Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Wednesday Whining, the sun before the snow edition

I know most of the continent already got hit with Snowmageddon, but it's barrelling towards us and expecting to deposit a fireplace-load of snow on the area.

No need for us to shop for bread, milk, and toilet paper. We are STOCKED.

Bring your whines, whether weather-related or otherwise!


Sarah said...

Snow is light here...can't tell if it is being oversold or I'm being too optimistic. So Antiwhine? haha

W/AW: interview went OK. I couldn't get a grasp on whether the interviewer liked me, which is my indicator if he will ask me to round 2...

kathy a. said...

Fingers crossed, Sarah! Both for light snow, and for an invitation back.

Liz! Prepared as always! When does the new job start?

So, my beloved spontaneously appeared as SIL's lawyer in the misdemeanor part of the catastrophe, because she is so fireplacing crazy that he did not think she could communicate with the public defender; and (AW) the court ordered she go see psychologists. And then,(big W)even though the office policy of beloved's workplace allows minor representation of family members, his interim boss told him he would be fireplacing fired if he did not get out of it, ASAP.

The services of the Cluestick Posse are therefore urgently requested.

kathy a. said...

Old skool: my favorite all-purpose clogs are developing some odiferousness.

AW: Spring is sproinging! Lots of blooming happening; light at both ends of the day.

Sue said...

Oh my goodness - cluesticks at the ready kathy a! Good grief!

Here's hoping for a Lesser Snowmaggedon this time around. Enough is enough already. What a winter!

Appendages crossed for a 2nd interview Sarah!!

AW: I have found two comfortable positions to be in re: sciatica. Standing, and lying on my stomach. And by "comfortable" I mean "not life-alteringly painful."

W: Every other position is quite awful, including sitting in the car while driving.

AW: I live about 5 minutes from the office by car.

W: There will be no drive-thru coffee runs in the foreseeable future.


esperanza said...

weather: wind, wind, and more wind. Tired of picking up sticks and tree branches from the yard. And the Baboos have figured out it's not a very fun game after all.

Yikes, Sue, that does not sound pleasant at all.

The rest is a re-run of last week. Still working out insurance issues (we were not the only ones), still trying to decide about school for Sweet, still waiting for Sweet to be dry more nights than wet.

And we'll add a tummy virus that ~whispers~ so far has only hit Sweet, and only for about 12 hours. Could the rest of us really escape?

kathy a. said...

hope all is well with those in the "snowquester" zone!

oh, sue! that sounds so painful. you have talked to a doctor? would something like a tallish stool to semi-sit/semi-stand help? some heat to the low back? hoping you are feeling better soon!

esperanza -- crossed fingers that the bug is gone gone gone. cluesticks to the insurance people; geesh. which way are you leaning on the K issue?

Sue said...

I see the doc on Tuesday. Until then, otc ibuprofen and heating pad.

esperanza, hope the bug is clearing up for Sweet and steering clear of the rest of the family.

Thinking of everyone in the snow zone again. Ironic, really. We're having an early spring-like day with puddles and everything! For a year with so much snow everywhere else, we have had less than normal snowfall. Go figure.

Going home - not getting anything done here anyway.

esperanza said...

The bug seemed to be Sweet-focused. She is fine, at school today. Pediatrician said no dairy for 4-5 days. Guess how many servings of dairy per day Sweet normally eats? 8 probably. Mama's kitchen creativity is being taxed.

Kindergarten decision leanings: depends when you ask me. We still have a couple of months before we get results from public school's re-evaluation (for therapy and other services) and will not make a final decision till then. Registration "deadline" for private school is today, but in that small-town way, we know people at the school who say it's an artificial deadline.

Insurance company woes: I think are all technical computer issues. Pediatrician's office was understanding and cooperative.

kathy a. said...

May I request a Posse visit for a corporate entity and for an ex-in-law, both of which are fireplacing adding to the SILfH saga today?

You know, wouldn't it help if we knew when she was going to be booted from the house, so they do not land a crazy person on the streets? We also need a fix-it fairy, but one step at a time. I'm kvetching here so I do not go off there.

esperanza said...

oh, kathy a. I'm sorry your family is caught up in the nightmare that is mental health care (or rather, lack thereof).

I will take a posse visit to the prescription insurance people. I'm trying to set up mail order, which we have never had before (and which I resent being required to use. I heart my local pharmacy a lot). The website says you can transfer the rx from a retail pharmacy to mail order, just call customer service. Fantastic. But customer service says, "we don't have that rx on your record, you have to call your doctor for a new rx." I finally said, "I *know* you don't have it on your record. That's why I'm trying to transfer it." Honestly. Can the posse deliver some common sense while they're at it? I've had this rx insurance company before and disliked them heartily. My opinion has not changed.

Sue said...

Posses at the ready - charge!!!!!!!

W: Dear Universe, you win. I will be in bed until further notice. Sore leg - still. Flu - of the Total Body Blitzkrieg variety. Ugh.

W: the article I wrote in January for our denominational magazine about the best ways to avoid contracting the flu? Ya. That landed in my mailbox Yesterday.


kathy a. said...

Oh, Esperanza -- I'm sorry, but the exchange with the genius about rx records made me laugh!

Sue, hope you are feeling better, pronto.

Apologies and GS cookies to everybody, for your patience and kindness. Didn't mean to swamp the thread with angst.

Sue said...

That's what we're here for kathy a.

esperanza said...

no swamping, kathy a.

AW: every time the Baboos and I go to ride the horse (actually, only they get on the horse) I leave feeling so much more relaxed and less stressed. Fresh air, animals, happy's a good prescription that does not involve the fireplacing insurance.