Monday, June 29, 2015

Hippo birdie, Happy 4th, and then some...

I'm not particularly fond of big to-do's about birthdays, being well past 21 -- so my wish for today is that I not have to cook.  And I'm assurred that will happen!   Filling the dishwasher is probably still on me.  But my theory is also that a little random indulgence during the birthday week is not amiss.  

Today, some good professional news of a not-bloggable nature -- yay!  And, progress on the albatross.  Lovely, perfect weather.

Saturday, my town has its annual July 4 celebration and international music festival, and games, and booths from all causes, and arts and crafts, and food from everyplace.  This is one reason I seriously love our little town. 

What's happening up your way?

Monday, June 22, 2015

It's raining. Because, barbeque.

Good morning Pixies!

Yup, we're planning to bbq some burgers tonight. Cue the rain. Not a huge whine, however, because both MIL and FIL are feeling well enough to come to our place for a meal. That is wonderful!

What's up with you?

Monday, June 15, 2015

Hurricane Whining Party

OK, perhaps I exaggerate. It's just a "tropical wave," with an 80% chance of developing into a tropical storm. Headed right for our waterlogged state. Just an inch of rain yesterday triggered flash flood and river flood warnings, if that tells you how wet things are already. Sigh.

School does not start for another two months plus a week. But who's counting? Oh right. Me.

For Albatross #2, I have to give a report at a big meeting on Friday, as to why we are suspending our work. I do not anticipate this will be received well. (AW) My fellow albatross wranglers are an immense help in crafting what I will say.

How's the weather where you are? Kathy a, I wish I could send this tropical storm your way.

Whine away, pixies!

Monday, June 8, 2015

Operation Cat-lift

This morning, I finally got our cat Spot into the carrier and off to the vet.  He was VERY VERY UNHAPPY, but so terrified in the vet office that he was compliant with all the horrible nasty things going on there.  On arrival home, he hissed and immediately went into hiding, refusing to fall for that opening of the cat food can trick.  Nobody is trustworthy any more.

Long gloves for rose gardening, nicely coated with cat fur from petting sessions -- that was the ticket.

The vet thinks he has hyperthyroidism, because he eats everything in sight and begs for more, but is all skin and bones now, somewhere under 6 lbs.  We'll get the results tomorrow.  If the vet's right, he'll need thyroid meds.

That's our big adventure.  What's yours?

Monday, June 1, 2015

Low-frill bargain whining

Welcome to the weekly festivities!  Hope y'all have recovered from weekend fun, flooding, chunky meetings, and whatever else has been going on.

I ended up wasting most of the weekend, which was lovely except for I should have gotten more work done.  Back in the albatross saddle this week!

The entire last week has mostly been gloomy and chilly.  No rain.  Only a tiny bit of sun, a couple afternoons.  We're supposed to have overnight fog that burns off in the morning, this time of year -- e.g., perfect weather -- but the weather fairies are having some difficulty finding the rhythm.

My son's birthday is friday; he'll be off at a wedding in a distant part of the state.  (As a member of the wedding party!)  I find it impossible to believe he'll be 28.  That day is so clear in my memory.  A c-section was scheduled for the next week because of his position, but I started having a lot of contractions -- and I was in court trying to finish up one last case before my leave, and the judge kept calling everybody else's cases, which gave me a lot of opportunity to time contractions.  Finally my dear colleague (who was also seriously pregnant at the time) waddled on up to the bench and said, "Judge, if you don't call Kathy's case, you are going to witness the miracle of life right here in your courtroom."  That got him moving...  ;)

Come tell your stories of joy and woe!