Saturday, October 5, 2013

Solidarity Edition

What a fireplacing week, eh?  The shutdown left us all stunned, and some of us unemployed.  As always, it is a thing of beauty to see the Pixies unite and support one another.

Queen of West Procrastination wins the Elevated Risk of Mullet Award, for her interpretation of LWOP:  I first read it as "Lady West of Procrastination." And then realized what it really meant.

 The Saved by Reassignment Award goes to Liz, whose original furlough meant she was going to burn vacation days and then sick days.  But kudos to her employer, which found another assignment, yay!

Miranda wins the Report from the Trenches Award, with an unpaid furlough and this news: 
The only thing worse than being on furlough is not being on furlough, from what I hear from those few still working.  

Although the real objective of the small group of instigators is somewhat murky at the moment, they started the shutdown saying they had a "noble" purpose, dismantling the Affordable Care Act -- something they already tried to do legislatively, 42 times.  By coincidence, enrollment for uninsured persons began this very week, and the citizenry was so "unhappy" about getting health coverage that many state enrollment sites were overrun.  Yay!  As members of our Northern Contingent (the evil Canadians) have explained from time to time, it's kinda nice, handy, humane, and sensible to have decent health coverage.

 Let's take Sue, for example, whose hubby had a bad week and had to go to the ER more than once, thus earning her the Miracles of Modern Medicine Award.  Short waits, appropriate tests done, health equipment set up at home, on the road to recovery.  "Exceptional medical care."  That's what we like to hear!  Hugs and crossed fingers for Sue's beloved; may things be better soon.

The Cluestick Posse has enthusiastically saddled up to visit Miranda's mom, who keeps sending screeds about antidepressant medication -- which medication has done wonders for her own granddaughter.  As Sue explains:  Ugh. The old "If you just have a positive attitude" against anti-depressants makes my head spin. That's like telling diabetics to forget the insulin, they can just think their way out of diabetes.

It goes without saying that Certain Members of Congress have also earned extended cluesticking.  Next stop, the book of friends opinionaters who believe [a] no children are being harmed by the shutdown, and [b] all those furloughed employees are just enjoying a vacation.  Harrumph.

The Making the Best of It Award goes to Miranda and her Army buddies:  Some of you may have noticed that I and two friends (who were old Army buddies back when we were thin and had all of hair) have declared it Cat Week and are posting cat stuff on the Book of Faces. If you knew us 20 years ago, this would not be conceivable. Life is cool/weird sometimes.

Kudos to Esperanza,  who is really sure that they made the right school decision for Sweet!  And congratulations on Sweet catching up to the growth chart!

More kudos to Miranda's kidsMy three children are amazing, empathetic, caring people. The older two have learned a lot about resilience this past year. My heart just bursts when I see them.  And also to Mini BabooI just about cried this week when Mini said to Sweet, "Don't worry, Sweet, I'll be right there with you."

Congratulations to QWP for improved sleep in the realm!

Liz wins the Thespian Award, for her year in the theater! 

Much love to Esperanza, whose grandmother's decline suggests she does not have long.  xoxoxo

Thanks for playing!  See y'all next time.


Sue said...

Thanks again for hosting this week!

esperanza said...

Thank you! Sue, glad hubby is so much better.

Miranda said...

Thanks for the posse and support. This week has been quite challenging and I hope this next week goes more smoothly.