Saturday, October 26, 2013

All! New! Awards!

Sorry for the lateness!  Again!

The Snow Bunnies Awards go to Sue and Queen of West Procrastination, who report that winter is inching in and headed south.   In other weather-related news, Esperanza wins the long-coveted Temperate Temps Prize, enjoying a week of perfection after the endless heat of a Texas summer.

Liz wins the  Walk the Walk and Knock the Knock Award, for continued prowess in doorbelling, and attracting enough attention that the namecalling has begun.  Let's do a little dance!  Go, Liz!

Lil' E wins the These Boots Were Made for Walking Award, on the occasion of all of a sudden toddling everywhere!  Woot!

The Visual Effects Award goes to JenR, who reports that her bigger boy accidentally dressed in little brother's clothes, producing very entertaining results. 

Halloween is coming!  Esperanza wins the "Make Your Mind Up, Already" Award, for the competing concerns of last year's debacle, this year's demands, and a 5% chance the things will be worn.  Liz reveals her talent as a Costuming Genius!  And QWP wins the Hand-Me-Downs Rule Award, rejecting the bulky duckling suit in favor of a dino jacket.  Yay!  Passing some of the good candy, before it all disappears.  (Our few trick-or-treaters tend to get what the household candy sneaks leave behind.)

Love and get-well vibes to Sue's beloved, battling another dratted infection. And more hugs for the group of friends who had such a rotten week.  Talking anyway, in lieu of the planned outing, was a wonderful idea!

Hugs to Neighbor Lady and Neighbor Girl -- we hope she is feeling less anxious (and think a movie night with a BFF sounds like the ticket).

(((( Miranda )))) 

Cluesticks to the news organizations that failed to endorse our favorite candidate, the universe for grave unfairnesses, and other deserving parties. 

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kathy a. said...

Miranda, I didn't see your last comment until this post was up. So glad your friend came over last night, you got caught up on sleep, and etc.! xoxo