Sunday, July 7, 2013

Awards! Now with Fireworks!

Ka-Boom! Cluesticks to the heat. Moderation, universe, moderation. Good job on Sue's weather, but the rest of us are hot.

Ka-Boom! kathy a gets the Old Skool award for the perennial classic, zits. Sue gets an honorable mention for same.

Ka-Boom! QWP gets all kinds of awards for camping with baby and lots of other babies and dirty diapers and uncomfortable mattresses and kids who won't sleep. You are making me glad I forewent an opportunity to take the Baboos to church camp for a week this summer.

Hugs to Sue's dad and everyone that loves him. Hoping for a quick recovery. Hugs also to kathy a and Miranda, and anyone else dealing with a family member's mental illness. Hugs to Muffin Man, on the loss of his gerbil.

Congrats to kathy a's beloved, on his promotion. Hopefully there's a celebration in the near future!

And...Ka-Boom! to everyone, in the spirit of Miranda's Girls Night Out. Let's dance and be silly.

More whining this week!

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kathy a. said...

Oh, excellent awards! So sparkly!