Saturday, November 2, 2013


Lovely refreshments this week, including leftover Halloween candy, gluten-free lasagne, raspberry oatmeal bars, brownies, and margaritas.  

First up, the Devious Preschooler Award goes to Mini Baboo, for a classic of the genre:  "you don't need to come in tonight. I can put myself in bed. Don't come in my room."  Totally worked like a charm.  ;)

JenR's boy wins the Talking the Talk Award, for his sudden and exciting explosion of verbal prowess!  He obviously understands it all; we predict that you will be hearing a great many opinions!

And Lil E wins the Future Pulitzer Award for her third word, "book." 

Queen of West Procrastination wins the Child Safety Dilemma Award, Frozen Tundra Edition, for the problem of getting a squirmy toddler safely into the car seat, bundled as is necessary for Frozen North conditions, when the seat specs include "no bulky clothing" and the toddler in question hates both headgear and mittens.

The Not a Fan of the Corn Maze Award goes to Esperanza, who is also bah humbug about the recent holiday overload.  But Esperanza also wins the Bovine Fact of the Week Award for her report on waterbeds for dairy cows! 

Sue wins the Sweet Sleep Award, for getting some!  And she says it's just like a vacation!!

Our own Doorbell Queen, Liz, is on the final stretch of her campaign, knocking doors and taking donations!  GO LIZ GO!   She wins the Stoopid Opponents are My Favorite Kind Award, possibly a sign that the universe is in favor of critical thinking skills.  

The Margaritaville Award goes to Miranda, who got a fun night on the town complete with "Spookaoke" after a jam-packed re-entry to the federal workforce.  

The Cluestick Posse is led by several Pixies of petite height this week, planning a visit to the media geniuses who cannot find a way to hold a press conference where a short official's face actually shows above the bank of microphones.  News Flash:  some people are not 6 feet tall. 

Much love to Eh, Nonny Maus, who is struggling with some stuff.  Best to you and the kids.  xoxoxo

Fond thoughts for Spotty the excellent gerbil, and Liz's family.

Many thanks for your kind thoughts about the loss of our Buddy.

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Liz said...

Terrific awards!