Saturday, September 7, 2013

Classy Awards Show

An awards show beginning with a picture of a toilet plunger can only be called "classy," right? Actually, Teh Internet informs me that the above pictured item is a sink plunger, and the kind with the smaller flange attached is for toilets. Oops.

All that toilet talk is leading to....
The Golden Plunger Award, for QWP, for fixing her very own toilet! Without superintendent intervention! Woo Hoo!

Liz gets the Old Skool Award this week, for her haircut that looks just like her old haircut AND for the laundry piles and dust buffalo that are officially Not Her Problem.

Sue gets an unintentional Elevated Risk of Mullet Award, because as I was distractedly and rapidly scanning the whines (as I am wont to do), as she told of her healthy lunch that landed "upside down on my office floor, which is a carpet badly in need of a cleaning. Well rats." I thought that her lunch had landed upside down on the floor, where rats had immediately carried it off!! It was not so much a funny line as a horrifying one (and horrifyingly realistic for some church offices I have been in). I had to stop and read again, and THEN I laughed at myself. 

QWP receives the Blessing and Curse of Routine Award, especially pertinent to those with wee ones. Routine is great, helps them feel comfortable and secure, until it is broken, and then it's horrible. So for a week that included Daddy going back to teach school, family members with breakfasts that are so late they might as well be lunches, overprotective grandmothers, suddenly solid pook, a Mama that needs to work and a baby that needs some SLEEP, please: you get the award of...a lifetime supply of Baby Bribing Cookies!

The Wildlife Award goes to Kathy a, for senior cat's water antics and junior dog's encounter with the skunk (will he/she never learn?).

Neighbor Lady gets the Back to School Award, and our heartfelt appreciation for teachers everywhere.

Hugs to all whose vacations are over, who are tired, whose schools are on lockdown, and whose friends have the fireplacing cancer. A hooray to a better-settled sister-in-law for Kathy a, too.

I suggest that we arm the Cluestick Posse with toilet plungers, and the Kudos Posse with Baby Bribing Cookies, and send them out wherever they are needed.

More whines right here next week.


Anonymous said...

The idea of a cluestick posse armed with plungers is making me laugh.
Thanks for the kind words. Great awards!
:) Neighbor Lady

kathy a. said...

Oooh, class-aaayyyyy! You cannot beat awards which include a posse armed with plungers.

Sue said...

Yay for the Plunger Posse!

Hahahahahs!,!!! Thankfully there are no rats in my office....most days. Lol.

esperanza said...

I thought it was inspired, myself. Glad y'all like it.

If only tomorrow's sermon were half so clever. Or even just done.

Queen of West Procrastination said...

I share my plunger with esperanza, Toilet-Fixing Hero! Thanks for hosting and the lovely awards ceremony.