Saturday, March 30, 2013

Hokey Pokey Awards

Why not dance?

By acclamation, this week's Old Skool Award goes to Liz, for zits. Classic whine!

Miranda wins the coveted Elevated Risk of Mullet Award, for her seasonal anti-whine:  "Oh, and we made it through Seder at Relative's House without anyone passed out or high or fighting plus all the food was delicious."  Yay!

Esperanza is Runner Up for Mullet, with:  "W: Oh my chinny chin chin (Sweet's newest exclamation), could Holy Week please be over soon" Love that Sweet-ism!

The Plague of Consumerism Award goes to Sue, with a classic seasonal rant:  "I totally agree about the candy. What really gets me are the tv commercials asking if everyone is ready for Easter - then they try to sell you shoes. . . .   Also, they completely ignore the fact that bunny or no bunny - LOTS of people don't celebrate Easter. Why aren't they selling Passover shoes???? It seems to me that crass consumerism about religious high holidays should at least be inclusive."

JenR wins the Parental Endurance Marathon Award, for surviving the week of the very sick toddler.  Glad the babe is feeling better!

Cluesticks to Liz's insurance company, and any other insurance company that could use some clues.  Many thanks for the offers to cluestick persons related to this week's adventure in my family.

Congratulations to Sue, on her acceptance to a writer's workshop; and to Miranda, on a big work-related victory and good stuff with all her kids.  Hugs to everybody in need. 

See ya next week!

ETA:  Wednesday Book Club is still open, for discussion of Beekeeper's Apprentice!  The selection came up during a busy busy time, but this is a great book, and at least a couple of readers meant to chime in!  The next book selection is 4/10/13 -- Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail, by Cheryl Strayed, to be hosted by Sue.


Sue said...

Thanks kathy a and lots of hugs and support as the situation with SIL unfolds.

kathy a. said...

SIL got to the board & care home, and set a land-speed record for having a blow-out bad enough for the ambulance to take her to the mental hospital. she went happily, thinking she won because she was "getting away from that place."

i think we are going to need to find a psychiatric setting for a while. doubt she'll be welcome back at the nice quiet care home. think the ex might be getting a clue about the nature and depth of her problems.

i've already emailed the team at the big teaching U, anticipating the need for more help.

Anonymous said...

Oh no, Kathy a!
Lots of hugs to you and yours as you deal with all of this..
Neighbor Lady

esperanza said...

Oh no. Hope she's getting the help she needs.

kathy a. said...

Thanks, Pixies. She went in via the regular ER because of her neurological condition -- much better than the last time she was there for a psych eval. They admitted her; I've sent over medical info from the big U teaching hospital, and been assured she will not just be released to the street. The doc I spoke with thought she needs a higher level of care than the board + care home.

The ex has a much more profound understanding now of how messed up she is, and that an apartment could not possibly work. He went to take her flowers yesterday (I warned that it might set her off again), and she: demanded to go back to the house she no longer owns; blamed the ex and her brother for her ending up in the hospital; and accused the ex of wanting to steal her pets. He was horrified.