Sunday, March 17, 2013

Awards: Hey, ho, the wind and the rain edition

Muffin Man can actually ride his bike! He can start it, and stop it! But hasn't got the hang of getting off it yet. Doesn't help that the bike is heavier than he is.

However that may be, here are the awards:

The Shopping Whirlwind Award goes to Esperanza, whose husband left her wedding finery at home while they are off to see a wizard of a wedding at a location involving a hotel stay and granny to care for the kiddos back at the ranch. Best part of all? "Dress, shoes, and jewelry obtained, all for under $50. I love bargains." Which means that Esperanza wins the Style Award, too!

The Rain it Raineth Everyday award goes to Sue for dealing with being flu-ish while also suffering with sciatica. I hope the sun of pain-free healthiness comes out for you tomorrow, Sue.

The calm before the storm award goes to Kathy A., who is waiting for a cobbler's shop to drop on her family while they deal with her SILFH's mishigas. Sending out a cluestick posse to smack SILFH's Ex upside the head.

Sending just plain hugs to Sarah and Miranda. I feel for you both and hope that there are sunny skies ahead for you both.

Tune uh..this week! when the hostess with the mostest will be Esperanza. And don't forget about Wednesday Book Club! We're talking Beekeeper's Apprentice this week.


kathy a. said...

Lovely ceremony, Liz!

Looking forward to the Wednesday Book Club!

kathy a. said...

Also, YAY to Muffin Man! That bike won't best him during disembarkation for very long.