Saturday, August 31, 2013

MMMM, cake for breakfast!

This delicious and nutritious chocolate zucchini cake was kindly contributed by our own Queen of West Procrastination

Well, clearly Pixies have opinions about proper language usage, the all-important Oxford comma, untidy construction people who also drive like maniacs, and other matters. Sue wins the Grammar Queen Award for:  Pet peeve: when I see the words "should of" when "should have" is clearly intended by context. The slow and painful death of the English language. Sigh.

The Peeve of the Week Award goes to JenR, who complains:  my pet peeve is daycare sending home food-covered art projects weeks after they have been hanging on the walls there. Bonus points of the cheerios/pasta/beans/marshmallows are covered with glitter. Yuck. Just throw it out - please don't put it in my kids' school bag.  Your host favors bean mosaics, but really, marshallows and cheerios and glitter are asking for trouble.

Miranda wins the Mom's Sacrifices Award, for:  My pet peeves are that my oldest usually has my car and my daughter usually has my laptop so I'm stuck at home without internet. I have my work machine but um, I do enough of that all day long.  

The Sadness of the School Year Adjustment Award goes to QWP's Lil E, who pines for Daddy all day, then clings to Mama when he finally comes home.  Sniff!  Things will settle down soon, promise. 

Neighbor Lady wins the Back to School Allergies Award, which is self-explanatory, but we hope those allergen levels go down pronto!  Good luck!!

The Fashionista Awards go to Esperanza, who noticed all her pants are tighter on one leg, and Liz, whose summery shirtdress has a significant gappage problem in the rack area. 

See ya next week!

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esperanza said...

That's the first time "fashionista" and my name have ever been in the same sentence! Thanks, kathy a!