their baby son, Luke.

Little Luke decided on the 23rd, after all.  We all send our best and our love!

Neighbor Lady wins the Old Skool Award, for her classic whine about tightening pants.  Nods all around the room.  Bonus A/W:  that mysterious weight loss thing has stopped, yay!

On the subject of clothing, the Nobody Knows the Trouble(some Sizes and Styles) I've Seen Award goes to Esperanza, who is looking for a fancy dress some months ahead of need, and finding nothing of appropriate fit, style, or cost.   We are very impressed with the planning ahead, and the Posse has a few things to say to those in charge of sizing.  Also, we look forward to whatever you come up with.

Liz wins the Fashionista Award, for many styling ideas, and her thought that perhaps she should be a personal shopper instead of a cog in the wheel.   ;)  Many thanks to Liz, also, for reminding me to breathe, and other helpful advice.

The Stay Out of The Kitchen, Already Award is of course won by our dear Sue, who sustained only minor burns.  Sue, Sue, Sue.  We trust the massage -- which is deeply envied around these parts -- helped put the whole you right again.

Sarah wins the Evolved Person Award, for many reasons.   There is just a lot going on, what with raising kids and working and looking for a new job, and a grandparent newly to hospice.  And right in the middle of it all, her soon-to-be-ex moved out; and his so-called friends flaked; and Sarah helped him.  You know, that was the right decision, because it will be one less immediate problem.  And even more because this, too, got thrown in your face, and you dealt.  You, my dear, can do anything.  Many hugs.

Cluesticks to people who don't understand that a sabbatical means you don't have to answer; all those people who want supper; everyone who has a job opening and does not give it to my friend;  people who think scanning is universally better than paper;  and also available ala carte.

Let us end, friends, with a whine from Esperanza:  "Today had 36 hours already, yes?"  Yes, it did.  Passing the stashed thin mints.

Thanks for playing!  See you next week, when the fabulous Liz will host!

ETA:  Woot!  Look at the top for a shiny new link to the Lexicon!  A tiara to Liz for  getting that going!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Old Skool Week!

I realized this weekend that I had accidentally signed up to host this week.  My subconscious must be really bent on further honing my already considerable procrastination skills.  Oh, well.

This seems like a good week to focus on the little stuff:  those stupid whines of no major consequence.  (Other whines and antiwhines welcome, of course!)

1.  Bit the bullet and got a new laptop weighing less than 85 lbs., since work will take me traveling about.  My objective was to get in and get out with the cheapest reasonable piece of equipment.  My first choice was a great price -- and not in stock.  They could not sell the floor model, which will no doubt continue to attract disappointed customers.  On the up side, I got something for only twice the price.  Wish me luck with installing the not-included wordprocessing software. 

2.  AW: The snakes at the f@rm sent a letter officially stating they will no longer be trying to get us to pay for damage caused by the guy who stole our car.  W:  They sent it by certified mail, signature required, and I didn't hear the doorbell, so I had to go stand in line at the post office.  This also cost them nearly $7 instead of the cost of a stamp (as well as the time of at least 2 lawyers on their end).  And people wonder why insurance premiums keep going up.

3.  AW:  solar eclipse yesterday!

4.  The usual:  Cat bark.  Zits, at my age.  No dish fairy. 

5.  Senior Diva Cat has decided that my beloved -- upon whose chest she perches first thing every morning, purring and seeking the adoration she is due -- is a grave danger to national security when he walks by my office window while doing outdoor chores. She got so busy hissing and batting at him this weekend that she fell off the window sill.

What's happening with you?

Friday, May 18, 2012

Late Edition -- Awards

Here's to the little goofballs who bring us joy, present so many problem-solving opportunities, and leave so much mysterious stuff behind in their wakes!

Sue wins the Domestic Goddess Award for failing to adequately clean the stove-top drip pans,  wondering what she was thinking, and deciding to buy new.  Voila!

The coveted Elevated Risk of Mullet Award goes this week to Esperanza, who says:  "Sue, how many times do we have to tell you? Stay out of the kitchen."  ;)

The Style Award goes to Purple Kangaroo's 6 year old, for her fabulous card:  "i'm Going to send you to haiiwii to stay for a week to get away from your anoying kids. i love you. love E."   (I believe there is consensus that E is not even in the running for the annoying kid award.)  And PK, we are sending lots of love and hoping you feel better.

Liz wins the Friend In Need Award, for being there when and old and dear friend needed someone.  This is no surprise to any of us, since Liz regularly has such thoughtful and caring advice.  The Cluestick Posse is saddled up to pay a visit to the "therapist" who mistook emotional abuse of a patient for something helpful.  We have some strong opinions about that, buster.

Amy wins the Remembering What It's All About Award, for being cool with her kids being kids, even in the sadness of a family funeral, and even when her Tater felt a sudden need for the comfort of Mama's breast (long after he was weaned).  Everybody needed comfort about then, is my guess.  Much sympathy on the loss of your Grandma.  xoxo

To Sarah, much love as your family struggles to say goodbye to your Grandfather, and to keep him in comfort.  You win the Grace Under Pressure Award, for also juggling child care and divorce stuff and big work stuff.  We adore your mantra:  you are not unreasonable, you are not unreasonable.  xoxo

JenR wins the Mensch Award, for offering to pitch in to help Sarah.

The Light at the End of the Tunnel Award goes to Miranda (whose divorce is aided on the amicability scale by her ex's decision to move seven states away) for offering hope and hair-pats to Sarah.

The Queen of the Insurance Wranglers Award was earned by Esperanza, who persuaded the snakes to pay for something needed.  Victory!

Sue wins the Where Angels Fear to Tread Award, for tackling some of that mysterious stuff that just piles up over the years.  Butt-ugly?  Gone.  Don't know who it belongs to?  Gone.  Should you ever run out of the accumulation, you are welcome to visit any number of friends who lack these amazing skillz. 

Thanks for playing!  Additional clue-sticking available ala carte, as needed.  Hugs and chocolate all around.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Early Edition - H@llmark Holidays

Like some other Pixies, the forced-march Mother's Day extravaganza is not my favorite.  And it's not because we hate mothers!   Some of the greatest people we know are moms!   Moms work hard every day to save the planet, to solve its problems where we can, to love and care for its people, and to clean up the mess.  Every day is Mother's Day.

When the kids were younger, I absolutely treasured those lovely gifts they made in class, and also liked this and other opportunities to have them think about others.  But let's face it, this is primarily a holiday created to force people to feel guilty and run out to buy stuff, because everybody and their ad agency says you should.  Bah. Humbug.  To heck with that.

What I really want as a mother is for my (young adult) children to be healthy, happy, taking care of their own stuff, behaving kindly toward others.  We have our moments, but I'm so proud of my kids, and love that our relationships have evolved to an adult level. 

And what really bothers me about the You Must Be Happy hype is that there are many reasons why a forced fake holiday like this creates anxiety and pain for a good many people.  Sometimes -- like with my own toxic mother -- the relationship was a very difficult one.  Sometimes, one has recently lost a beloved mother.  Children who are raised without a mother are forcefully reminded that they are different, not "normal."  Stepfamilies -- which are common, but may not carry the same emotional connections -- may suffer tensions when one is expected to act as though the closeness is there.  And mothers who have lost a child are reminded once again of their loss, as if they could ever forget.  (I'm thinking particularly of a young local man who committed suicide at college last week, and the unimaginable pain his parents are already suffering right now.) 

When we think about celebrating mothers, we ought not think of overpriced chocolate and brunch at a chi-chi restaurant, but more broadly about providing all mothers the tools to raise their children safely and well.   Every child should be loved; every child needs food and shelter and education and health care; every child needs constancy, safety, and to be valued.  Motherhood is challenging, even for women of adequate means and accomplishment.  Mothers need to be able to plan their families; they need family-friendly work policies, and access to reliable child care; they need to provide at least the basics of care and nurturing.  I have issues with a good many political developments, in part because they are so contrary to actual needs of so many mothers and their families. Don't buy a card; go do some good instead.

Love, Mom

Friday, May 11, 2012

Awards of Consequence

Well, the whines were of consequence. The awards, probably not so much.

Elevated Risk of Mullet goes to Neighbor Lady, for this giggler: becoming more anemic by the second due to a fake relative whose name starts with F and ends with LO. Chocolate almond butter for you, NL! (That is, if we've left you any).

Many hugs go to those enduring whines worthy of therapy. We are glad therapists are available, and glad you can whine about it here, too.

Cluesticks to unbloggable grumbles; skunks (and/or their unfortunate doggy encounters); logistics (let's just have extra cluesticks for that, as it eats my lunch almost every day); low pressure systems; teh fireplacing cancer; "preacher speak"; head-explosion-inducing politicians (they can get double, too); Mother's Day celebrations with "should" relatives; and insurance companies of all varieties.

And, I have a new rule (can I make rules unilaterally? Thanks): no whine at Wednesday Whining is ever bitchy. Ever.

Massages for everyone!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Of Inconsequential Whines

So here's my list of inconsequential whines (because I am tired of the great big ones--feel free to whine the great big ones yourselves--it's only mine that I'm tired of).

* blogger has some kind of new set up.
* mosquitoes, great hordes of them, like a plague
* Mini's itchy rash
* Sweet's preference for pink (of all things! *I* did not teach her this)
* frozen pizza (I know, I know)
* how hard it is to adjust the fan speed on my car's a/c
* absence of chocolate in this house

What's dragging you down this week, pixies? Share them, you'll feel better!

Friday, May 4, 2012


It is with great pleasure and admiration that we award Sue the Home Improvement Award, for mastering power tools and expertly assembling a 936 piece storage unit! We shall alert the appropriate authorities about the new muscles discovered during this project.

Liz wins the Dental Trauma Award, for enduring all that poking around in her mouth while suffering a TMJ flareup, and as if that was not bad enough, the dental professionals also threatened her gums.  Ouch!   The coveted Elevated Risk of Mullet Award also goes to Liz for her colorful description of all the things she'd rather do than grace the dental procedure chair.

Best Mysterious Antiwhine Award goes to Sarah, who detects an unbloggable thing stirring, but at least something is happening to break the limbo.  Onward and upward!

Sue earns the Successful Avoidance of Nonsense Award, for deftly changing the topic when the inevitable reference to it arose.  Brava!

Esperanza wins the Return to Human Status Award, for finally emerging from the double-whammy illnesses.  Welcome back!

The Just Hire Me, Already Award belongs to Sarah, who is moving forward on the job search, but getting stuck on the cover letters.

Much love to Esperanza and her family,  following the loss of her brother's much-anticipated baby.  xoxxo

Pixies, as always I am ever so grateful for your friendship, good sense, and humor over all these years.  If you can believe it, this is the 520th Wednesday Whining post at this location!

The unbloggable work stress between now and August means that I will be unable to host regularly.  It's not you!