Monday, December 29, 2014

Happy Whining New Year Edition!!

Greetings Pixies!

Well, winter has arrived in my neck of the woods. We're hovering around the -40C mark (which is the same as -40F). I'm glad it's this week, as it was quite lovely over the holidays.


The holidays aren't over?

hahahahahahaha - you're probably thinking of New Year's Eve.

In my house, New Year's Eve is an excuse to stay indoors and eat the Christmas chocolate. On New Year's Day we take down the tree. That's about it.

I'm mostly looking forward to a few days off.

What are your plans for this week? Whine away pixies!

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Holiday prizes and pixie dust!

Congratulations to Neighbor Lady on the birth of a brand new nephew!

Hooray for the anti-robot device on this page that doesn't really require anyone to follow the rules.

Esperanza gets the Mommy Challenge Award, for nonstop illness and bonus biting.  We hope that was a one-time thing....

The Pharmaceutical Victory Awards go to KLee and Esperanza, each of who was able to get the bad mess-ups fixed.

The coveted Elevated Risk of Mullet Award goes to Esperanza, who suggested dealing with cobwebs by throwing some glitter in them, and calling them snowflakes!  Brilliant!!

Queen of West Procrastination wins the Style Award for "Deck the halls with low-grade fevers, fa la la la la la la la la."

Mini wins the Potty Humor Award for asking if Santa was bringing a Poop Shooter, whatever that means, and we don't want to know.

Liz wins the Overcoming Cooking Adversity Award for producing a roast that resulted in actual kvelling, despite the fact it could not fit in the pot as some cooking deity recommends.

Kudos to: Cleaning Goddesses, and reasonable facsimiles thereof;  doctors who step up;  Santa's many helpers; parents who more than fully fund the Couch Project; and other deserving persons.

Cluesticks to:  sisters who don't get it, and who also put people in the doghouse;  our old friend Insomnia;  the sadness monsters;  pharmacies that mess with people;  the Universe;  cats with a burning desire to eat the holiday dinner rolls;  all those nasty bugs infecting the population;  and idjits.

2014 is almost gone!  But tune in next time for the grand entrance of 2015!

Monday, December 22, 2014

Hey, Elf, stay offa my shelf....

My fellow Pixies, the longest night of the year has come and gone, and from now on the days will keep getting longer!

Hope that whatever holiday(s) you are celebrating bring great joy! 

But for any rocky moments, WW is open 24/7...

AW:  Have a menu, tree is decorated, looking forward to a relaxed dinner with our kids, and son's gf and her parents! 

W:  There are about 400 steps between here and there, and several are cat-related items (e.g., attempt to vacuum all the cat fur).  I decided to pull out the snowman dinnerware that my MIL gave us, but then it needs to be washed, and before that can happen the weekend backlog of dishes needs attention, etc. 

W/AW:  Visited SIL in her new and better facility yesterday.  She seems comfortable there; it is very homey; her agitation is much less on new meds, and they have not made her more unsteady on her feet.   Her language abilities seem to be really deteriorating, though.  It's a progressive disease; her symptoms are fairly typical; but it is still sad to see various abilities slip over time.  My husband is a real mensch with her.

AW:  We've had ever so much rain this month, after years of drought.  And BAM, the hills and fields are this fabulous emerald green that we barely remembered!  My sweetie and I had a good ramble yesterday, since SIL is some distance away and in a more rural area.  And we scored a delicious brunch, 2 bottles of wine for the holiday dinner, dip, salad dressing, candies for stockings, and an apple pie. 

What's happening, friends?

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Holiday Awards Show

Buckets full of sympathetic clucking noises for any who are in need of such. Or anyone, really--a stockpile is always a good idea.

Classic Whine Award to QWP, for the toddler about-face on food related items, along with its ketchup resolution.

KLee gets a Mullet Award, Common Sense Division, for "I do not want anything that encourages my child to act like an ass."

And Sue receives a Mullet Award, Domestic Division for this stroke of dusting genius, "I'm thinking the best I can do is sit the cat on the table and hope she swishes her tail."

A moment of silence for the death of kathy a's good bra. This is no small grief.

Hooray for improved health, new babies, great students, and the departure of the world's ugliest recliner.

We are arming the Cluestick Posse this week with that infernal Elf on the Shelf (because those creepy eyes are pretty scary, if you ask me), and they will be paying visits to kitties who pee outside the box, slow-shipping gifts, sisters who don't understand that a clergyperson might be a bit busy during one of the two most important holiday weeks of the year, anyone not appreciating the phrasing and/or concept of "burrito brainwaves," vertigo, headaches, coughs, molars, dusting, and people who schedule winter breaks at Neighbor Lady's school.

Stay tuned for more whining next (this) week!

Monday, December 15, 2014

Pass the Ibuprofen Whining

Mini has the flu, says one doctor. Other doctor says no way, negative flu test--no flu. What difference does it make, I say? She feels miserable, the antiviral made her even more sick, so we're tackling this the old fashioned way.

I know you'll be on the edges of your respective seats to see who gets it next:

Will it be Sweet, in her week of holiday extravaganzas at kindergarten? (We took teacher gifts today, in case she misses the rest of the week)

Will it be Mr. E, who did *not* get the flu shot (the rest of us did), who has another candidate to interview this week, and a meeting every night?

Will it be Mama, in closest contact with the germs and deprived of decent sleep?

If this were a gambling group...

(Full disclosure: Mr E did give me a substantial break yesterday afternoon, in which I did a bit of shopping).

Whine away, pixies. I'm stuck at home and can respond instantaneously to your every whine.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Wednesday Whining: I have a friend who has everything, including terminal cancer, so I made him chocolates edition

Those of you for whom I have addresses will be getting chocolates, too. If you'd like to ensure the receipt of chocolate please send me your address  (liz (at) millerhousehold (dot) com)

I don't know how I'm gonna get through tomorrow's talk at my friend's progressive group. He and his wife are two of the biggest reasons I came so close to winning last year. Their belief in me made me go beyond the messaging campaign that was all I thought I had the resources for.

Other than that, things are swell here. My family is healthy. Christmas and Hanukkah are coming.

What is up with you folks?

Monday, December 1, 2014

My Kingdom for Some Alone Time

Let's review, shall we?

Last Monday: no school for Mini. Fun with Mama helping the church ladies.
Tuesday: whole family on the road
Wednesday: at grandparents' house, with aunt/uncle/cousin
Thursday: all those people plus some more cousins
Friday: Sweet has fever, back home with 4 of us
Saturday: Sweet to the doctor, gets a SHOT, home all day with all 4 of us
Sunday: work in the morning, a blessed one hour drive away. Then, home all day with the 4 of us.
(Insertion to much was I looking forward to a day of peace and quiet in my own house, just me?)
Sunday night: Sweet has fever again. Can't go to school with fever.
Monday: back to the doctor. Ear infection.


'Tis the season.