Friday, June 14, 2013

Pies for Everyone!

Our admiration for the extended pie-making efforts of Queen of West Procrastination, henceforth to be known as The Pie Queen!

Mini and Sweet Baboo win the Swimming Like Fish Awards, for doing great at the first swim lesson!

The Good Sportsmanship Award goes to Neighbor Boy, who not only did his best in the pouring rain, but also went with two teammates to congratulate the other team on a good game -- demonstrating the kind of spirit we like.  Go, NB!

Albatross Be Gone Award for Miranda, who reports:  "If I can keep folks from stealing my team, I should be done with my Work Albatross this week." Rock Star!

JenR wins the Old Skool Award, for:  "I am sitting in bed reading, and I am hungry. The kitchen is directly below me, and I feel too lazy to get up and walk down there."

Esperanza has been on Baboo duty for a good long stretch, and so she wins an extra helping of Esperanza Time at the conference for her other job.  Here, have some pie!

The Shiny New Machine Award goes to Sue, for her new netbook!  Whee!

This week's Dreaded Object Award goes to electronic toys with annoying and repetitive music, which in the opinion of Award Central should go directly from factory to landfill, in the interest of preserving parental brain cells.  Or, they make handy tools of revenge, should you be in need. 

Thanks for playing!


Sue said...

Thanks kathy a - great awards ceremony!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks kathy a!
:)Neighbor Lady

Queen of West Procrastination said...

I forgot to post the strhrewbarby pie recipe:

Thanks for hosting, Kathy A! Pies for everybody indeed.

esperanza said...

Thanks, kathy a! And yummy pie!