Monday, August 28, 2017

Hurricane, back to school, and other adventures

Think we are united in concern and caring for those affected by the hurricane and continued flooding.  The images from Houston are shocking, and unfortunately the water levels are expected to be dangerously high for a while.  I just read there might be as many as 30,000 in shelters soon.  If you are so moved, cash donations to reputable relief agencies are the quickest and best way to get what's needed to where it needs to be.

I've been seeing a lot of back to school photos today, and they are just cute as heck!  Forgot to take one of my daughter before I left her to her new stint in school.  (Bad Mommy!)   My favorite story so far today was from a mom whose daughter, a 6th grader, was so excited that she was dressed and ready to go a full 2 hours before the bus was due to arrive.  :)

Minor league W:  My husband told me last night he and his friend might go on a backpacking trip.  This week: Tuesday, which is tomorrow.  I guess they decided Saturday night, and he just forgot to mention it for 24 hours?  "I was outside working on the yard" is a nominee for the Lame Excuse of the Week Award -- but feel free to submit your own contenders!

AW:  My pile of things to donate is growing.  One day, I'll haul it to the car.  Or possibly, several days.

What's going on with you?

Monday, August 21, 2017

Last Week of Summer Whining

This week is dragging already, and it's Monday morning at 9:18 a.m.

On our agenda:
buy outfits for first day of school (Mean Mom is insisting that said outfits be worn more than once)
go to work with Mama for the last time of the summer (excitement levels are all equal on this one)
head to local swimming hole, to fulfill promise made at beginning of the summer
let everything else go until next week (the mess. And the clutter. And the mess.)

What's happening for you, whining pixies?

Monday, August 14, 2017

Wednesday Whining - Rage and Sadness Edition

I have spent the weekend rage-tweeting, and re-tweeting other people's rage tweets.

Here's a safe space to be angry, or sad, or to just bring your small victories or annoyances.

Monday, August 7, 2017

Weird summer winding down...

I mean weird mostly in a good way!  Such big developments there have been in my family, between our son's wedding, and the re-launch of daughter to a new academic endeavor.  All this must seem impossible to those with little persons; but it wasn't that long ago that mine were little and funny and adorable.  And so on.

There is still a fair amount of leftover stuff around the house.  I'm working on more donations.  Found a good home with a school reading specialist, for this enormous collection of Babysitter Club books!  Am also placing a beautiful annotated Alice with a former member of this blog, so the "vultures" at the free book exchange don't knock one another over trying to snatch it right out of my hands.  (They're awful!)  The trash and recycle bins will be full, as I'm dumping a lot of "product" that was left behind, or is past prime, or that nobody here will ever use again. 

I'll be flying to visit daughter on Friday.  We still don't know when her boxes and the furniture she shipped will arrive, so I might need to receive those after she starts orientation.  We'll see!

What's new with you?  It seems on the early side for back to school, but surely that is on the minds of several Pixies.  Any vacation plans?  Big summer projects proceeding apace?  Bring us your whines, your antiwhines, the rants about the whatever.