Monday, March 11, 2013

Wednesday Whining: Weather Whip Lash Edition

Last Monday and Tuesday were in the fifties. Wednesday and Thursday? Snow. And yesterday and today were in the sixties.

Which means that Muffin Man had a snowball fight bookended by bike-riding lessons.

My job starts next week, and I only have one suit fits over the ever-expanding rack-of-doom. Upside? Shopping!

What's up with you folks?


Sarah said...

Happy shopping Liz! And good luck with the new job.

W: I will take the ever-growing silence from last Monday's interview to mean they are not interested.

W: I can only blame daylight's savings time for my internal clock being all screwy. I don't think this has happened since I had a newborn...

kathy a. said...

wow, those are some weather swings... happy shopping, liz!

sarah, i'm just keeping my fingers crossed, anyway. my old office was notorious for taking a while to decide.

today's internet disconnect mystery problem turned out to be: the little receiver doo-dad for the wireless router! which i figured out myself, but only after an enchanting journey with my ISP's customer service person.

my ISP is utterly determined to make me buy cable TV. month after month, year after year, i just say no. i suspect they pass my calls around for training purposes -- "here's the one who doesn't want cable TV, can you believe it? you get a promotion if you crack her."

Sue said...

Have fun shopping Liz!

Fingers still crossed Sarah!

Kathy a - the joke is on them. We all know they can't ever break you. They have no idea that they are dealing with a Super Pixie!

W: head full of goo. Leg full of pain (tomorrow = 2 weeks). Goo + Pain = Cranky. It was a fairly miserable weekend. I've been in the back room/ensuite most of the time, so hubby was spared the worst of it.

AW: feeling slightly more life-like today. Doc appt this afternoon.

AW: I have the most amazing friends. Really. One of them conducted worship for me on Sunday and another brought me necessities of life (lozenges and cheesy magazines). Srsly - I am blessed.

kathy a. said...

bleah, sue. what did the doc say? yay for friends who know the therapeutic value of cheezy magazines. :)

AW: my good friend and colleague S is retiring, and i'm excited about her party the weekend after next! there is much behind-scenes sneaky collaboration going on -- a book of memories and photos; various awards; stories will be told.

S has a progressive fatal disease, but she's managing pretty well. it took a while for her to decide to retire, but she decided she'd rather spend the time left doing things she really cares about. she was a super-hero role model always -- working with her is one of the high points of my life/career -- but this is taking it to a new level. plus, she is funny as heck. a force of nature, and the best kind of friend.

W: my beloved is off after work for 2 days of driving the SILfH around to various mental health appointments. but AW: things seem all in place for the important one at the big U teaching hospital! it's the right place for a real evaluation, and they now have a lot of information that should help. please cross fingers.

kathy a. said...

AW, apple not far from tree division: my son was walking to his car after class last night, and he saw a bucket with 2 abandoned guinea pigs in it. so, he took them home. that was an OK kind of 11 p.m. call. his sweet girlfriend posted a picture on FB, and is looking for placement. we are all suckers for rescue animals.

esperanza said...

At grandparents' house for Spring Break.

AW: I will escape tomorrow for a couple of days w/Mr. E at a hotel room paid for by someone else (he's doing their wedding). Baboos will stay here.

W: Will involve lots of extra driving.

W: and lots of extra guilt. I'm leaving grandma with 3 granddaughters, ages 3, 4 and 5. And great grandma, age 94. And a semi-helpful grandpa (he has to receive direct and detailed instructions).

Sarah said...

Esperanza - sorry for the side of guilt, but I hope the break restores you a bit. And it might even be fun :)

KathyA - aww for the guinea pigs.
Hope the university hospital does some magic to make life with SILfH easier for you all.
And what a nice story about your friend. Hope the party is fantastic.

Sue - yay for friends when we're in need. And Hope the doc has somehow made the leg pain better.

W: generally feeling of overwhelmed by work and children and I'm supposed to be applying for more and more jobs in somewhere...and the lovely boyfriend is almost always an AW, but still, time-consuming.

kathy a. said...

esperanza -- have a great time!

sarah -- sounds busy busy.

Sue said...

Sounds nice Esperanza. Enjoy!

W: blogger ate my post from last evening.

W: Leg of Horror still hurts. Doc ordered xray of my spine and blood work which made yesterday exhausting. Still, once he has some idea of cause he can recommend physio or rest or whatever to help.

AW: chest is clear, so no pneumonia. Yay!

W: all these years and I've never used a sermon twice. This may be the week. ~sigh~ #zerocreativeenergy

kathy a. said...

sue -- it is good to recycle, re-use, renew! glad the chest is good, but the back/leg pain -- not good at all. hope they can identify what's going on. xoxo

somebody gave son's GF a cage for the cute little guinea pigs! they're trying to see if the rabbit shop will rescue them. (the lovely GF called, because the rabbit people already told me they would take all 4 of SIL's pets, if necessary. we just have an unusual amount of animal placement needs right now, particularly in the pet rodent department.)

kathy a. said...

SILfH -- incoming, momentarily. my beloved is bringing her by for a bit before heading out on the 3 hours back to her place. i really, really dread seeing her.

Sue said...

Oh Kathy a, thinking of .you....

kathy a. said...

my beloved is a saint, is keeping it all calm. SIL, she is just so pathetically bad off. calm is the key; she can act out badly when agitated.

from the few moments we had to privately speak, the big U people were acting calm, but were shocked; and she cannot live on her own (as the ex thinks we should arrange). step at a time, but this is a good step in the right direction.

Sarah said...

KathyA - oh, what a mess. Wishing you great calm. And places for the adorable rescued animals.

Sue - Oh thank goodness for no pneumonia! And that a diagnosis and treatment follows soon for the leg pain.

Small Whine: (Local?) burrito chain restaurant is offering brown rice as well as white rice...and I dutifully tried. I even like brown rice and this is just yuck. Ugh.

esperanza said...

oh brother, kathy a. But glad the university people are calmly shocked. Hopefully things will get moving in a better direction, pronto.

W: Mr E forgot to bring my dress, shoes, and jewelry to hotel for wedding.

AW: so I get new ones

W: I don't like shopping

kathy a. said...

esperanza wins.

Sarah said...

Yes, Esperanza wins. Wow. Hang in there :)

Sue said...

Esperanza for the win! I'm imagining that moment when you discovered you had no party clothes....aaaack!!!!

liz said...

Awards later today or maybe tomorrow, so keep whining. In the meantime, I am sending supportive hugs.

AW: Had lovely time shopping with my formerly somewhat negative MIL. She was in really good space.

W: My fireplacing ever-expanding Rack of Doom is really getting up my nose. I tried on a suit and had to get the jacket twice as large as the skirt. And it looked fireplacing ridiculous.

AW: I got a nice top. And my MIL paid for it (early B-day present, and a thank you for taking her out shopping).

kathy a. said...

yay, a suit! liz, the sizing is arbitrary, you know. people are not uniform sizes. is there a tailor who can make the jacket into something that fits perfectly?

i read somewhere that all those fabulous-looking beautiful movie star people have EVERYTHING tailored, even t-shirts.

esperanza, my dad was in such a hurry to get on the road for my wedding that he forgot his good pants; and this was his big father of the bride gig. so, we went pants shopping! (menswear places tend to offer tailoring, and women's places don't; what's up with that?)

liz said...

I didn't buy the suit, because if I'm gonna go get a suit tailored, I might as well start there.

And yes, those fabulous movie star people get everything tailored. Every. thing.

esperanza said...

Dress, shoes, and jewelry obtained, all for under $50. I love bargains.

kathy a. said...

esperanza for the shopping wizard prize, too! an inspiration!

Sue said...

Excellent shopping esperanza!!

Liz - I occasionally need to have clothes altered as well. In recent years, I've discovered that the professional tailors, while good at what they do, are the most pricey.

The "dance moms" I know are a really good source of info for good seamstress work. These are busy parents who often need costumes made for their daughters/sons in dance recitals.

The sewing skills of these seamstresses have been consistently good. They usually work from their home, work quickly and cost much less than the pros.

I hope you're able to find some work outfits soon. And I'm glad you had a good day with MIL!

kathy a. said...

AW: daughter had a great day at her new volunteer job, the marine mammal center!

AW: have enlisted the fabulous aunt on my beloved's side, to help deal with some stuff kinda involving her sister, my MIL. i love fabulous aunts!

Miranda said...

I give everyone clothes that make you all look as fabu on the outside as you are on the inside with as many GS cookies as you want. Everyone knows GS cookies have zero calories too.

I'm pretty exhausted emotionally right now and trying to keep life moving. Young Adult Son has been stepping up to help me. Daughter feels threatened by this but is happy to see more of her brother. Tween Son joined the boy organization with the restrictive social policies but it is what he needs right now. It's a good troop with lots of good people.

Work is beyond awful right now for reasons that cannot be shared. I keep hoping that it won't change who I am but I feel less certain of that this week. I feel like being a good human being is incompatible with continued employment success.

liz said...

Awards tomorrow. Sorry.

kathy a. said...

(((( miranda )))) yay for your kids! very good YA son is helping so much. and, my boy was in that organization for much the same reasons. crossing fingers like crazy that they abandon the bad policies -- which members and alumni have been working on diligently.

argh, about the work stuff. cluesticks for them.