Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Week of the Wonderland Checklist

Double points for Alice references to Sue, who shared “…a theory [that] Lewis Carroll's creation of Alice's world actually came from his migraines? The reason all of the characters are so out of proportion and size is that his migraine auras were so bad that his world actually looked like that at some points.”

Sue, we hope you didn’t spend too much of this week “down the rabbit hole.”

Neighbor Lady also gets the Alice points, for her Wonderland-sized dust bunny vs. In Law showdown. And I am terrifically jealous of Sarah at ratatat’s experience with a delightful acrobatic Alice in Chicago.

Underwear made a prominent appearance this week. We Pixies are fans of bright unmentionables that make us “feel all pretty and stuff” even if the outfit over the top is “sadly ordinary.” Kathy a., we sympathize over the potential horror of “insufficient underwearage” on vacation.

The Elevated Risk of Mullet Award goes to Madeleine this week, for her report of dripping (kosher!) grease on the synagogue tax receipt. (Ba dump bump.)

It was a tough week for mamas of babies. amy, we hope Tater is feeling better and that your ER visit quickly becomes a distant memory. esperanza gets the Velcro Baby Award, for the Mini-Baboo who wants to be held All.The.Time.

KLee wins “Sometimes Cookies are the Problem (not the solution)” award for her struggles with the horror of cookie season on the wrong side of the sash. KLee, you deserve more support from your co-leader and those parents. I hope you get it soon!

Days gets the Déjà Vu Award for another week of “sick kid, traveling spouse, adoption limbo and imminent snowstorm.” Days, we hope limbo resolves and the spouse and new family member make it home soon!

Much sympathy to pixies with cut fingers, snotty noses, sobbing children, disliked songs echoing in their heads, weird kitchen smells, not enough sleep, work insanity, and general whinables.

Congratulations to pixies headed on vacation (insanity notwithstanding), pixies whose forecast tsunamis failed to appear, and those who find solace in lists.

Total Pixie Sympathy to Jeni, who is waking up in the wee, small hours, anxious about job prospects. Jeni, the right job is out there, and they will be lucky to have you!

As Sue said, Amy wins this week for, “Remembering what it's all about. 60 miles. You *can* do it!!!”

Sarah at ratatat gets my sympathy for her over-full weekend with a forecasted risk of third-wheelism. Introverts of the world unite! Let’s (not) meet at 8 pm on Tuesday – we’ll honor our common cause with you staying home in your pajamas and I me staying home in mine. Any other introverts out there are invited to (not) join us!

And, when my magic wand shoes up, my first action will be to dispatch “magical cleaning fairies” to all those in need. I requested it years ago, so my wand will be here any day. Right?

Virtual programmable thermostats and cleaning fairies for all!

- Please pardon the lack of pictures and fancy colors this week. It’s 7:30 pm here, and I have to go to bed, since I spent the weekend volunteering at the dog sled races, and got most of my sleep in 10 minute sections between 12 and 3 am. I am almost too tired to type, and definitely too tired to wrestle Blogger –

See you next week, Pixies, when Madeleine will host!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

What? It is Wednesdsay! When did that happen?!?1?

Well, it seems to be Wednesday, Pixies.

I got fogged in to Our State's Capitol - infamous for being impossible to drive to without taking a boat (49th State Marine Highway, ha!) - on Sunday. I got home from my business trip 30 hours late, when the weather finally broke long enough for them to hurl us into the sky. This means I am late, late, late like the White Rabbit for everything, without any efforts or failures of my very own! (This is mostly a whine. You know, in case you needed that clarified).

The antiwhines are that I made it back to Last Frontier City before my parents - who live four hours away - left (this morning) and my sister - who lives an airplane ride to a ferry ride away - left (T minus 10 hours, at this moment). Getting to see my family is a major, major anti-whine.

I also managed to get pretty much caught up at work, take the dog for my first run in some months, and not fall down today. That makes a victory, right?

What is up with you, Pixies? All glorious and inglorious whines welcome. Double points for Alice references.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Awards! Cluesticking! The Musical! Edition

What's With The Fireplacing Meetings Award goes to Sue (breakfast! Why must it always be at breakfast?), Madeleine (two hours and forty minutes!), Sue, and Madeleine.

The Cluestickings Ahoy Award (sendin' out the posse) for people who charge $40 late fees on $2.33 underpayments, to Amy's cookie-stealing husband and daughter, and to the person who just doesn't hear Emily when she says, "no". Sheesh, people.

Whine of Substance Award to PK whose service dog is too protective of her to be an in-public service dog. We're so glad about the anti-whine that goes with that, that your health is improved enough that you have enough warning about when you need to stay home.

The GAH! NO! NO! Award to Kathy A, for her diva cat; to Emily for the Rx cream that came out the wrong side of the tube...all over her; and to Emily again for the pasta that went all over the floor.

Emily also wins the Elevated Risk of Mullet Award for: "[Yes, I'm blaming geometry for my mishap.] "

Hugs and tissues to esperanza and redzils, may the boogers leave you both quickly.

And honorable mentions to the rest of you, especially to the beautiful Zombie Flowers, that rose from the dead.

All my love to you all. And thank you so much for your patience.

Monday, February 15, 2010

My boy beats my butt at Wii

There may be more snow coming

I haven't had enough coffee today

My favorite living writers don't write fast enough and my favorite dead writers aren't writing anymore.

What's on your mind?

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Snickerdoodles: Awards Edition

This edition of the esteemed Wednesday Whining Awards is brought to you by the letter S, for snow, super-something, sickness, slickers, snowplows, snickers, silliness, and sanity.

First, many hugs and condolences to Sue, who lost her sweet kitteh Ouzo this week. He was a good cat, funny and strong, much beloved. We adore the stories about his special string, and Italian soccer. xoxoxo

Cheers, hugs, and congratulations for Days, whose hubby is going to Small European Country to get the paperwork done for real, and bring home the newest member of their family! OMG, several weeks seems like a long time; we are crossing appendages that it works out sooner rather than later. xoxox

Hearty welcomes to Tara, who is still in pain after an event that hurt her ribs, and to Island Rider, who de-lurked to send love to Sue.

Pixie Cheers to New Orleans and the Saints! Even the non-sporty among us celebrate this victory. As Tara said, "I want the Saints to win, just cuz NO needs something to celebrate. Now, THERE is a place when whining is probably rampant (and should be)."

Esperanza wins the Remembering What It's All About Award for her Mini-Baboo's super-suction nursing skillz, leading to bad ouchies. We applaud Mini-Baboo's enthusiasm, but many nipples across Pixieland are cringing in sympathy, and we hope for a soothing solution.

SnOMG Awards to the following, among others: Emily, who whined and anti-whined about activities cancelled; Elizabeth, who had no possibility of getting out of the neighborhood, and later anti-whined about still having power, getting a ride from a neighbor, being able to work from home; Liz, who complained with good reason that everything (feds, school, day care) was closed except her office; Elizabeth again, for "the third snowman of the snowpocalypse" and piles along the driveway over her husband's head; Liz for having a boss who is such a nincompoop that he went to work despite the snowed-in-ness of it all; and Amy, who reports on neighbors plowing their driveways when no snowplow will be by for the street, and one priceless neighbor who drove to the bus stop on their own block. [As Madeleine says, "Epic fail."] I'm sure there is more, and Pixie wishes with all who are digging out.

Old Skool Award to JenR, whose not-really-a-whine was: "toddlers are weird. Mine insisted on sleeping with a bath towel last night. When we told him his was wet, he sobbed. Good thing we had another that looks exactly the same."

Elevated Risk of Mullet Award to Emily, for explaining the woes of shoveling, and then: "I'm considering hibernation. Snow doesn't matter and no laundry either;-)." Elizabeth is the runner-up with "Whine/antiwhine combined: Phantom introduced me to an online game called Echo Bazaar and I am totally addicted -- keep waiting impatiently for my actions to refresh..."

Illnesses We Would Prefer Didn't Exist Award to Amy, who reports that Hand-Foot-Mouth Disease plus strep are the culprits. Gah! Glad you are on the mend!

Good Neighbor Award to Elizabeth, who hosted powerless neighbors during one of the bad times.

Good Pixie Citzen Award to Madeleine, for alerting us to Sue's sad news, and just generally being such a friend to all.

Party With the Smarty Award to KLee, who aced her midterm, wooot! KLee also wins an Our Hero Award for spending the next few weeks keeping the GS cookie supply ship sailing.

Oy, The Applications Award to our soon-to-be-vet, Jenevieve! Sue sums it up: "Of all the days that I am aware of how very compassionate a vet needs to be in order to be a GOOD vet - that guy sounds like a definite thumbs down. You, on the other hand, are a natural thumbs up - here's hoping you find a job very very soon."

Madeleine wins the Typo Award, for accidentally sending a colleague to a pr0n site by omitting the Y in a teensyURL. Whoops! Glad the person has a sense of humor!

Amy wins the Up and Down Award, for a roller-coaster week including such prize-worthy items as "Will hubby be fired?" and "Wow, I got flowers! but they are rather on the deceased side..." Oy, oy, oy.

Bad Work Week, Too Award to Sue, who is doing a funeral tomorrow. AND has zombies. Sheesh. But at least her beloved son is coming to visit, yay!

Good Solution Award to Days, who just said to heck with it, and took her over-wrought daughter out for chocolate cake and espresso for breakfast!

Go Ahead and Whine Awards to Island Rider, Miranda, Neighbor Lady, JenR for being to tired to whine, and anyone else holding back.

The Cluestick Posse is out for Sue's "church zombies - they can eat all the brainz I have left and I could frankly care less. Jerks." Also for the vet that Jeni is externing with this week; yeah, right, you aren't supposed to teach students working for you anything. Just a gentle cluesticking to helpful relatives who will not give Esperanza some space.

Whew! What a week, what a week! Congratulations to all the hardy survivors, and see you next week, when things will surely have calmed down.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Chocolate, Beverages, and/or Treats For All!

Well, this week started early with a good number of complainable things. Items from the emergency weekend edition will be folded in to this week's regular whine-fest.

Whines and anti-whines of all stripes are welcome!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Special Edition: Super Snow-valanche!

Yikes, it looks like this storm is out-doing the last big one! We just have more rain (again), but many pixies live in the Land O'Snow. Hope everyone is doing OK!

I also hear tell of some football game, which apparently requires every viewer to acquire quantities of nachos and/or chicken wings, at a minimum. Haven't there been enough football games already? I shall be avoiding the Sports Worship area of the house during the relevant time frame, whenever that is.

Thread now open for your emergency weekend whining pleasure.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Weekly Whine Awards

Welcome to the Weekly Whine Awards! Where we almost always alliterate.

Undercover Ugliness Award to A. Nonny Moose and the familial angst that is filling her inbox.

On a Roll Award to esperanza and the amazing Mini-Baboo! This award comes with a bonus nap for the mama. Better than one hundred cute outfits. Also, there's really no need to apologize for being self-absorbed right now. Smooches.

California Dreamin' . . . in California Award to kathy a., who isn't feeling safe and warm this gloomy February.

Don't Bite Your Tongue Award to Sarah who hates censoring herself. I'm sure it's for a good reason, but I hate that it is hard for you.

Bad Omen Award to Sue, because it's not a good sign when your massage therapist apologizes and tells you to go buy Epsom salts.

Anything Else Going On? Award to Days. I was especially hit by this sentence: "Important documents lost in transit, unresponsive participants and everchanging deadlines." Fun!

Old Skool Award to Neighbor Lady, for "Grumpy. No good reason. That is all. For now." You know where to find us when there is more.

Persnickety Pixie Awards to everyone who cleans up for visiting plumbers and kindergartners. Hey, I've got a story! This afternoon we had 5 minutes notice that a water heater rental person needed to come by. My Love went downstairs and straightened up a bit. Srsly. At least y'all aren't alone.

Best Personals Ad Award to kathy a. for "motivation and sense of humor misplaced -- if found, please return. bonus cat pook and hormones."

Elevated Risk of Mullet to kathy a. and her Cloud of Happiness caused by a high local density of Girl Scout cookies.

Hugs to Sue in the aftermath of the meeting she predicts will be totally awful. It is taking place as I type this, Sue, and I'm sending you some deep breaths. I hope you feel them.

The cluestick posse has a busy few days coming up. We will be paying a call on A. Nonny Moose's greedy relative, liz's untrusting boss' boss, Emily's ungrateful volunteer coordinator, and Sue's Big Brother of the Blog. We'll also visit the administration of Amy's teaching gig if they dock her pay due to a campus-wide power failure. We await instructions.

Get well soon wishes to Elizabeth's mother, to Sue's kitteh, to Amy and the mysterious mid-week fever of doom, and JenR and her multifarious multifaceted infection.

See you again soon!

Monday, February 1, 2010

What a week!

Oy, today is a day. And, really, by Wednesday I will have had a busy week's worth of busyness. Expect me to be comatose by Friday.

Today's events:
  • Sign up for Spring Soccer. Web-based, done. Won't know till mid-April if she got a spot, but it seems likely since I was on the site within 15 minutes of registration opening to those who didn't play last year.
  • Sign up for religious coming of age event to take place three and a half years from now. Phone. Turns out they have a reasonable system -- they take a list of names in the morning and then return calls in order starting in the afternoon, since the conversations could take a few minutes. I got through on my fourth try, within 10 minutes of the start time, so I should be high on the list, right? I hope none of the folks ahead of me have summer birthdays.
  • And this afternoon . . . the big teeth unveiling. Yes, Snuggly Girl is getting her braces off. Woo-hoo! This event, however, includes taking a mold of her mouth for the retainer construction. The mold-taking has been known to result in bark. Fingers crossed. After that, she will be eating Turtles and other sticky foods non-stop for a week.
That's just today!

Tomorrow I'm getting my eyes checked (and maybe getting the arm straightened on my computer glasses which I squished in last week's travels). Wednesday we go back to the teeth people for a thorough cleaning and then the retainer fitting. Somewhere in there I should do the job for which I am paid, maybe.

So besides just the busyness, I offer you this old skool whine of anticipated bad timing: Who wants to bet that the synagogue will call back about the scheduling right as I'm driving to the orthodontist? And today is the first day of enforcement of "tickets for cell phoning while driving." (I'll pull over, of course, but there is sure to be some angst.)(Hmm, I think I'll hand my cell phone to the girl before I start the car so I can pull over and not worry that it will stop ringing.) OK! Whining works! Let's see how it goes.

How busy are you this week? Whinily so or whiningly bored?