Saturday, March 23, 2013

Endurance Whining Awards

The Baboos and I just spent 4 hours at the rodeo, so if a "moo" slips in, you'll know why.

Sue gets an Endurance Award for three maladies striking her all at the same time, not to mention the death of a friend. Friend sounds like a terrific person.

Kathy A also wins in the Endurance/Persistence Award division, for her advocacy for the SiL. Finding a placement is no easy task, but we know you can do it! Clue. Sticks. to clueless ex, for clearly he needs a whack up side the head (as we say around these parts).

Yet another Endurance Award for Miranda, whose whines have not gone away, despite her diligent efforts. Waiting on other people to get motivated is frustrating.

Cluesticks also for the clueless ER that treated (or, rather, didn't) Sarah's poor daughter.

Hugs to people who have snow on the ground or in the forecast, lingering illnesses, too many books on their lists, fights with boyfriends/spouses/partners.

Come back next week for more whining!

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kathy a. said...

Thank you, Esperanza! Mooooo!