Sunday, November 24, 2013

Quick Awards

The Kitchen Magic Award goes to Queen of West Procrastination, for her chickpea soup recipe:  "chickpea soup. 1 can chickpeas, about half as much carrots, 2c chicken broth (or veggie broth, or water), some onion and garlic. Cook for half an hour, puree, and add cumin, curry, maybe a squeeze of lemon, or maybe a touch of some kind of hot sauce."  Thin with more broth, if desired.  Excellent when that thing that's going around hits your house.

Miranda's Tween Son wins the Showtime! Award, for an outstanding performance!  And Miranda wins the Excellent Mama Award.  Sending hugs for the other thing, and congratulations on the workplace awesomeness.

The Ouch Ouch Ouch Award goes to Esperanza's Mini, on the occasion of sitting in fire ants.  OUCH!

Sue wins the Wretched Meeting Award, with a bonus complimentary cluesticking for those people who keep scheduling it on the only day off she gets each week (and that's if she's lucky and nothing dire happens to a congregant).

Many, many hugs to Liz , and all others affected by the awful tragedy that left her friend seriously wounded and his son dead.  The members of this group strongly favor adequate mental health services, and now.  xoxox

The Autocorrect Fail of the Week Award goes to QWP, whose device provided "Euro" when she meant "work."

Potty Challenge Awards to Esperanza, whose Sweet adores the porta-potty and uses it even more than necessary, and to Neighbor Lady, whose daughter hates them so much that she'll hold it (theoretically) forever.  The coveted Elevated Risk of Mullet Award goes to NL, for her theory of universal conservation of pee.

Liz is hereby named The Enforcer, for her vigorous defense of a beleaguered Pixie, including the epic:  "Hand me a cluestick, I'm heading up to Canada."

Esperanza wins the Boundaries Award, for working on defenses against an intrusive person intent on being the Preacher's Wife's Best Friend.  Ralph is on his way!

Middle Earth Canada (or at least that portion now known as Hobbiton) wins a hearty Welcome to the last century; who knew that party lines were still in use within memory?

See you next week, when Americans celebrate Thanksgiving and everyone celebrates Hanukkah,  meaning that the feast will definitely include latkes!

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Liz said...

Terrific awards!