Monday, March 25, 2013

Bunny Hop, and other tails...

Chag Sameach! Happy Easter! Glorious Spring!

What with one thing and another, the E.B. totally forgot to prepare. Yeah, my kids may be legal adults, but I must do baskets; it is who I am. (That rumor about me "hopping in a rabbit suit" around the college dorm was totally false. There is a clear difference between sneaking and hopping-in-a-bunny-suit.)

AW: Believe it or not, today is 29 years since our wedding!  The me on that day could not imagine the things that would happen on our grand adventure so far. Due to the this & that, we'll celebrate properly another day soon. Champagne might appear, anyway.

W: Must get tax stuff sorted. Ugh. Need that "you can do it" spirit -- seen mine around?

Might have dropped it after the tours of 6 board + care homes (AW interlude: yay, possibilities!), when (W, boo hiss) SIL announced that she is not going anywhere without her cats (ahem), leading to (Posse intervention) very straightforward and somewhat productive discussions with ze opinionated Ex.  Bless his little heart.

AW: Adult son called last night, said he got a bug bite and his arm's all swollen up, and I said "you should go to the ER right now." And lo, he went without an argument, and antibiotics went home with him.  (I have a feeling his fabulous GF had already given the same advice -- yay, GF!)

What's the news? Big and small, we love it all.

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Sue said...

Yay! Happy 29th!! Congrats!

Yay for GF - swollen arm sounds scary, I'm glad your son got that looked after.

Posse round-up for SIL's ex!! Why does he have such a voice in all this? Please tell me he's not POA for her - that would not be good. Anyway, glad that choices are coming together.

W: this day off didn't feel much like a day off. That's what happens when you spend a week in Flu-Land getting nothing done.

AW: Feeling human again.

esperanza said...

Happy Anniversary!

Anyone who gets a "bless his little heart" clearly needs a cluestick intervention. And I'm with Sue. Who gave him so much say-so?

But glad you're making progress.

W: ouchy conversation/argument with hubby on Saturday night. Yes, Saturday night comes right before Sunday morning, the big to-do of his week. Yes, I started it. Sort of. It was a last-straw kind of thing.

AW: unlike most of our arguments, this one seemed to come to an agreeable resolution, in which both of us agreed to do difficult things in order to make the other happier.

W: nobody got much sleep Saturday night.

AW: Mama got to take a nap this morning, which felt better at the time but has made me sluggish all day.

W: could we have a holiday that does not involve giving copious amounts of candy to children?

Sue said...

(((esperanza))) - so sorry about the Saturday night troubles.

Glad you got a nap in yesterday though!

I totally agree about the candy. What really gets me are the tv commercials asking if everyone is ready for Easter - then they try to sell you shoes.

Right, 'cause that's what it's all about.

Also, they completely ignore the fact that bunny or no bunny - LOTS of people don't celebrate Easter. Why aren't they selling Passover shoes???? It seems to me that crass consumerism about religious high holidays should at least be inclusive.

Sorry - seasonal rant over. As you were.

kathy a. said...

about the ex: he is her only friend. they talk all the time, and she listens to him, kinda. if he is against something, that would not be helpful. so, that's why we're working with him.

we have had these straightforward discussions for the past 3 days, and i expect more today. it has been necessary to explain a bunch of stuff -- yes, she needs to be in a fenced place; no, she cannot just go take a walk alone; no, we are not using our savings to financially support her (incompetent and bad) decisions; no, we will not rent her an apartment when she needs 24/7 supervision. etc.

SIL is currently stuck on "i'm not moving unless i can take my cats." last night, the ex talked her down to 1 cat, which is still one more than anyplace will take. sigh.

kathy a. said...

oh, the ex said for a while that he was POA, but he "didn't want to use it unless he had to." now he says he isn't sure what paper he has, it's all in storage, blah blah. weird, no?

esperanza said...

Cluesticks. Just cluesticks. He may be her only friend, but a friend needs to understand what's best for her, even if she doesn't want it. This will just be the first of painful decisions she won't completely understand, I'm afraid. Sigh. Hard road for all of you.

Sue said...

Wow. Life would be much clearer and possibly simpler if you could determine who the actual poa is. I hope that sorts out soon.

MAJOR AW: Weeeeeeee!!!!! I have been accepted to a week long writer's workshop led by two rock star preachers! They only take 12 participants and I'm one of them. I guess they liked my application.

It's in late July, right before my vacay. It's in a beautiful location just south of here...on a lake.

Best part - it's paid for by The Church's one Foundation (esperanza likely knows of these folks).

I'm all a-flutter.

kathy a. said...

(( esperanza )) ugh on ouchy decisions. and sorry about the candy thing. other treats in the basket? small toys, eggs...

yay, sue! how exciting!

omg, omg, omg. [a] we have the actual eviction date, and it is not until 4/10. [b] we have resolution, for now at least! the ex talked one of the home providers into allowing one cat! and he will pay the considerable pet deposit. and i'm putting the check in the mail right now.

don't tuck those cluesticks away; there are plenty of details still unsettled, and the ex is who he is. but this is big progress. and now i can shut up about it, already.

esperanza said...

Don't tell the Easter Bunny, but we don't do baskets. It's the candy *not* under my control that I find problematic. Three egg hunts that I know of = too much candy. Plus presents from classmates, etc.

kathy a. said...

oh -- then, you need the special place to store these things and keep them safe -- one special treat at a time, at mama's discretion. (and some might disappear over time, but one need not say that.)

esperanza said...

I know; that's what we do. But we still have Valentine's candy in Candy Purgatory.

kathy a. said...

yeah -- some seasons, it can pile up. i always liked taking a bunch to the old office. anyplace where there are young adults? zip, it's gone.

your girls have such fortune -- are they ready for voluntarily giving donations of some bounty to others? start small, but it's a good thing to cultivate.

esperanza said...

Different subject: not being the primary on hubby's insurance is irritating every feminist bone in my body.

liz said...

W: therapist not on new insurance
AW: I was really pretty much done. The next stuff that needs to be worked on is couples stuff, and that doesn't work well solo. Maybe I'll convince him to do that someday, but I'm not holding my breath.
AW: we're in pretty good space with each other, and there aren't any issues that need immediate attention.

Yay Kathy a for getting good resolution, so far!
Yay Sue for the workshop!
Boo to Esperanza's insurance!

liz said...

Aunt Flo, and her daughters, the pimple twins,arrived yesterday. It was a full 25 days since their last arrival. That's practically a normal cycle!

kathy a. said...

boo on insurance woes.

oh, liz... i mean, 25 is better, but zits? v. old skool...

kathy a. said...

scotus -- i'm feeling good about the reports today about the DOMA argument!

Sue said...

Definitely zits for Old Skool.

kathy a. said...

there is a fireplacing difference between eviction on 4/10 and eviction on 4/1. that is all.

esperanza said...

About 9 days I'd say. They moved it up 9 days on you/her? Grr.

kathy a. said...

6 a.m. on the morning after easter -- that's a good time to evict a crazy lady, wouldn't you say? there is a fireplacing emergency plan now, but it is not the happiest of all possible plans.

Sue said...

Oh no!! Mulitiple Cluesticks at the ready!

liz said...

Please tell me that the plan does not include her staying at your house

kathy a. said...

NOT at my house. Not not not.

So far today: one work-related miracle; one small mystery of the ex solved; the care home is ready for her on Saturday!!!!; and I'm working on getting this fireplacing required medical form done for the care home.

Big U teaching hospital is all over their part, before everybody has holiday tomorrow. Little local clinic that did the very necessary TB test this past week: not so much -- they're like dealing with c0mcr@st. wtf?

Many apologies. The SIL saga flooded this place again. xoxox

esperanza said...

No apologies necessary. She's what's on your plate right now. Er, I don't mean that literally, yuck.

W: Oh my chinny chin chin (Sweet's newest exclamation), could Holy Week please be over soon?

Miranda said...

Huge Work AW: A rare work WIN! My program passed important scrutiny. It is in the best shape evah. We still have room for improvement but Miranda and her minions have done good.

Huge Daughter AW: New meds! A new casemanager who is beyond amazing.

W: She is going on maternity leave but her replacement should also be good and we can go back if we want when she returns.

Huge Young Adult Son AW: He is applying for jobs and spending lots of time with me and the younger sibs. Plus, I finally was able to spend quality time with his girlfriend and I really like her.

Small W: She is still in HS and I worry she will outgrow him.

Huge AW: Tween Son loved camp last weekend. I have missed seeing sweet and happy Tween Son.

Medium W: Younger Son is having a hard time with school. I think it is time to more forcefully look into medication.

Lots of hugs and chocolate to everyone. I hugged my minister tonight and told her she was almost to Thank HEAVENS That is Done Week just because I can't do that to esperanza and Sue in person.

Kathy A, I admire the way you are working SiL. Mental illness and medical conditions are so hard to deal with.

Liz - cluesticks to insurance companies. I don't understand how not every treatment provider is not covered. I mean, I know why but I don't like the answer.

Oh, and we made it through Seder at Relative's House without anyone passed out or high or fighting plus all the food was delicious.

Adding my votes for Liz getting the Old School Prize. One should not have zits, wrinkles and stretchmarks at the same time. It is unfair and cruel. Totally.

esperanza said...

Aw, thanks, Miranda. I'm sure she appreciated it. I'm mostly stressed because of spousal stress, but I will admit that having an Easter sermon done would be a good thing. Sigh.

JenR said...

We are finally finishing the week of Very Sick Toddler, including one ER trip, and two more times where we almost took him back. He is eating and drinking and fever -free now - and staying awake for more than a few minutes, much to our relief. It has been a long week.

esperanza said...

JenR, how terrible! I hope he's better pronto, and I hope you get some rest.

Sue said...

JenR - so sorry but I'm glad things are turning around for the better.

kathy a. said...

way to go, miranda! great news about the work victory. so glad your daughter is doing better! yay, sons!

((( jenr ))) glad he is on the mend.

SIL freaked and spent last night yelling that she is not going to the care home, and she is not going anywhere without all 4 pets. the ex is the SIL whisperer; fingers firmly crossed.

awards tomorrow!