Saturday, June 8, 2013

Aloe and Bonnets for Everyone!

When even the Canadian pixies experience sun and warmth, then summer is definitely here!

Hip, Hip, Hooray! to our very own candidate....Liz! Congratulations, and best wishes on the campaign! And Hooray for campaign donors!

Gentle hugs to JenR's little guy, as he recovers from a successful and (it turns out) minor surgery.

Elevated Risk of Mullet AND Remembering What It's All About (has there ever been such an illustrious amalgamation of awards?) goes to Queen of the West Procrastination, for this put-your-coffee-down sentence: " I keep finding yams on my Remembering What It's All Abouts. Mildly uncomfortable." And the kicker of an understatement: "Being a mom is really weird sometimes."

Old Skool Award to Miranda, for her tearful saga of No Coffee Beans at Home.

Gross Awards to people who lick waxed paper, and to people who request other people to buy their underwear (understandable, in the situation, but gross).

Cluesticks to people who run anonymously for political office (seriously), dishwashers that break, twitching eyes, parishioners who make inane comments about clergy appearance, snow mold, and anyone else acting like they forgot they are a grownup.

Hugs to kathy a and the whole crew on the SIL situation.

Happy Birthday to kathy a's grownup son! And hooray for disappearing Work Albatrosses! (Albatrossi?)

Pixies, I have a sermon to write tonight. This Awards Show needs to wrap up.  Have a fantastic week, and don't forget the Wednesday Book Club, where we will discuss Remarkable Creatures this week, under Miranda's direction!


kathy a. said...

lovely ceremony, esperanza!

Sue said...

Yay Esperanza!

Queen of West Procrastination said...

Thank you for hosting, esperanza!